The Worst Pain Relief Devices Scamming You Out Of Your Money

Worst Pain Relief DevicesIt took me a while to realize that apparently in the medical supply industry for people suffering from whatever medical condition, whether muscle related, tendon related, and such, there is actually some devices billed as rehabilitation machines which turn out to be completely full of false medical data.

Only recently did I come to realize that for while now I have been promoting and selling devices which have been low in real quality. Sure, they may be extremely popular on the large online retail stores (aka Amazon, Ebay, Overstock) with maybe even hundreds of reviews, but they turn out to be completely worthless in pain relief effectiveness.

It turns out that what I had listed as the ‘best pain relief devices’ had a huge long list of products which are actually the WORST pain relief products that can be sold.

What I am mainly referring to are the products sold based on Light Therapy (aka Phototherapy) Pain Relief as well as Low Level Laser Therapy. It turns out that both of these two category of pain management devices have very low percentages in actually working out.

Here is my complete list of the worst offenders of really bad and scam products sold online that is cheating you out of your hard earned money.

1. The Light Relief Pain Relief Device – This was the actual product which got me to realize that a lot of what I had been previously promoting turned out to be scams. There was an actor who came on some infomercial touting this stupid infrared emitting device which is supposed to make your muscles feel less cramped and improved stiffness. The idea was that the type of light it did shine was a type of energy known as infrared energy. I debunked this horrible piece of product on my full review – Read my full review here where I specifically show where it just stops making any sense

2. The TenDLite Red LED Light Therapy Device – I had previously done a really long review on it and at the end, I couldn’t bear the idea of putting any type of affiliate link on it since the reviews on the device from real people who actually did buy it spending nearly $200 – Read my full review on it here where I called it a ‘glorified flashlight’

3. Light Force Therapy LFT9000 – When I realized that there was no scientific data backing up the claims about the effectiveness of light therapy for pain relief, it was sort of like a domino effect. Maybe it is horrible to put all of these types of pain management devices all in a big group, but I sort of already made the decision that the other popular LED device the LFT9000 is just as stupid as the rest of its kind. The reviews and the number of people giving it the worst ratings sort of validated my preconceived ideas on how well this one really worked – Read the full review 

4. Infrared Light Heat Lamp Hand Held Massager – The sellers of this one makes even one more preposterous claim which the other types did not make, and that is the device can apparently remove inches in your body. So the people who wrote the specs on this claims that you can sort of surgically remove your fat by shining this ‘magical’ Infrared Light on it. – Read the full review here

5. Infrared LED Light Therapy Skin Care Device –  There seems to be a lot of Light Therapy devices being sold on Amazon and I am not sure why so many of them have gotten dozens of reviews when the science on why the technology would even work has been so inconclusive. There is very little, if any, proof that Light Therapy would help make pains and aches be decreased in the body. Similarly, there is another alternative pain management therapy technique known as Low Level Laser Therapy. This type of therapy also has its fair share of sceptics who claim that… Read the full review here

6. Infrared Heat Wand – The Infrared Heat Wand has another name, called the PainEase. Now we see that there is another one of those infrared light emitting hand-held devices claiming for pain relief. We had previously seen something similar in the Infrared Heat Lamp Massager. Does giving a similar device a similar, but not exactly the same name, really mean that it would be any different? Am I to believe that this device is going to be a device being sold that actually works instead of something sold that is useless and only to… Read the full review here

This list right here is only the beginning of my brutal attack on these medical products which can never do what they are claimed to do by the sellers. DO NOT EVER BUY ONE OF THESE! If you do, you are just flushing your money down the drain.

Over and over again, I have read in the reviews about old grandmothers who because of suffering from some type of chronic illness has great pain, and so when they see these so called “amazing pain relief devices” being sold on some late-night infomercial, they decide to break into their life savings to buy one of these devices which are scamming them.