Trojan Pulse Intimate Massager

Trojan Pulse Intimate MassagerNow, I know that technically the trojan pulse intimate massager is not exactly the same type of pulse massagers that we normally talk about. While the other pulse massagers are for application of electrical signals on muscles and nerve endings to relieve pain and muscle tension based on either the Electrical Muscle Stimulation theory, the pulse intimate massager sold by Trojan is what women would call a ‘Personal Massager’ that is to be used for sexual pleasure and reaching orgasms. It goes by many names, from Trojan Pulse Massager to Pulse Intimate Massager. The actual name for the device is the TROJAN Vibrating Tri-phoria Intimate MassagerWe however prefer to call it the “Intimate Pulse Massager 🙂

The device is used for stimulating the genitals area of the body for personal stimulation and pleasure. We believe that fulfilling desires and satisfying certain pleasures is just as important as treating pain. Massagers is what we personally believe in and love. I use a massager on my girlfriend (The Rabbit ) and she can’t get enough of it. There is a reason why so many college age girls, girlfriends, and wives love to go to a spa for a full day of rest & relaxation. In the spa, people can choose from all sort of amazing massaging choices. – Take A Quick Peek At the Intimate Pulse Massager

Product Specifications

  • 8 settings
  • 5 speeds
  • 3 pulse patterns.
  • 3 high quality interchangeable tips.
  • Waterproof, durable and easy to clean.
  • Includes an elegant satin pouch.
  • Batteries are included.

Product Description

This is what is known as a ‘personal massager’ which is most often used by females for stimulation on their genitalia area for pleasure and orgasms. Other words for this is a vibrator or dildo. It can be used internally or just externally. It has 5 different speeds but from what we understand it, most people who use it are probably looking to get the maximum amount of pleasure from using the device. We suggest that to get the most from it, you want to get the speed to be as high to figure out what are your boundaries are. Once you figure out which speed is just right, you want to bring it down to the speed just lower than that.

As for the patterns, there are three different kinds. You can the continuous mode, the pulsing mode, and the alternating mode. We suggest first going with the continuous mode, then getting a little adventurous with the pulsing mode, and then lastly trying something that is more unpredictable.

You have 3 different types of tips that you can snap onto the head of the device. They are made from a type of warm and soft silicone. The silicone material makes it easy to clean. Each tip is supposed to be used in a different way on each part of the body. Remember that this model s not supposed to be used internally though.

You could say that technically it is not really a pulse massager in the sense that it is not based on sending electrical signals to relieve pain or decrease tension on muscles. It does not operate on the Electrical Muscle Stimulation technique. It does not send an electrical signal. However, it will get the muscles contracting in the way that you really want it to be done. Since the physiological term by medical professionals for “orgasm” is where the muscles around (and in) the genital area goes through an involuntary series of rhythmic contractions, this massager will be able to do the trick just fine.


This model is one of the cheaper models that we have seen so far. It is currently priced at just around $30, which is really a steal if we compared this model to say the Rabbit or the Hitachi Magic Wand. Those models get a lot of attention but they are usually priced around the $80 – $200 range. We checked the major online retail stores selling adult themed products like Adam & Eve, Trojan’s, and Walmart to see what their pricing for this type of intimate massager would cost. All of them are priced at just $30, which means that this device is not expensive.

So what do other people think about this massager?

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You can also watch the commercial advertising the Trojan Vibrations Massager from the video below. Don’t worry, it is work safe.