Vibration Plates For SaleLet’s do complete reviews on the various types of vibration plates for sale in the market today. After we started to look into the various types of massagers that were on sale, we wanted to see what other types of benefits are there for using massagers and any other type of vibrating device has on the body. That was how we found these devices which are called Vibration Plates. This type of device uses a type of therapy known as Whole Body Vibration Therapy, or WBV Therapy. These health benefiting plate devices are some of the most interesting exercise equipment that I have personally come across.

Note is that there are technically two different types of devices that we are talking about. You have the 1) portable vibration plates and the 2) larger sized vibration exercise machines. The vibration exercise machines are the large sized, exercise devices you would find in a local gym about the same size as a treadmill.

This section focuses specifically on the smaller, portable devices which are often the size of an electronic weight scale.

Complete Listing of Vibration Plates For Sale

1. The Portable Whole Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine – Price: $244

Whole Body Vibration PlateDescription: Read more





2. The Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Crazy Fit Bio Shaker – Price: $139 w/ Free Shipping

Sunny Mini Crazy BioShakerDescription: Read more

3. The Full Body Vibration Platform Machine (by Confidence Fitness) – Price: $250 w/ Free Shipping

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10. Bulletproof Vibe Whole Body Vibration Plate – Price: $1, 500

Bulletproof Vibe Whole Body Vibration PlateReview: We have been huge fans of Dave Asprey who runs the biohacker website BulletProof Executive for years now and have found that many of our own interest coincide with so many of his own projects. When we first got into the field of looking at the effects of what electrical current, mechanical stimuli, ultrasound, and vibrations do to the human body, we found his podcast where many university professors and researchers have shown in multiple clinical studies the benefits of using the various types of stimuli for health benefits. From our original focus on pulse massagers, we branched out into TENS Units and EMS Devices. Then we moved furhter into the different types of massagers – Read more

A Little Bit Of History on the Usage of Vibration Plates

The therapeutic method was developed by Soviet cosmonauts back in the 1960s to prepare themselves for the physiological changes that happen in space. In space, the gravitation force which is normally exerted on the human body does not exist. This means that there is a slow but obvious change in the bone density of the bodies. Over time the bones become weaker for anyone in space. It was found that low frequency vibrations on the bone and the body alone would make the tissue stronger.

We recently found out that there are a lot of biohackers who are currently using this device.