PEMF Machines For SaleWhat we mostly talk about most of the time is the application of emitted electrical signals to alleviate pain and perform other types of medical benefits. We have shown that tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation) devices might help in increasing a person’s cognitive abilities. We have also read that using NMES Devices (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) can help possibly help in the treatment of certain types of diseases which most physicians think are untreatable. This includes things like Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and dystonia using an implanted RNS neurostimulator.

All of these devices use the elements of the basic E&M (Electrical Fields and Magnetic Fields aka the Electromagnetic Spectrum) wave to stimulate various body parts for medical treatments. We have read up on the works by Dr. Robert BeckerThe Body Electric” and agree that there is a lot of hidden medical potential in the application of emitted electrical current signals to treat human diseases that the general public and most physicians today are not taught in Medical Schools.

The Best PEMF Machines For Sale

TENS 7000 – Price: $38

TENS 7000Summary: This device is from the company Roscoe Medical which makes some of the best PEMF devices. When we were first introduced to the types of electromedical devices sold by the company, we were surprised at just how many features these devices had and how many parameters could be adjusted. Where most models that are sold today onyl allow you to adjust the emitted pulsign current by the intensity and the pulsing frequency, this was the first model which we had found which lets us also adjust the pulse width. With this, we had the ability to adjust the current signal function in almost every single way as many of the function generators that we have seen so far – Read more

truMedic PL-009 TENS Unit – Price: $54 w/ Free Shipping

truMedic TENS UnitSummary: The PL-009 TENS Unit that has been sold by truMedic has been one of the best reviewed PEMF devices that we have ever seen. We know that it is a really good neuromuscular electrical stimulation device because the exact same models has been sold by Prospera as well. This model based on popularity has been the best selling device in the market today, for any type of medical device or cosmetic device which allows you to control the intensity of the emitted current. We don’t believe that the devices between the two company are any different but it seems that truMedic at least provides a slightly better customer service for people who have had problems with the electrotherapy devices – Read more

Prospera PL-009 TENS Unit – Price: $35 w/ Free Shipping

Prospera PL-009Summary: The PL-009 Pulse Massager aka TENS Unit sold by Prospera seems to get a lot more credit that it probably deserves. It is technically an electronic pulse massager, a TENS Unit, an electrotherapy device, a EMS (electrical muscle stimulator) device, a PEMF machine, a physiotherapy device, a NMES Unit (Neuromuscular electrical stimulation), and every other term that refers to the use of sending electrical current signals into the body for some type of physiological benefit. It has 6 main modes which refer to the areas of the body you want to use the device on, as well as three massage styles. Those styles are knead, massage, and beat. – Read more (2nd Review Here)

HealthmateForever Biomedical Device – Price: $90

HealthmateForever Pro 8 ModesSummary: The company that uses the HealthmateForever trademark a very impressive line of PEMF units and they are all of the mini-PEMF machines type. There are the older models like the Plus-6AB and the Plus-6IS, but they only have 6 massager styles that you can choose from. If you are looking to get a device with the maximum number of styles and features from the company, you would want to go with the brand new 2014 model the HealthmateForever 12 Mode Model, but that is quite expensive being a couple hundred. – Read more

Chattanooga Intelect NMES Device – Price: $85

Chattanooga Intelect NMES Digital Portable ElectrotherapySummary: The Intelect is one of those models of electrotherapy devices that was designed and sold by the people at Chattanooga. This model is definitely one of the oldest models that we have seen but it still has some features that makes it a great deal to have. Unlike most of the newer models of PEMF units that are sold, this specific models give you much more control over what you will get emitted by the device. Besides it having the ability to let you change the pulse width, you can also adjust the contraction time and relaxation time. This device is more than just another electrical device used for treating pain, but also used for the muscle tissue to stimulate contractions. – Read more

Brief Overview: The pulsed electromagnetic field (aka PEMF) technology has multiple medical uses beyond just pain relief, which it has been shown by many medical studies from PubMed (Example: Development of a uni-acupoint transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation device for electroacupuncture-like neuromodulation). From reading on the research done by Dr. Robert Becker and Bob Beck (no relation to each other) we have found that electrical stimulation can be used to also accelerate the speed at which fractures and broken bones heal. From the field of orthopedics, bones that are in Non-Union even after multiple months in a cast can be healed up much faster if one decided to use a direct current of electrical field in the area (source: Pulsed electromagnetic fields for the treatment of tibial delayed unions and nonunions).