We’ve talked about foot massagers, back massagers, neck massagers, and even eye massagers, but we forgot to list scalp massagers. Most of the time, scalp massagers are not mentioned because most people don’t use them or have even heard of such a thing. Scalp massagers seem to be used quite extensively by a certain subset of the general population. The one place that I have definitely seen these scalp massagers is at a New Age Bookstore that is in the University District area of the Greater Seattle Area. There was at least 2 different types of massagers. I couldn’t resist going over to take a look at them myself and trying them out. Of course, the type that I saw were non-electronic.

That is the way scalp massagers have traditionally been. Usually the first thing people do when they need to (or want to) massage the scalp is to use their finger nails and run the finger nails through the hair. The finger nails don’t really massage the scalp, as much as just scratch the scalp. Any type of particles like dandruff in the hair will just fall out in large amounts.

Some people get these types confused with temple massaging, where you are using a form of acupressure technique to rub the temples, which are on the sides of the head.

The only electronic scalp massager that I have found so far, at least being listed on the Amazon website is the Oster Stim-U-Lax Massager, model number 103. Some people call it the Oster Stimulax Massager. Maybe there is more, but I am not aware of any others.

The Oster Stim-U-Lax Massager Model 103 – Price: $79 w/ Free Shipping

Oster Stim-U-Lax Massager Model 103Description: There are many different types of massagers which we are not familiar with, with a completely different design from the rest. This model is one of the them. It has been labeled the “Oster Stim-U-Lax Massager, Model 103”. We had to look on the OsterMassagers.com website to see what was the purpose of this massager, since it doesn’t have the traditional long handle to use. It seems that this type of device was something that was bought by massagers decades ago to use when they are giving their customers a shampoo and would then gently massage the the scalp of the person who just had their hair cut. I confess that when I get my hair cut, I always look forward to the time when the person cutting my hair rinses my scalp and then does a rather soothing vigorous massage of my scalp. The whole scalp massage would not take more than just 30-45 seconds, but the very unique feel of something so new and strange is very interesting. –  Read more