Therapulse Portable Electrotherapy Device

Therapulse Portable Electrotherapy DeviceProduct Specifications

  • Used for nerve and muscle stimulation.
  • LCD screen showing intensity levels, time and type of stimulation.
  • Soothe tired muscles in 7 different body part
  • Change the intensity and duration of treatment for a customized massage.
  • It is a combination of traditional Chinese massage and modern techniques,
  • Includes Shiatsu
  • Five massage modes are available  including moxibustion, scratch, roll, knead and beat.
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Increases muscle activity
  • Allows for muscle relaxation.

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My Review

The therapulse portable electrotherapy device is another type of electronic pulse massager but I am currently unsure what exactly is its real name or what it labeled as. The product page says it could be Therapulse, Thera Pulse, SIVAN, or Stimupulse. The main point is that this pulse massager is one of the larger models of pulse massagers that we have seen. There is actually no reviews done for this model which can be a bad sign for anyone who is interested in the model.

First, what does the product specifications tell us about this type of portable electrotherapy device? let’s see what types of proprogrammed massage types you can set it to. For this device, you can choose from 5 massage types. The 5 types of massages are moxibustion, beat, knead, scratch, and roll. I am a user of multiple types of pulse massagers but I am not a masseuse. I am not aware of these types of massages. From what I remember from reviewing other types of pulse massagers like the Omron PM3030, XFT-320A, or PL009 some of these types of modes I have not heard of before. I know that moxibustion is a type of traditional chinese medicine treatment where you apply certain herbs on the skin by burning some type of heating wood on a person’s skin. In addition, the specifications say that the device is supposed to be able to do shiatsu. In fact, if we look at the product picture, the types of massage modes that the picture shows is actually completely different picture. The picture suggests that this Thera Pulse Electrotherapy device  can do cupping, hammering, scraping, and the traditional massage. No where does it say it can do shiatsu or moxibustion. From closer inspection, there is one last massage mode, acupuncture. This means that the electrical signals are probably supposed to simulate the needle prickling sensation you might feel from what most people think a standard session at any acupuncturists office would feel like. Needles are supposed to be slightly painful, and the electrical signal is supposed to replicate the experience, or something very similar to it.

From the LCD screen display we see that there are 5 things it tells you. They are…

1. Which type of massage or mode you are in

2. How high is the signal speed in frequency

3. How much longer is the program going to run for

4. How strong is the intensity of the pulse

5. How much battery life is left.

This means that from the controller, you have the option of choosing just one of the preprogrammed massage settings, which already have the intensity and speed set in, or you choose to go with the manual way, and you adjust the intensity and speed of the electrical signals yourself.

The types of medical benefits it claims to have include improved circulation, increase in muscle activity, relief from muscle tension, and stimulates the nerves.

So what do other people think of the therapulse massager or stimupulse electrotherapy device?

The fact is that there has not been any reviews of this model of pulse massager by anyone who have bought it. That is a slightly concerning sign. Like I have stated before, most often people write reviews over things not because they are happy about the product that they bought, but because they are angry over something, maybe customer service or low quality. Most people want to write about how horrible a product is or how bad the service was.

So that means that the lack of any reviews could mean one of either two possibilities.

One possibility is that everyone who has ever bought this model of electronic pulse massager has been content with it so no one wanted to take the time, and effort to write a bad review about it. So it is a good one.

The other possibility is that this model is not popular enough that from the few people who have ever bought it, there has not been 1 person out of the group of buyers who decided to write a review. So it could mean that this model is a bad one.

What is the overall conclusion? Would I recommend it?

Personally, I would not go with this model but would suggest the Omron PM3030 Pulse Massager which I reviewed in the post HERE. If you are still interested in seeing the model for yourself, just click on the link below to go to its product page.

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Refer to the video below to see what portable electrotherapy devices look like