Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation tDCS Device For Sale

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation tDCS Device For Sale

It seems that recently electronic pulse massagers are being adapted to be used on the head or skull for reasons like making them smarter. Would using Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Devices really make people smarter?

There are currently only a few options out right now which promote the idea that maybe these electrical stimulation devices which have been traditionally been used to stimulate muscle tissue and nerve endings might have some type of cognitive benefit for us. Does sending an electrical charge through the brain really make a person smarter?

One of the most interesting websites on the internet is by Dave Asprey on his blog BulletProof Executive. On a recent podcast episode #54 entitled Neurofeedback Technology – Best Biohack Yet, with Dr. Valdeane Brown the use of tDCS Devices are mentioned. However this is not the first time that Asprey has mentioned the use of electronic pulse massagers or pulse stimulators to be used for improved neural activity.

In a recent viral post which eventually landed on entitled “Zapped – I strapped TDCS electrodes to my head to see if I could make myself smarter by stimulating my brain” by Margeret Choi for Aeon Magazine showed whether this type of electrical stimulation device can work not just for the muscles and nerves, but the brain.

It was also written up at MIT Technology Review in the article DIY Kit Overclocks Your Brain With Direct Current and Bloomberg Businessweek Technology in the article Buy a DIY Brain Supercharger for $100 and at in the article GoFlow: a DIY tDCS brain-boosting kit. also covered the same news that GoFlow was trying to build the world’s first mass produced tDCS Device for around $99. It was covered in the article Direct-to-consumer transcranial direct-current stimulation device.

I personally would rather try out a few nootropics (intelligence enhancing drugs) like Provigil aka Modafinil or Modalert to increase the amount of time I can concentrate for. I have tried to order Modafinil from the website which is a nootropic reseller company based either in Hong Kong or China but I did not have enough Bitcoin to trade and could not order it fast enough before I had to leave the USA since I am an expat. The actual product that you would get is not exactly modafinil, but another name Modalert 200 mg sold by SunPharma, which seems to be sold from or based in India.

What we have a lot of different types of neuro-enhancement products these days which all seem to use electrical signals to stimulate the neurological speed.

NeurOptimal Brain Training used the Neurofeedback Technology by Dr. Valdeane Brown

There are a few other places which makes these unique tDCS devices. Here are the websites which make them, or have tDCS Devices on sale.

GoFlow tDCS Device – It was originally a DIY Home Made tDCS Device which has currently been stalled indefinitely in their development

tDCS Transcranial Stimulation Kit – Developed by the people at Trans Cranial Technologies – Price: $380

HDCkit by Magstim – “a cost-effective modular system for DC stimulation, designed specifically for both research and clinical use” – Price: N/A

There are also a lot of biofeedback devices being sold which we will will be talking about in the BioFeedback Devices section.

To see how to make one of these tDCS devices watch the video below on how you can build your own Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Device