Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager

Prospera Electronic Pulse MassagerMassager Description: The Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager is probably the most well known pulse massager in the market. It is one of the newest models and have been consistently ranked to be among the best there is. It is a type of pulse massager.

Pulse massagers are a type of electrical massager which operates on either or both of the Electrical Muscle Stimulation or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation theory.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) – The basic idea behind electrical muscle stimulation, EMS, is that when you send an electrical current through the metal wires, through the pad, through, the skin, you can stimulate the nerves in the muscle groups underneath the skin of the application to contract, and then relax. The result is that either the muscles are worked more, for more toned and defined muscles, like in Muscle Stimulation Belts and Arms Muscle Stimulation Systems. You can use the device for cosmetic reasons like trying to turn a stomach into a toned, defined pack or you use it for muscle recovery aplications from maybe being immobilized too long in a wheel chair or bed due to injuries.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) – With TENS units or TENS device you get the same type of external stimuli, which is electrical current or an electrical signal sent to stimulate a nerve. The pulsing electrical signal is adjusted by you to a certain power level, which we call intensity, to be able to get the nerves to stop sending pain signals to the brain, blocking the brain from realizing pain is coming from a certain part of the body. You can also adjust the speed of the signal, which is known as the frequency.

In this post we are going to compare which of the prospera electronic pulse massagers is the better one, by doing a comparison of both of the product specifications and feature.

Technically there is actually two types of electronic pulse massager sold by Prospera. They are the Model PL009 and the Model PL029. The Model PL029 is the newer model which was manufactured and released in 2011 while the PL009 was released a few years back. If we look on the amazon links for the pulse massagers which are located above, we can see that there are much more reviews and discussion on the model PL009 than the newer one.

Previous I had done product review on both of the models.

Review on the Prospera PL009 model – Conclusion: One of the best models out there with thousands of people who have tried it out.

Review on the Prospera PL029 model – Conclusion: It is a fairly decent pulse massager which is not as well known as the other model.

Common Questions Asked about the Electronic Pulse Massager

1. How much does it cost?

It currently costs around $31 and that is including the free shipping cost

2. Just how durable is this model of pulse massager?

It turns out that most of the models we have reviewed and seen seem to be very fragile. Multiple people who have reviewed the models of pulse massagers often complain about how the device they bought would stop working even a few days or week after they got it in the mail.

Product Specifications For Both Models

Specifications on the PL009 Device:

  • There is 6 Auto Modes which is also known as stimulation programs
  • You can choose from 3 selectable massages
  • The pulse massager provides high frequency signals to relieve pain.
  • The display is a LCD. It shows the massage style, intensity of the electrical signal, and the amount of time remaining
  • The attachment electrode pads are included.
  • The power source is a Direct Current of 6V at 4 AAA batteries.

Short Summary of the model:

To be able to operate it you need to have 4  AAA batteries, which are included with the device. You can use the TENS unit on any of the following muscle areas of the body like the arms, neck, shoulder, back, lower back, legs, feet, and joints. What the PL009 is really good at is in relieving muscle knots making the muscles looser. This is why for people who suffer form lower back pain due to muscle tension it works very well.

Remember to always place it across from a muscle region or nerve region for the electrical signal to properly stimulate it. Also works on the neuromuscular disorders like carpel tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, numbness in the limbs, sciatica, and much more.

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Prospera PL029Specifications on the PL029 Device:

  • There is supposed to be 5 Auto Modes or stimulation programs you can set it to
  • Choose from 8 styles of massage pulse
  • There is also a High frequency H stimulation which is used to relieve pain quickly

The picture on the right is of the PL029, and the picture on the top is of the more well known PL009.

Short Summary of the model:

The PLo029 is powered by only 2 AAA batteries instead of 4 batteries like the older model. It can still do the same level of pain relief in treating both neck pain and back pain, which are derived from muscle tension.


Overall Conclusion

My opinion is that both of them are very good, and it is too hard to say at this point which one is better. In terms of prices, the older model PL009 is better. It is currently priced at $35 with free shipping while the PL029 is priced at $50 with no free shipping.

In terms of pricing, the PL009 is the better option. However if you still want to take a look at the newer model which has some really new interesting features and modes, click on the link below where it will take you to the Amazon product page.

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Watch the video below which is a demo & review on the more popular, more common PL009 model from YouTube.