Which TENS Unit Is The Best Pain Relief Device?

Which TENS Unit Is The Best Pain Relief Device? So a common question asked by people who start looking for the best tens units is to ask which tens unit is the best pain relief device. Obviously they are going through some type of sever pain, often in the area of the lower back, and they want the best pain relief device. TENS units are a type of electrotherapy device or therapeutic massager which works by actually causing the nerve endings to stop sending the type of signals which had previously been causing the pain.

one of the leading reasons why people take sicks days and not come to work is because they suffer some type of back pain in their life. I personally am suffering lower back pain myself, in the L4-L5 region of my lumber vertebrate. I have been a big swimmer when I was in my early 20s and one day during a very intensive swim I noticed a slight pinch of acute, sharp pain in my lower back area. That sharp pain eventually subsided to turn into a dull ache, which over the years have gotten worse, but very slowly. These days I am very careful in treating my body well and avoid any type of serious physical activity that would cause my lower back pain to flare back up.

A few years ago I went to a physical therapist for a few sessions of treatment and they used a PL009 Electronic Pulse Massager device on my back and I was really surprised at the feeling of my muscles being stimulated so vigorously. It felt like certain muscles in my lower back were being contracted involuntarily. This was when I first became interested in the subject of TENS and I did some research on it. After I felt certain pains in my hands, my GP recommended that I get myself tested for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I went to a Specialist and she put me on a electrotherapy device to see how well my nerves and muscles reacted. Even though she concluded that I did not have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, she did recommend that I get a TENS Unit to work on my hand muscles, which seem to get weaker. Me being a big swimmer have meant that many of the muscles in the body were not being worked hard enough.

This is how I learned about TENS Units and Pulse Massagers. Obviously the question is “What are the highest rated and best TENS Units?

I wrote two pieces looking at which TENS Units are best for back pain and which TENS unit is the best pain relief device

Most people get TENS unit to treat pain like in the lower back , but not for muscle relaxation. I stated in the post about back pain that the best massager that you can get currently is probably the Prospera PL-009 Electronic Pulse Massager which is priced at $35.

So what types of TENS Unit am I currently using on my back?

Because of my back condition and some other health issues, I have started to work at home. I have bought over a dozen different types of massagers in the last few years, for personal use and as gifts for family friends. I have tried almost every type of massager that you can think of.

I currently own 2 TENS Units and 3 large handheld massagers. They are…

1. Prospera PL-009 Electronic Pulse Massager – Price: $35

Note: There are multiple resellers and companies that sell the exact same TENS unit. truMedic Pl-009 Electronic Pulse Massager and MapLeaf Pulse Massager and Sunpentown UC-570 Electronic Pulse Massager and Sunpentown Electronic Pulse Massager are all the exactly the same device as the PL-009.

So the companies or resellers of this Chinese pulse massager

  • MapLeaf
  • SunPenTown
  • truMedic
  • Prospera

are selling the same type of TENS Unit or Electronic Pulse Massager. Since this is the case it would be smart to find the company or the reseller that offer the lowest price. Currently the truMedic PL-009 is sold on Amazon for around $50, but the Sunpentown is sold at $39 or $29, and the one by MapLeaf is sold for $27. It would be cheapest to order the PL-009 Massager from MapLeaf.

Buy it from Amazon (from MapLeaf) (Price: $27) or Buy it from Prospera ($35)

2. XFT-320A Electrotherapy Device Therapeutic Massager – Price: $25

I wrote a review on the XFT-320A and also wrote a 2nd review on this device which costs really cheap compared to the other TENS units or personal massagers I have bought over the years. It is one of the two electrotherapy pulse massagers sold by XFT, the other being the XFT-502, which is also a very good pulse massager.

As for features, it can do four different massage types and at four different pre-programmed massager areas.

Four different massage types

  1. Rubbing
  2. Tapping
  3. Kneading
  4. Acupuncture

Four different massager modes or pre-programmed areas

  1. Shoulders
  2. Joints
  3. Hands & Feet
  4. Waist & Back

The model I bought lasted about a year where I had to replace the adhesive pads after about 20 uses each time.

Buy it from Amazon

3. Hand Touch HT-1280 Swan Softouch Massager – Price: $99

I’ve been using this one for over 5 years now, and in the beginning of my lower back pain it was amazing. I used to be sleeping on a serta mattress bed with a mattress topper, mattress cover, and combined with the HT-1280 Swam Massager I almost never felt any type of back pain. This is my 3rd one since the previous two broke after maybe 1 year each

4. & 5. Two other extremely large handheld massagers which are made in China – Read the description of the two below

Price: I paid 40,000 Korean Won for one of them and another 60,000 Korean won for the other.  One of the large handheld massagers has four nodes while the other has two nodes. The one with two nodes looks a lot like the MAX 2 Dual Node Percussion Massager sold by Brookstone

Buy it from Amazon (Price: $230) or Buy it from Brookstone (Price: $230)

I also might have 2-3 other massagers, which are not for the pain relief type of application, but other ‘unique’ reasons.


Only recently have I become aware of the TENS 7000 which is what I would consider one of the top two tens units which is considered the best pain relief device. One of the reasons why I have not said that the TENS 7000 is really the best has been because the other pulse massager model which works extremely well has is the PL-009 or PL009 model, which is sold by both Prospera and truMedic (and also 3 other Amazon Resellers using different names). What I would rather suggest a person do is read the post where I compared the PL-009 to the Pl-029 (also did a second more detailed comparison here) to see what these two models have been so much better than the others. It is not just complete hype and social validation. It is true that for some products, if there are more people who have reviewed something and given it high marks, other people will eblieve them and the product would theoretically get even more people who buy from it, created a never ending feedback loop or cycle which is self-perpetuating.

So the best tens unit which can act as a pain relief devices are the PL-009 and the TENS 7000.

Buy the PL-009 From Amazon Here ($34 w/ Free Shipping )or Buy the TENS 7000 from Overstock Here ($50)


To see another review on the PL-009, watch the video below. This one is done by a chiropractor.