Acupuncture MassagerProduct Description

  • Improves the micro circulation of the human body
  • Promote the absorption of inflammatory substances
  • Loosen the joints tissue adhesion
  • Alleviate pain
  • Post Surgery Recovery or Rehab
  • dual outputs with two independant intensity control
  • applied to two different targeted areas with different intensity
  • backlit LCD screen display
  • Therapeutic physical therapy system machine device
  • auto shut off timer
  • apply 4 pads at multi targeted 4 areas at same time
  • Portable Full Body hands-free irest mini micro massager

Included in this package

  • 1 Plus-6AB device
  • 2 Pairs of snap-on adhesive electrode pads 2 1/2 inches
  • 2 Electrode leads
  • 1 USB extension wire, charging from computer
  • 1 AC adapter (100-240V), charging from wall outlet
  • 1 Pads sticking and wire rewinding holder
  • AAA or AA batteries, rechargeable ion lithium battery

My Review

This device is technically called a physiotherapy device but from the way that it is supposed to help relieve and decrease pain, it is a pulse massager. Like other pulse massagers the main controller is linked to pads which send a specific type of electrical signal, usually in a certain pattern to make pain in muscle areas go away. This device is seem to be one of the newer models designed and sold by USA based Healthmate International, LLC. The other name for this device is “Therapeutic physical therapy system machine device” which is very appropriate.

Compared to the other massagers out there this one is very advanced. It actually has 4 main functions as opposed to the usual 1, which is only to relieve muscle tension and pain. Now this Model Plus-6AB physiotherapy device made by HealthmateForever does more than just muscle relieve, but also is said to be able to increase the resorption of compounds in the blood that contribute to the inflammation of the tissues. The other two major functions is that it is supposed to be able to increase the circulation of the part of the body where the pads are placed as well as loosen the tissue connections in the joint area. Since it is supposed to have all of this great benefit, there are many different situations and types of people who would want to try it out.

There is 2 pairs of electrodes that comes with the controlling device and that means that 2 areas of the body are supposed to be stimulated. There are multiple intensity levels as well as different programs that the wearer can select for the type of electrical stimulation they are looking for. There is actually 8 modes that the electrodes can be in. The main difference between this model in 2013 from previous models is the implementation of a LCD screen and back light which makes it easier to read and program the device.

Bodybuilders, sports athletes, physical therapists, physiotherapists, during physical rehab, after injuries, etc. They all can use this device to improve recovery rates and make the healing process go much faster.

In terms of what this device comes with, it comes with the standard package of materials like the instructions manuals, 2 pairs of snap on adhesive electrodes, some lithium AAA batteries, but also two other ways to charge the device including a AC adapter for charging from the wall, and USB charger cord.

This device is supposed to be patented and FDA Approved and the company seems to be in the business of selling medical devices & supplies

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