XFT-320A Massager

XFT-320A MassagerI wanted to do a second review on the electrotherapy model of the XFT-320A Masssager. The reasons are because that the first XFT-320A Review had a few critical parts of it missing and I wanted to make sure that every single specification, problem, and issue with this model of therapeutic massager is completely covered so that you make the best most informed decision on whether you want to go with this model or not. The truth is that while this model is actually one of the better models, there are some equally good models which have consistently good reviews. Some like the PL009 , the PM3030, and the XFT-502 have been reviewed and I highly recommend one of them, based on durability, quality, and price.

It seems that many people found the original review post on the XFT-320A Electrical Pulse Massager through searching for terms like XFT-320A, XFT-320, XFT 320, or XFT320. The last review was too short and I wanted to expand much more on what we have learned since we wrote that original post.

The thing we realize is that almost every single pulse massager model that we have found seems to have a few products which are defective. Usually the people complain about how the electrode pads that are supposed to stick on the skin seem to loss their adhesive ability and stop being sticky very quickly. There are actually two types of pads that you can use from, the self adhesive type which you can just peel the plastic cover off and start to use, and the type where you are supposed to apply some type of gel or water to to get the conduction between the pad and the skin to be effective.

Product Specifications

  • The device is called both an electrical stimulator and a type of massager
  • There doesn’t seem to be any preprogrammed automatic programs you can choose from
  • The device is operated by batteries so it is portable
  • The  pads are not the self adhesive type so you would need the right type  of cream to be applied on the skin
  • You get 4 pads with the device.
  • There is also the addition of an acupuncture Pen

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My 2nd, more comprehensive review

The first thing to know about the XFT-320 is that it is not a small pulse massager. It is actually quite big and is not something that most people would feel comfortable carry around in their hands. So it is not that portable, although it is battery powered. The product dimensions for it are 10.2 x 2.4 x 8.8 inches so it is a rather bulky item to be using. In terms of weight, it  wieghs 1.4 pounds so it is also slightly heavier than almost any other pulse massagers that we have seen.

The name that this device is given in the product description is “bioelectric neuromuscular stimulating device“. The label is fitting because it does work on both the neural and the muscle tissues. It is a type of stimulating device because it sends electrical signals which is just electric current through the skin layer and into the nerve pathways in the muscle groups to get them to contract or release in tension. This device can also be called a TENS device because it works not just on the muscles for muscle tension relief, but also on the nerves themselves, to stop pain signals being sent to the brain. The result is supposed to be that endorphins are released by the brain and the pain that was usually in the area where the pads are are removed, at least for a short period of time.

Some people might call this device an acupuncture pressure point stimulating device. That is another way to look at it, since you can theoretically claim that the device with the pads might be able to locate the specific pressure points you are trying to stimulate to achieve pain relief. There have been a few studies done which showed that acupuncture as a form of traditional chinese medicine might indeed work in the treatment of certain types of internal, chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, hypertension, chronic muscle aches, and more.

What is unique about this pulse massager model is that there is an acupuncture pen included. We have reviewed and also know a lot about acupuncture pens and did many review like the one about the Acu Point Pen. Some people might not be aware of just how to use the pens since they have only been exposed to pulse massagers or TENS units before, maybe from a physical therapist or chiropractor’s office. However there are less people who would try out the alternative eastern medicines of pressure point stimulation and manipulation. Acupuncture pens sometimes need the application of the hydrogel to get the electrical current flowing from the metal tip to the location of stimulation. For the XFT-320A, if you are planning on using the Acupuncture Pen that comes with the package, understand that the Massager and the pen actually operate independently of each other. You are not supposed to combine the two massaging instruments to get the acu pen to work. What you need to do is apply enough gel to the area of skin you want to stimulate, and then press down on the pen while holding down the level. This will cause the electrical signal to start to stimulate the muscle groups and nerve endings. It will shoot small electrical pulses, which you can adjust in terms of the intensity and frequency.

So what do other people who have bought the XFT-320A think of the Electrical Pulse Massager?

There have been good things said about this device and there have been some bad comments about it. When this device works, it does a great job in relieving pain in the muscle groups. First, let’s go over what types of issues or problems buyers of the XFT-320 have noticed after they bought the device.

Because the machine is not designed like most other pulse massager or mini pulse massager types, the buttons are slightly confusing to use and it will take some time to figure out how to configure the intensity and frequency to the right levels.

The pads come off too easily but this seems to be a very pervasive issue with almost all models of pulse massagers and TENS units. You can either choose to go with the self adhesive types or the types where you need to put the gels on. It has been generally recommended over and over again that when you buy any TENS unit to always by spare and backup electrode pads. They get worn out very quickly.

Many people who realize that this model of TENS unit has an acupuncture pen. Usually the pulse massagers don’t come with the acupuncture pens, although many of the models claim to be able to stimulate the muscles based on ancient chinese medicine principles like the same ideas proposed in the practice of acupuncture. Most people don’t have any type of extensive knowledge on acupuncture and definitely don’t know which pressure points in the body to stick the pen at. So the acupuncture pen would be a rather useless extra instrument people get.

The pulse massager just turns itself off and stops working after just a short time of usage. When the person tries to turn it back on by replacing the batteries, the result is a very weak signal and then the device completely dies out.

Lastly, the intensity of the electrical signal is something that is rather chaotic. Either it is too weak due to improperly placed electrodes or the signal is so strong to cause electrocution and pain, which seems to be also due to improperly placed electrodes. When the charge is wrong, people state that it feels like a sharp tingling sensation which is very uncomfortable. Other people say the weak current feels like they are being stung. It also is said to leave large red welts causing skin disfigurement and discoloration. Often what happens is that the device losses (or maybe never had) the ability to hold a strong enough charge from the battery to give a really strong deep relaxing massage.

So these are just the majority of the major problems and technical difficulties with the device. Either signal is too weak or it is stinging you. It seems to stop working abruptly after just a few weeks. The acupuncture pen is something that most people never figure out how to use properly. The pads seems to fall off all the time.

Some people have mentioned that the package that comes to you is often missing some critical parts, like the device battery charger. The device runs on 2 batteries.

However, these are just the issue from the negative reviews on it. There has been over a 100 reviews on the product, but half of them have given the device the highest rating. It is only the minority of people reviews which have something bad to say about this model.

So would I recommend the XFT-320A Massager or TENS unit?

I would indeed suggest the XFT-320 because of the multiple features it does have and the ability for it to really get into the muscles and stimulate them towards contraction. Sure, there are quite a few people who claim that the signal is too weak but more people have expressed that it was able to give a strong, deep muscle stimulation. What I would suggest is that be careful not to throw away the receipt when you get it in the mail. Use the device and be sure to test out all the features. Once you figure out how to use it properly, and it doesn’t break, then you are free to not worry about trying to return it.

So go ahead and check out what other people are saying about this model of the XFT-320A Pulse massager.

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To see what the XFT-320A looks like watch the video below and see what you would get when you order it. Note that the video is in Russian and they state that they bought the pulse massager from China.