Mini Masseuse Pro Series Hands Free Personal MassagerProduct Specification

  • Use after working out for painful muscles
  • Creates blood flow to release natural endorphins
  • Helps with pain relief
  • Relieve stress
  • Electronic therapeutic stimulation massage unit

My Review

This hands free personal massager is unique in that it has actually 7 massager modes which is supposed to simulate what a real massage session would be like.

  1. Knead
  2. Parego
  3. Massage
  4. Cupping
  5. Stroke
  6. Acupuncture
  7. Auto

This is an improvement on the older, Standard model which had only 4 modes available. The user is supposed to be able to change from one mode to the other instantly using the buttons. The idea is that this machine is supposed to do what professional physical therapists, sports trainers and chiropractors are supposed to do. The kneading, cupping, and stroking is supposed to be just as good as when a person uses their professional expertise to manipulate the muscles. I personally have not tried this brand but I can say that this model is definitely an improvement over the old model.

There is two sets of pads inside, the large and the small set. What I personally like about this massager is that it doesn’t just have the battery as the only option for a power source. You can also use the wall outlet since there is a power adapter provided. There is supposed to be three different colors the set can come in. There is also a manufacturer’s warranty for 2 years.

It is supposed to be used by sports athletes and the average person who has any type of muscle spasms or dicomfort from excess muscle contractions. The relief is supposed to be similar to a real actual massage. Like most other pulse massagers out in the market currently, there is 3 types of pads provided, the cord, the large electrode pads, and the smaller pairs of pads. To charge the device you can use either the AC Adapter, using 3 AAA batteries, or use a USB Adapter cord. The older version seemed to have only two ways of charging and the battery was a 9 volt battery.

The actual massage is the deep tissue type that really gets into the muscles and they should since the electrical signals that are sent are scattered and don’t really focus on exact spots. This is recommended by the sellers to be used after a workout to relive muscle soreness and any pains. It causes a rush in blood and releases endorphins.

So what do I think about this newer model of pulse massager? I would say that it is probably a 8/10. This is an imporvement over the older model. It is small, portable, and durable. It’s inability to release higher than average signals to really work the muscles underneath does make me question how effective it would be for injury recovery.

So what do other people think about the mini masseuse hands free personal massager?

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