Prospera PL009 ReviewProspera PL009 Review

Product Specifications

  • Not for medical use. Intended for use in sports and/or aviation
  • There is 6 preprogrammed massage modes that you can choose from
  • Three selectable massages.
  • The frequency of the signal is adjustable so you can make it higher for pain treatment.
  • LCD shows three parameters: massage style, intensity and time remaining
  • The 2 pairs of electrode pads are included.
  • For power, it uses a DC with 6 Volts which is 4 AAA batteries. They are included

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My Review

This electronic pulse massager by Prospera was the first thing that I found when I did a search looking for the various types of pulse massagers that are out there. In general, it is the most reviewed product as well as being one of the best reviewed electric pulse massagers around. Besides maybe the PM3030XFT-320A, Aurawave Pulse Massager, and maybe its sister model the PL029 also from Prospera, this is probably the highest quality pulse massager or TENS unit product there is, at least that I know of.

It is mainly found from the Amazon website  as well as the website but a few other places on the internet do carry it, like obviously from the Prospera website. This type of electrical pulse massager from the well known and respected Prospera Corporation is not be intended to be used for pathologies or medical uses actually. It is actually used for people who experience muscle soreness and tension from doing extensive amounts of athletics or physical activity. Sports Therapists, Physical Therapists who are doing rehabilitation programs with people who are going through back pain or fibromyalgia use this type of device a lot. Actually, one of the reasons that most people have ever even seen a pulse massager before is because after they went to see a physical therapist, they witnessed the electronic pulse massagers used being used on themselves or other patients are were amazed at how cool the device is.

So we know why people choose to get the PL009 Electronic Pulse Massager but what about the descriptions of this model? 

There are three main factors that you have control over when you turn on the device. They are…

  1. The type of massage mode you want to choose
  2. The speed or frequency of the electrical signal going through the electrode pads to your muscle
  3. The intensity of the signal

So you can set the type of program you want, the frequency of the signal, and how strong you want it to be. Realize that if you plan to set the device to a pre-programmed mode or type of specific massager, like kneading, scraping, tuina, acupuncture, or cupping the intensities and frequencies of those modes are already set for you. Those are known as Auto Modes, which is short for automatic modes which you just set and forget. You don’t do any type of adjustments on the intensity of frequency.

There seems to be actually three types of massager modes that you can set, depending on whether you want a stronger, deep tissue massage which would be more for injury prevention or something slightly weaker just for relaxation purposes. They are 1. Beat, 2. Knead, and 3. Massage. For these pre-programs they automatically shut off once the timer for the program is over.

As for the actual programs, there is supposed to be 6 massage programs that you can choose which means that you do have quite a bit of control over what happens which is rather nice. The programs lasts in cycles of 15 duration. After that, the programs shuts off as well, just like the pre-programmed modes. At the higher frequencies, the massager is used to relieve pain, since those frequencies would allow the signal to really get deep into the nerve endings.

The actual device has a LCD based screen which tells you what type of massage style you are doing, how strong the sent signal are, and how much time is left for you. When the battery is getting low, it also indicates it through the LCD. In terms of size, it is about 8 inches long and around 1 and a half inches thick.

There are 4 pads that are included, and the entire thing is powered by a DC power of 6 Volts or 4 AAA batteries, which are also included. These batteries are the rechargeable type. The power source at 6 Volts is actually much higher than many other pulse massager models which turn often have problems in creating strong enough electrical charges to the muscle to stimulate it. Many people have complained about many other types about how the signal strength was not high, but there are other people who have complained that the device was too powerful and electrocuted them with sharp pain.

The main types of symptoms and illness that this massager is used on is to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle spasms, as well as back and neck muscle problems, like back or neck pain. Basically this type of TENS unit is not just good for muscle problems like numbness and muscle aches, it is also quite good at relieving pain from muscle knots.

To actually use the device you would need to apply gel between the pads and the skin which is used to be a type of material to get the conducting electrical current to to stimulate the muscles groups underneath the skin non-invasively.

Overall, I would say that if you wanted to make the best choice on a type of electronic pulse massager, going with the PL009 by Prospera is a very good first choice.

So what do the people who have bought the Prospera PL009 Electronic Pulse Massager think of the device?

Before we purchase anything, we want to be sure about all of the possible problems that arises from this device. I personally don’t want to order something online only to find out it is of low quality and breaks easily after I get it. I don’t like to do refunds or return products, and the fact that it is an online store makes it much harder to return the item than just driving back to Walmart and standing in the return items checkout line.

From the hundred of reviews that have already been posted by people who bought the device and wrote back a review, the majority of opinions of the device is that it works great and doesn’t break easily.

The good qualities of this device (Pros)

Pro #1 – It has good battery life. This means that you can bring it with you and use it throughout a day

Pro #2 – The pads themselves don’t wear out too fast – The specific type of pads used last for upwards of even 2-3 weeks.

Pro #3 – The PL009 pulse massager is quiet, and makes no noise. Some types of pulse massagers actually buzz or pop due to circuitry issues in the connection between the controller and the pads.

Pro #4 – The price of the device, especially on Its original price was around $50 but the price was dropped to just $35 now and the shipping is free. Compared on almost every other since pulse massager out there, except maybe the Digital Acupuncture Physiotherapy Device which is listed at $8, this is probably the cheapest model I’ve seen yet. The Omron PM3030, XFT-320A, and the XFT-502 all have slightly lower prices, which the XFT-502 Electrical Pulse Massager being the cheapest at $18 but there is no free shipping and these devices don’t have as many features and control as what one gets from the PL009.

Pro #5 – Works really well in loosening muscle groups – This is both a TENS unit and a Electrical Muscle Stimulator Device.  If you are active in any type of athletic activity, it helps in keeping the muscles from tightening up.

Pro #6 – Many people have said that this device is really good for lower back pain. The combination of being able to electrically stimulate the muscles in the lower back lumbar area to release the tension means that it can remove pain very quickly, in as little as even 1 cycle of use, which lasts 15 minutes.

Most people say that it is reasonably durable. However, there are some issues that some buyers have had.

The bad qualities of this device (Cons)

Here are the list of issues or ‘cons’ that people have complained about this model. Remember that having one bad experience with any device does not mean that the entire brand or group of devices are bad. It might be just due to back luck and they got one of the defects.

Issue #1 – The main thing is that the pads that are attached to the device be a single wire will eventually loss their ability to stick well. Most people go with the Tac Gel which you put on either the pad or the skin ares between attaching the electrode pads.

Issue #2 – If you have never used a pulse massager before you might be a little surprised at the sensation of electrical current running through the body. If the pads are not held to the skin properly using the gel that should be used with it (assuming the pad is not the self adhesive type), the electrical current might start to become concentrated into one place, which results in a rather high intensity electrical shock, which would be very painful. Many people feel that the power level is just too high, and often the reason they have the problem is because they put the pads on wrong, which resulting in the electrical current being concentrated in one specific area of the skin contact.

Issue #3 – Some people are surprised that each cycle of the auto programs is just 15 minutes in duration, which is much shorter than some other types of pulse massagers which set their programs to last upwards of 60 minutes. However this should not be a big problem since you can just press the button to turn the desired mode or program back on.

Issue #4 – The return policy. It seems that the customer service department is hard to reach. If something is wrong with the product you bought, and you wanted to get your money back or get a replacement, it might be rather difficult. Being able to reach a real human to talk to about your complaints or rants is really hard. However, there are also people who have said that the customer service was great when they called. Maybe it just comes down to timing and a little bit of luck in reaching the right people.

Issue #5 – Some people have stated that it doesn’t work as well for bigger problems like Fibromyalgia, but for the smaller, less intense muscle pain and soreness, it has shown a reasonable effect on the overall pain level.

Issue #6 – Many people have noticed that while in the beginning the pulse massager device worked very well, after some time the device either became shorted out and would not turn on. The replacing of batteries did not help.

Issue #7 – The instructions manual that comes with it is hard to read and understand. Assuming that the device is probably made in China and the instruction are translated from Chinese into English it makes sense that those operating manuals you get with the device makes no sense to a native english speaker.

Issue #8 – The device does not actually tell you how much battery power is left. This means that you really don’t know when the device will stop working.

Overall, this is one of the better models of pulse massagers we have seen. I highly recommend this model.

It is true that I have written man more issues than pros about this model of device but most of the people who have seen it are happy users. When people who do call and manage to get their first PL009 replaced with a new one, the 2nd one usually works fine and the problem is gone. So, check out the device by clicking on the link below.

Check Out The Prospera PL-009 Device Here

(or take a look at the newer model PL-029 from Prospera)

For more information on the different ways that pulse massagers work, using the EMS or TENS theory, refer to the wikipedia article on Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. To see how the Prospera PL009 looks like and how well it works refer to the Youtube video below…