XFT-320A Review

XFT-320A ReviewThe XFT-320A was one of the first devices we ever reviewed and it has been one of the most poplar models that we have ever seen. Along with the PM3030 and the PL-009 from truMedic and Prospera, the XFT-320 has had only the best of reviews. It is one of those dual channel pulse massagers which seems to maybe get much more credit than it should. The model in terms of design is very different than almost anything else we have seen. it has a wide body over 4 inches so it is not a device that most people can easily carry in their hands. There is a total of 4 different massager modes, representing areas of the body to massager.

Product Specification

  • Electrical Stimulator & Massage
  • Manual, Batteries
  • Therapy Cream
  • 4 pads
  • Acupuncture Pen
  • You can control the signal intensity and frequency

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My Review

Update: I have written a 2nd review which is much more comprehensive on why you should go with the XFT-320a. Click Here to go the review 

This electronic pulse massager with the 4 pads included is slightly different from the one by Prospera because of its larger size and design. Overall it will do the same job of helping you relieve tension in the muscles and eleviate some muscle caused pain. This device seems to be used mainly for the neck as opposed to the extremities, although there is probably no danger of getting shocked from trying the pads in other places. This once also has the nice addition of the acupuncture pen, which can be used by the individual or another helper to get to harder to reach depth or regions that the normal flat electrode pads can’t seem to get to. Plus, the acupuncture pen is good for focusing on one area really well, to possibly untie any muscle knots from excessive workouts like swimming and weightlifting.

The cream that is included is to be applied before the electrode are attached for better adhesiveness and contact for more effectiveness from the electrical signals. Like all pulse massagers, this is completely non-invasive and has the effect of decreasing pain from musculoskeletal causes.

Most people give this pulse massager slightly lower ratings than the one from Prospera, not because the pulsing is weaker but because it seems to have some durability issues. Most people notice that the effect of it however is similar to what is found done by their physical therapists. Some people notice that the tingling sensation of the electrical signals were uncomfortable. Not only, sometimes the strongest mode that the device can do is not strong enough to get really deep in the muscles to do a very good job.

So what do other people think of this electrical pulse massager called XFT-320A?

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For more information on the different ways that pulse massagers work, using the EMS or TENS theory, refer to the wikipedia article on Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. To see what the XFT-320A looks like and how it functions refer to the Youtube video below. Note that the person who is talking is speaking russian.