Sonik Electronic Stimulation Massager Review

Sonik Electronic Stimulation Massager ReviewProduct Specification

  • Ideal for stimulating and toning tired, overworked muscles
  • Designed to mimic the nerve signals of the body to make the muscles contract and the nerve endings
  • The device requires 2 AAA batteries, which are included

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My Review

These electronic stimulation massage device has not been reviewed as much as the others and that seems to be because it is just not well reviewed as the others. it does have a 8/10 rating but there seems to be quite a few issues with it. The screen is kind of small and there seems to be 8 pulse patterns and 10 speeds. This means that you can increase the intensity and frequency of the electrical pulses in a certain way to simulate certain types of massages.

It comes with 4 electrode pads to stick to but some reviewers have noted that it can’t seem to stick very well. It is supposed to be able to relieve muscle soreness and muscle discomfort from maybe overuse. It requires only 2 AAA batteries and that suggests that maybe the amount of intensity will be too low, and if the electrical pulse is too high then the device would have a short time to be used since it will run out of battery power.

The ability of this device to mimic the nerve signals of the body doesn’t really mean much. Based on physiological principles, all muscle movement in the body is based on electrical signals. What they are actually saying is that when the pads are stuck on, and the device is turned on, you will notice that the muscles seem to be twitching or moving automatically, similar to how your muscles move when you move them with your brain signals.

Something to note is that for this thing to work, you need to have all 4 pads placed on the body in various places, do to grounding effects. The other thing to note is that even though the amount of power this thing can deliver is just 3 Watts, it still seem to be quite effective in getting the muscle to be stimulated properly.

So what do the other reviewers of this device think of it?

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