TENS Units

TENS UnitsTechnically TENS units are another term  that pulse massagers are called. Both of these terms all mean the exact same type of electrical medical device which uses the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation theory. However, what exactly is TENS? What is the definition of TENS? It is defined in TheFreeDictionary.com as “A technique used to relieve pain in an injured or diseased part of the body in which electrodes applied to the skin deliver intermittent stimulation to surface nerves, blocking the transmission of pain signals.” So a TENS unit, which I have been calling a Pulse Massager, works not by somehow somehow soothing muscles but by blocking pain signals which go from the nerve endings to the brain so that the brain can’t register that there is pain coming from a region in the body. This type of device is doing something to cover up pain However we know that pain is not always a bad thing. Technically the reason why any living creature would be experiencing pain so to alert the brain and the body that it is being injured or that something is physically causing the body harm. Pain is the signal that goes to the brain to tell it to react to the pain causing stimuli. The brain is then supposed to tell the body to move or react in a way to stop the pain. Avoiding pain is one of the major things that any living organism does. This is why TENS Units are so helpful and useful to any person who wants to find a solution to their pain.

A Complete Listing Of All The TENS Unit Models

TENS 7000 Unit – Price: $50

TENS 7000 Tens UnitMy Review (Rating is 4.7/5): The TENS 7000 Pain Management TENS Unit is one of the most well known TENS units because it have been used by hundreds of thousand of people ever since it came out years ago. This was the first model beyond the popular models which we found. It was also the first model which we discovered being made by Roscoe Medical aka Current Solutions. They have been making electrical current emitting devices for decades now. Over the years, it has become one of the gold standards for which other companies which design newer models of TENS units strive for… Read more

TENS 3000 Unit – Price: $37

TENS 3000 ReviewMy Review (Rating is 4.7/5): When you look at the device you can see that because of the way that the analog controllers are set up, it is kind of easy to accidently press down on the turn dials, and increase the electrical current amplitude, accidently shocking you. The designers of the model were clever enough to realize this so there is also the additional feature of having what are known as ‘safety amplitude caps’… Read more

truMedic PL-009 TENS Unit Massager – Price: $54

truMedic-PL-009-TENS-UnitMy Review (Rating is 8/10): If we look at the specs on this model, the descriptions say the same thing as the product page from the Prospera PL009 Pulse Massager page. They call it the most advanced TENS electrotherapy unit and I sort of agree with them that of all the TENS units that I’ve seen this is one of the better ones. It seems to be a very popular model of pulse massager for use after you’ve done the regular workout… Read more

Prospera Pl-009 TENS Unit – Price: $35

Prospera-PL009My Review (Rating is 8/10): This type of electrical pulse massager from the well known and respected Prospera Corporation is not be intended to be used for pathologies or medical uses actually. It is actually used for people who experience muscle soreness and tension from doing extensive amounts of athletics or physical activity. Sports Therapists, Physical Therapists who are doing rehabilitation programs with people… Read more

InTENSity Twin Stim III TENS and EMS Combo – Price: N/A

InTENSity Twin Stim III ReviewMy Review (Rating is 4.6/5): The InTENSity Twin Stim III is another one of those TENS Units which has been very effective but not as popular as some other types. It is sold by the company or brand Current Solutions. The way that it is designed means that it looks very futuristic and advanced. Currently you can buy the Twin Stim III from Overstock.com but you can also find something very similar on Amazon which is…Read more

InTENSity 10 TENS Unit- Price: $22

InTENSity TENS unitMy Review (Rating is 4.6/5): The company Current Solutions makes this specific model of TENS unit called the InTENsity 10, which apparently has 10 modes which makes it one of the TENS Units which we have seen with the most options for the types of massages we are interested in trying out. The company that sells this model is Current Solutions, which seems to focus exclusively on selling TENS Units and the electrode pads that they use. I personally have been aware of… Read more


Twin Stim 2nd Edition TENS and EMS Combo Unit – Price: N/A Twin Stim 2nd Edition

My Review (Rating is 4.8/5): The Twin Stim TENS Unit that we are looking right here is apparently more than just another TENS unit. It is in fact what is known as a TENS unit and EMS Unit combo. We have already seen what a EMS unit is like in the Electrical Muscle Stimulator unit before for the EMS5. Obviously most of us are already fully aware on the function and effectiveness of tens units. This model is also being sold by the people at Current Solutions. It seems that as for this specific type of medical device… Read more

EMS 5 Electrical Muscle Stimulator Unit – Price: $48

EMS 5 Electrical Muscle Stimulator UnitMy Review (Rating is 3.4/5): This model is actually known as a EMS Unit, which is short for Electrical Muscle Stimulator Unit. After looking at the model, we say that it looks a lot like the TENS 3000 model. At least in terms of the outer deisgn, and the carrying case, the look of the two are the same. Obviously this model is branded as a EMS Unit (aka Electrical Muscle Stimulation unit). Refer that a TENS Unit and a EMS unit are two different things. They operate on having an effect on different types of tissue in the body… Read more

InTENSity 5000 Hybrid Digital LED TENS Unit – Price: $47

InTENSity 5000 Hybrid Digital LED TENS UnitMy Review (Rating is 4.7/5): This model called the InTENSity 5000 Hybrid TENS Unit is one of the more popular models sold by the company Current Solutions. We have already seen something very similar to this model in the Twin Stim III and the InTENSity 10 models. The way that these models are designed is for the more futuristic, sleek design, combining the colors of black, white, and blue together. So is this model, the InTENSity 5000 Hybrid, any better than… Read more

Chattanooga Intelect NMES Digital Portable Electrotherapy Device – Price: $102

Chattanooga Intelect NMES Digital Portable Electrotherapy DeviceMy Review (Rating is 9/10): Besides the bigger players in the EMS and TENS unit market, there are some less well known companies and designers who sell the same types of products. One of the smaller pulse massager sellers is Chattanooga. Chattanooga sells and has a smaller selection of TENS Units which they call Portable Digital Electrotherapy Device. The company of Chattanooga Medical Supplies has a product page for this specific model, which they call both the Intelect NMES Digital… Read more

Santamedical Electronic Pulse Massager LFM-110 – Price: $30

Santamedical Electronic Pulse MassagerMy Review (Rating is 8/10): We recently found out that there is supposedly a new brand and type of electronic pulse massagers that have come out and the company that sells the device is called Santamedical or Santa Medical. The product number for the pulse massager is the LFM-110. So we decided to do the Santamedical Electronic Pulse Massager LFM-110 Review to see how it compares to the previous electronic pulse massagers that we have already seen before… Read more

ReBuilder 2407 – Price: $760

ReBuilder 2407My Review (Rating is 8/10): The ReBuilder 2407 is a new device which we have not seen before but has the modes which allows it to use both the TENS and EMS technology. It is sold by a company called ReBuilder Medical Inc. The device is not really termed a TENS Unit or Electrotherapy device. It is used to treat neuropathy. The term “neuropathy” is actually a shortened version of the medical term “Peripheral Neuropathy” (source). The term Peripheral Neuropathy is defined by the Mayo Clinic website as the… Read more

ReBuilder 300 – Price: $510

ReBuilder 300My Review (Rating is 9/10): After we did the Rebuilder 2407 Review we realized that the company Rebuilder actually calls the 2407 model another name, the ReBuilder Deluxe. This model, the Rebuilder 300 is apparently the original, weaker model. This is the Rebuilder 300 review which we realize needed to be written to help any potential buyer from distinguishing between the two Rebuilder TENS Unit models. From looking at the actual ReBuilder website, we see that it has a lower number because it lacks certain features which… Read more

Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Treatment System – Price: $138

Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Treatment SystemMy Review (Rating is 8/10): This neuropathy pain treatment product , called the Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Treatment System, is one of the most interesting TENS Unit like products that we have seen so far. It is very similar to the peripheral neuropathy pain relief devices we have seen with the ReBuilder models like theRebuilder 300 and the Rebuilder 2407. What makes this model different from the others is that with the entire neuropathy pain treatment kit, there is included… Read more

Drive AGF-3E Economy Dual Channel TENS Unit – Price: $38

Drive AGF-3E Economy Dual Channel TENS UnitMy Review (Rating is 9/10: This model of TENS Unit is labeled the AGF-3E, or the Drive AGF-3E Economy Dual Channel TENS Unit. It is another model sold by the company Roscoe Medical, which is very big in this field of pain relief devices known as electrotherapy devices. This model has a strange model name, which is just a combination of letters and numbers, not like the TENS 7000 and TENS 3000. In terms of appearance, it actually sort of looks like the other models that come from the same company… Read more

Roscoe Medical Dual Channel TENS-1000BN - Price: $40

Roscoe Medical Dual Channel Tens Unit 1000My Review (Rating is N/A): We have already done reviews on the TENS 7000, the TENS 3000, and TENS 6000. This is the TENS-1000BN Review. Some sellers call this model the TENS-1000, not the 1000BN. Roscoe Medical is a company that makes some of the best TENS Units and IF Therapy devices around. For this model, it is a dual channel device which has only 1 mode to it. We note that it is one of the oldest models of electrotherapy device that we have seen so far… Read more

Beautyko Accupulser Pro Electronic Pulse Massager HG6838 – Price: $99

Beautyko Accupulser Pro Accupressure Trigger Point Electronic Pulse Stimulation MassagerMy Review (Rating is N/A): Back when we were first starting out, we were reviewing product which we didn’t realize were being sold under multiple different names. This product, which has the official name of “Accupulser Pro Trigger Point Electronic Pulse Stimulation Massager” has already been reviewed by us before. We had called it the “Electro-Acupressure Stimulator” which was sold by a company or seller calling themselves JT-05. We now realize that the product was renamed to be… Read more

Roscoe Medical Pro Dual Channel Tens Unit 6000 – Price: $55

Roscoe Medical Pro Dual Channel Tens Unit 6000My Review (Rating is N/A): This model known as the TENS 6000. It seems to be modeled in the same way as the models which we have reviewed before by Roscoe Medical. Those models would be TENS 3000 and TENS 7000. Based on our first impression, it doesn’t seem to be as feature rich and powerful as the others. Does it also have the ability to lt you adjust analog knobs to change the pulse width, pulse frequency, and intensity? We will see how well it does compared to the other models that are more popular… Read more

EQ Pulse Massager – Price: $79

EQ Pulse MassagerMy Review (Rating is 10/10): This model called the EQ Pulse Massager makes us remember back to the IQ Massager Pro (and IQ Massager Pro II) which looks a lot like this model here. However when we did the initial research on seeing what is said about this particular model, there seems to be more information on the EQ Pulse Massager than we believed. It seems that the EQ Massager is a very popular model which we didn’t realize existed until very recently… Read more

Veridian Healthcare 22-030 Tiny Tens Electric Massager – Price: $30

Veridian Healthcare 22-030 Tiny Tens Electric MassagerMy Review (Rating is 9/10): This model which is called the Tiny TENS Electrical Nerve Stimulator seems to be one of those devices which are being resold in many online stores under different names. This seems to be a very common practice among resellers and middle men who sell electrotherapy devices or EMS Units. Sometimes we are not sure what is the real name of a device since there are so many different variations of it. As for this model, it is most often called the Tiny Tens. The Tiny part obviously refers to how small the device is. The Tens part refer to the fact that the device operates… Read more (or read the 2nd review of the Veridian Tiny TENS Electrical Nerve Stimulator)

Intelect Standard Dual Channel TENS Nerve Stimulator – Price: $82

Intelect Standard Dual Channel TENS Nerve StimulatorMy Review (Rating is N/A): This model which is called the Intelect Standard Dual Channel TENS Nerve Stimulator seems to have been labeled both a TENS Unit and a Nerve Stimulator. We wanted to try to find the model from the original source to see what are the product description and specifications. We found from a quick Google Search that the Intelect TENS is sold on the ActiveForever website. On that website it is sold as two different products, with different names. They are… Read more

Omron Electronic Nerve Stimulator HV-F128-E - Price: $208

Omron Electronic Nerve Stimulator HV-F128My Review (Rating is N/A): This device is labeled a completely different name, Electronic Nerve Stimulator. It is neither a pulse massager or a TENS Unit. However we understand that the labels are all referring to the same type of medical pain relief device. The pain relief devices operate on the idea of sending electric current aka signals in an intermittent fashion to product some type of muscular and neurological effect… Read more (or read the review on the exact same model relabeled the Eleparesu Therapy Apparatus HV-F128)

Twin Stim Plus Digital TENS unit – Price: $144

Twin Stim Plus Digital TENS unitMy Review (Rating is N/A): The Twin Stim Plus TENS Unit is one of the models sold by Roscoe Medical and it may be the most advanced digital TENS Unit we have ever seen. We have already seen what the model TENS 7000 unit is capable of, with its ability to change even the pulse width but this model has so many features that it probably gets very confusing in figuring out how to use this device properly using the owner’s operating manual provided. When you open up the front hinge to see what the controller and buttons are like… Read more

Omron E2 Elite Electronic Nerve Stimulator HV-F127-E - Price: $249

Omron E2 Elite Tens Electronic Nerve Stimulator Machine Hvf127 Hv-f127-eMy Review (Rating is N/A): For a long time we were only aware of another model of electrotherapy pulse massager by Omron. We had been calling it the PM3030 model. Then we found out that the model was being sold on the Omron Heathcare website under a different name, the Soft Touch HV-F158-E. Then there was the model Electronic Nerve Stimulator HV-128. This model is the Electronic Nerve Stimulator HV-F127 or HV-F127-E. It is probably one of the three real models currently sold on the Omron website – Read more

Omron 3D Elepalse Pro Low frequency Electric Therapy Device – Price: $134

Omron 3D Elepalse Pro Low frequency Electric Therapy DeviceMy Review (Rating is N/A): Read more




Omron HV-F011 Low Frequency Electrotherapy Device – Price: $49

Omron HV-F011 Low Frequency Electrotherapy DeviceMy Review (Rating is N/A): Read more




NeuroTrac Pelvic Tone Tens Machine - Price: $95

NeuroTrac Pelvic Tone Tens MachineReview (Rating is 9/10): We have known about the NeuroTrac models of TENS units ever since we found the NeuroTract TENS Machine aka NT3. This line of pain relief devices sold in the UK or Australia seems to be very popular outside the USA. We are not sure if these types are available in Canada though. As for the device itself, this particular model might be called  TENS Machine but the purpose of it makes it work more as a EMS Unit or Electrical Muscle Stimulator. The purpose of it is NOT to relief pain but to give the muscles close to the genitalia area a good workout. We found this particular model being sold on a UK online store selling Pelvic Toning Devices called Pelvic-Toners.co.uk. From the testimonials found on the product page, this model is used by women who just went throughRead more

TensCare itouch Sure Pelvic Floor Exerciser - Price: $70

TensCare itouch Sure Pelvic Floor ExerciserReview (Rating is 9/10): This is another EMS unit sold in other countries that uses the same phenomena of pulsed electrical currents to get the muscles in that specific area of the body to become more stimulated. These devices are used to treat bladder control disorders like incontinence, specifically urinary incontinence.  This particular model is called the TensCare itouch Sure Pelvic Floor Exercise unit. It exercise and tones the pelvic floor muscle. It works in a similar way that Kegel exercises work. During Kegel exercises the muscle region known as the Pubococcygeus Muscles aka PC Muscles are squeezed to - Read more

Neurotrac Simplex Biofeedback Device (EMG) – Price: $150

Neurotrac Simplex Biofeedback DeviceReview (Rating is N/A): Read more




NeuroTrac TENS Machine NT3 – Price: $65

Neurotrac TENS MachineReview (Rating is 9/10): We were not aware of the NeuroTrac TENS Machine (NT3) because this particular model seems to be sold primarily in the UK as well as in Australia. This model was found on the TENS Pain Relief website. From what is said in the reviews we are fairly impressed by the model. We really like this particular model for two main reasons. One of the reasons is because of how large the readings are on the LCD display screen and the other is that you seem to have the option to not just set the intensity level of the two channels, but also the pulse width. Pulse width is measured in microseconds and you can see from the screen display that the value of the pulse width is displayed. That is something you are not going to find in most models – Read more

Fuego Heating TENS Unit – Price: $60

Fuego TENS UnitReview: We found this device called the Fuego Heating TENS Unit only recently. This model sold by Fuego is unique for the feature of it being able to also use heat as a form of pain relief therapy treatment. The device is often called the Digital Heating TENS by Fuego. We found the model sold on the website OTC Wholsale. We also got the Heating TENS Unit Operating Manual. There is a total of 9 different massage modes, which correspond to 9 different areas of the body to stimulate. It combines together the usual type of nerve stimulation with the heating benefits for a even greater ability for pain alleviation – Read more

Koalaty Twin Stim 2nd Edition – Price: $60

Koalaty Twin StimReview: It was hard to track down the Koalaty Twin Stim 2nd Ed TENS Unit. We were not sure if this device was actually just the Twin Stim model which has been sold by Current Solutions of the Roscoe Medical Company. We have already reviewed the Twin Stim 2nd Ed. device already. When we found the website www.KoalatyProducts.com and it redirected us to the Current Solutions aka Roscoe Medical website, we realized that the device was indeed the same one. Technically the model is an Combo Device, which is used both as a TENS Unit and EMS Stimualor. The three main websites that you can get the device is OTC Wholsale, Allegro Medical, and Med Plus Medical Supply. We suggest buying the device from Overstock.com – Read more

Twin Stim 3 (Digital TENS and EMS Combo) – Price: $60

Twin Stim 3Review: We have already done a full review on the Twin Stim, the Twin Stim 2nd Edition, and the Twin Stim Plus. Now it is time to take a look at the Twin Stim 3, which is a type of Digital TENS Unit and EMS Unit combination. This particular model sold by Current Solutions is extremely popular. That means that multiple large online stores carry the particular model. We looked at all the stores, like TensPros.com but we eventually settled on the Overstock.com website. In general, the specialty medical supplies stores will have the device priced higher than the bigger websites. Places like Ebay, Walmart, Amazon, and Overstock have these particular devices at least around $10 cheaper than the smaller websites. – Read more

Professional Dual Channel Electronic Massager – Price: N/A

Professional Dual Channel Electronic MassagerReview: The Professional Dual Channel Electronic Massager is a new model of pulse massager/ TENS Unit which we just found out about. It is very different in design to the other models that we have seen. We are sort of amazed to see just how large the screen is and how much information is provided. From a quick look on the model we see that is a dual channeled device, as advertised in its product description. That means that the central control unit can modulate 4 different electrode pads at the same time. On the screen it shows the intensity level and the timer for both of the channels. The great thing about having different channels is the ability to switch between the channels and adjust the frequency and intensity of each channel to be independent of each other. – Read more

Dundex Dual Channel TENS Machine – Price: N/A

Dundex Dual Channel TENS MachineReview: We have been trying to track down where the Dundex Dual Channel TENS Machine originated from. After extensive searching we figured out that the model was being sold under at least one different name. The model was already being sold under the name Professional Dual Channel Electronic Massager. This particular model has been extremely hard to find. Almost not online stores carry this particular model anymore. We were lucky to figure out the other name it goes by because it is sold on Amazon. Unfortunately that particular model is no longer on Amazon. We suspect that the model is no longer being offered anywhere. So what is a good alternative to this particular model?  - Read more

LG-Quad Combo – Price: 

LG SUPER QUAD COMBO TENS UnitReview: This is the 2nd model which we found from the LG (LG Medical Supply) website. The reason it has been called the Quad Combo is that you get 4 different treatment modalities in one unit. While most people are already familiar with the Electrical Muscle Stimulations (EMS) and Transcutaneous Nerve Electrical Stimulation (TENS) Modality, this portable neuromuscular electrical stimulation device can also do more. It is also considered to an Interferential Uni as well as a Micro-Current device. The major difference between all 4 modalities is either the frequency of the type of electrical current being emitted or the intensity of the signal.

LG-TEC Elite – Price: 

LG Tec EliteReview: We found from the LG Medical Supply website the model. While the brand name of the device is the “LG-TEC Elite” it is described as a DIGITAL Dual COMBO TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator



LG-TEC 8 Mode Combo – Price: $140

LG-TEC 8 Mode ComboReview: The model called the LG-TEC 8 Mode Combo which we have listed is actually sort of misleading. What we probably should have called the particular model is the LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS/EMS Unit. – Read more


VIBE TENS Unit (12 Program TENS Unit) – Price: $148

VIBE TENS UnitReview: We were informed about this particular model of TENS Unit by another online store (Tens Unit Store Online) and they told us abut this model which has a total of 12 different massage programs which you can choose from. The actual name for this particular model is called the VIBE TENS Unit. This particular model can emit 4 different types of wave forms. Those 4 different types are continuous, pulsed, burst, and pulse moderation - Read more

8 Electrode TENS Muscle Stimulator (Twin Stim Plus) – Price: $159

8 Electrode TENS Muscle StimulatorReview: For a while now we have been calling this model the 8 Electrode TENS and Muscle Stimulator but we had to go back to see where the model was coming from. It seems that the particular model was a listing found from the Tens Unit Store Online website and it was listed under that name for the Twin Stim Plus type. As we might remember the Twin Stim Plus was a model which was original sold by the people at Current Solutions. What probably happened was that Current Solutions who actually designed the devices and had them made in some China manufacturing factories sold their particular models to various online resellers which became the middle man. For the people at the Tens Unit Store Online website we found that they have been called that particular model the 8TM. It was made back in 2010 as a 3rd edition device – Read more

US 1000 Portable Ultrasound Unit (by Current Solutions) – Price: $100

US 1000 Portable Ultrasound UnitReview: Technically these portable ultrasounc unit devices are not exactly TENS Units, but the two different medical/health devices have the same overall functions. Whethere you are going to be using ultrasound or ultrasonic waves, or electrical current, the final objective is to manage pain and provide some form of pain relief. This particular models is called the US 1000 Portable Ultrasound Unit sold by Current Solutions. We have been very big fans of Current Solutions aka Roscoe Medical for a very long time. We love their series of TENS Units. This would be the first time we have actually ever taken a close look at the Ultrasound units that they sell – Read more

US Pro 2000 Professional Portable Ultrasound Unit – Price: $100

US Pro 2000 Professional Portable Ultrasound UnitReview: The US Pro Professional Portabel Ultrasound Unit is found online only two online stores. You can either get it from the Overstock website which will have it listed for around $95 but you can also get it from the TENS Unit Store Online website which have it listed as the US Pro 2000 Home Ultrasound Unit. However on that speciality website it would be costing you around $165. In terms of price then you want to get it from the larger, more well known website. We did find it from smaller medical supply websites but we chose not to list those websites. As for the devices, it is a type of pain relief device that does not use intermittent pulsing electrical current stimuli like what we are so used to seeing – Read more

Elite TENS Unit – Digital Dual Combo – InTENSity Twin Stim III – Price: $100

Elite TENS UnitReview: Read more




EMS 7500 Second Edition – Price: $100

EMS 7500 Second EditionReview: Read more




IF 4K Digital – Price: $179

IF 4K DigitalReview: Read more




Twin Stim Plus – Price: $139

Twin Stim PlusReview: We understand that some people might be confused when they see this model. It seems like there are multiple TENS Units with the same name Twin Stim. They are absolutely right. There are more than one type of device sold by the people at Roscoe Medical called Twin Stim. At last count we had listed a total of 3 different models. There is the original Twin Stim, the Twin Stim II (or Twin Stim 2), the Twin Stim III (or Twin Stim 3), and the Twin Stim Plus, Read more

CareTec IV – Price: $176

CareTec IVReview: Before we had wrote a short review on the Care Tec II. This is the review for the similar model the CareTec IV (or CareTec 4). When we did a google search to find more information about this particular model we had found that it was almost exactly the same as the CareTec II. They look the same, with the same size and screen, and button controls. This particular model is described as a combination model. It combines 4 different forms of pain relief treatment ideas. Besides the usual transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and electrical muscle stimulation pain therapies, it also adds in the russian stim therapy and something known as interferential therapy – Read more

CareTec II – Price: N/A

CareTec IIReview: We are not sure who designs the series and models the CareTec II TENS Unit (or CareTec 2). The particular model can be found on TensNet.com and Discount Medical Supplies website. From the Discountr Medical Supplies website they say that the product is from the Tens Net website. they have been listed – Read more


Dual Combo TENS and Muscle Stimulator – Price: $120

Dual Combo TENS and Muscle StimulatorReview: The Dual Combo TENS and Muscle Stimulator was a model which we have already looked at before. It has been named different things, from the LG-TEC 8 Mode Combo to the 8 Electrode TENS Muscle Stimulator or even the Twin Stim Plus. We found the model listed on the LG Medical Supply website and managed to upload the instructions manual for the particular model Here. We took a picture of the product specifications of it and posted below.  - Read more

The video below is a demonstration on how to use TENS Units.