Review Of HealthmateForever 12 Mode Digital Electrotherapy Massager

HealthmateForever 12 Mode Digital Electrotherapy MassagerI have already looked at all of the previous models of the different electrotherapy massagers sold by the company HealthmateForever. There is the Pro-8IS, Pro-8AB (I also wrote a 2nd review on this model), Plus-6IS, and the Plus-6AB. There is also the Impulse Massager Pro model,

All of these specific pulse massagers sold by the HealthmateForever company is on the expensive side and this one is definitely one of the most expensive model of pulse massagers I have seen so far. Only the models sold by Envision like the Echo Massager and the Echo Pro is around the same price or more.

Product Specifications

  • 12 Different Massage Styles
  • Dual Channel Device
  • Intensity Level goes from 1 to 10
  • Total of 20 intensity levels
  • Sleek and portable in design

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My Review

From just looking at the device without ever even looking at the specifications for this model, there is a few things that jump out at you immediately This model is bigger than the others, with a larger LCD Screen. You can just see the clear difference between this TENS model and the other types that we have seen before.

Pro-8ABPlus-6ABWe present the picture of the other models by the same company, the Pro-8AB and the Plus-6AB, respectively from left to right. This model is shaped differently. In fact, if you are a fan of the Apple products like the iphone or ipod, then you sort of realize that the shapes of the models of this company seems to change just like the multi-billion dollar company. The shape of the 2014 model of the HealthmateForever 12 Mode Electrotherapy Massager looks eerily like the iphone 5 model. If we looked closer at the screen, we can see that there is indeed 12 massage types.

Remember also that there is a difference between the terms “massage type” and “massager mode” when we are talking about the specifications of the various pulse massagers and TENS Units. The term massager style actually means what style or type of massage are you giving the person who receives the massage. The massager type can be acupressure, acupuncture, tuina, scraping, moxibuston, and other massage styles. The terms for massage mode means which area of the body is the electrodes being attached to and which part of the body is the pulsing electrical current supposed to treat.

HealthmateForever MassagerSo let’s now look at the screen. The picture I found from its Amazon product page shows that the 12 massage types have already been seen before. The designs and shapes on the LCD screen are the same as the older models. There is the older styles with the additional 4 new types available.

As for what the screen is showing, there is the battery power indicator. The indicator will start to flash when the power starts to really drop low. There is the timer which shows how much time is left in your sessions. As for the sessions, it seems that you can set the session time from a range of 10 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes. The standard amount of time is 20 minutes. When you adjust the timer, it goes by 5 minute intervals. There is also the signal intensity level. You can vary the intensity from a intensity level of 1 upwards to a 20. The last thing that the screen does display is which massager style you are using.

So what do other people who bought the HealthmateForever 12 mode massager think of it?

From just a quick look at what other people are saying about the model, it seem that there have been nothing written about this model yet. It sort of makes sense when you realize that this version is actually the 2014 version of the pulse massagers sold by HealthmateForever.

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