Electro-Acupressure StimulatorProduct Specifications

  • Hand-held light weight electronic device using battery with 1 year warranty.
  • Simulate acupuncture without needles.
  • Great for pain relief on almost every parts of human body.
  • Large enough treatment area but small enough to concentrate one spot.
  • Improve scalp circulation to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.

My Review

This electrical pulse massager is a slightly different design than most other massagers we find in the market. Where most pulse massagers have just the central controller attached to either 2 or 4 cords hooked to electrode pads, this device does not use the cord to electrode pad design. Instead it resembles most other handheld or personal massagers. It is similar in shape to what you might expect of a electronic razor used by men to shave their beards but the tip is shaved like one of those devices women use to polish their skin to make the skin smoother.

At the tip actually is exactly 36 pins that is not sharp at the ends. The ends are blunted to not allow for any stabbing. The pins are made from a conductive metal which can transmit the electrical current from the pins to the human skin it is applied on and it should also be strong enough to get really deep into the tissue for a more deep tissue massage.

In terms of function, the device is supposed to be able to do more than just relieve pain and tension in the muscles. Apparently it is supposed to be able to help people who are going bald or who are already bald regrow hair again. The electrical pulse massager can be placed on the scalp with the no hair, and when the pulse is applied in the scalp, the hair follicles and cells that are still in the scalp start to regrow again.

In addition, this device when you put it in the temples, side of the head area helps to also relieve headaches. When it is applied to muscles that have become smaller and or weak from disuse, a terms known as atrophy, the electrical current should be able to stimulate the muscles back to strength again.

There is a switch that would allow a person to adjust the intensity of the electrical pulse going through the skin to the muscles and if it it turned up high enough, the pulses acts in a similar way as acupuncture needles which can get deeper into the human tissue, and provide multiple types of health benefits, from curing chronic pain and more.

Of course we can’t forget that this electrical pulse massager can still do the same job as other pulse massagers, which is to help muscles relieve tension and decrease pain.

Overall, I would say that this device is very unique in design and may be worth something to actually buy and try out to see whether the signals it sends can really replicate what we  experience at a normal acupuncturist practitioners office.

So what do other people think of this electrical massager?

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