XFT-502 Massager Review

XFT-502 Massager ReviewProduct Specification

  • Uses TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine theory based on chi and meridians. Similar to the effect on acupuncture needles
  • 2 Main modes of getting the massager
  • Improve blood circulation and release of fatigue
  • At least 4 major ways for getting the massage, including pushing
  • Tapping
  • Kneading
  • Rhythmical vibration
  • Work-out anytime and anywhere

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My Review

This electrical massager is similar in design as the XFT-320 model but it is not reviewed as much as either the pulse massager sold by Prospera or the XFT-310A.

The good thing about this device is that it is so cheap, at just around $15.

The same can be said about this pulse massagers as the others. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory on the idea of chi meridians in the body. The stimulation of the pads in certain areas will bring the body back to harmony or equilibirum, eliminating chronic diseases and pain. There is really 4 main modes that you can set of this device, including tapping, massage, vibrating, and auto. This means that there is not that many choices on how one would like to receive the massagers. There is a speed button but there is only 3 main modes of speed. The same operation principle applies, where the vibrations of the electrical signal makes the massage better than without the vibrations. The pulse massager is also mainly to be used by people after a work out and have tender or sore muscles, looking for some relief. The waves for this device is low frequency

The other benefits that are claimed by the device is that is is supposed ot also improve blood circulation and release of fatigue. If it is referring to fatigue in the muscles muscles, then it would help since it has been shown to decrease muscle tension, allowing for faster time in muscle recovery. As for increase circulation, there have been some studies which show that induced electrical signals from electrode places on the body lead to increased vascularization in that area temporarily.

The reviews for this product is mostly positive, although some reviewers hace expressed criticism for being very weak. There is only 3 volts so finding the right type of connector and outlet type may be slightly difficult. The product comes from China so the instruction manual is unreadable unless you are Chinese. Other people have said that this product is rather small so only part of the body can be used at once. If one wanted a more full body massager, they would have to buy another one. I guess in terms of how cheap it costs, it gives about the same quality of massager as the price on it, suggesting that it is only good for only applications that don’t require a strong application.

So what do other people think of the XFT-502 massager model? 

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