New TENS Units ModelsAs we move forward into the 21st century, the rate at which technology is going to increase and accelerate requires that we are always trying to keep up to date which the new things that are developing in our industry. When it comes to pulse massagers, which some people call TENS Units, that industry we believe will experience a huge explosion in growth in the coming decades. We plan to be in that wave which helps bring this amazing technology for treating pain to the public.

So it has been more than a half a year since I have had the chance to edit or update the website and it seems that a lot has already changed in the industry since I was gone. Some new businesses or companies have started to sell their own brands of tens units and pulse massagers.

Here is going to be a list of the new models that I have found.

The Ultima 5 Digital TENS Unit (by Ultima II) – Price: $33

Ultima Five Digital TENSDescription: We have already seen the Ultima Brand name model TENS Unit before. That previous one was the Ultima 20 TENS Unit. This model called the Ultima Five Digital TENS Unit is one which we don’t remember seeing being advertised the last time we listed the models of TENs units. We looked at the specifictations for this model on its product page. It seems that the Digital TENS is one of the more simpler designed models. When you look at the buttons that is below the LCD screen, you see that it really isn’t that hard to figure out how to use it. It is similar to one of those older models of TV Controllers, with only a few buttion. It allows you yo adjust the frequency, the duration of a session, which mode you want to be in, and how high in intensity you would like the emitted signal to be at. So what does that actually mean? lets go into detail – Read more

The Omron Pain Relief Pro PM3031– Price: $46 w/ Free Shipping

Omron Pain Relief Pro PM3031Description: When most people in the USA hear the name “Omron”, they probably associate it more with pulse monitors and blood pressure monitors than say TENS units. Most people also don’t realize that  the company Omron is actually a Japanese based company which has been around for quite a few decades. We had previously written many reviews on the former model sold by Omron which was wildly successful, the PM3030. It turns out that the PM3030 was not the real name of the model being sold. When you actually go to the Omron website, the name of the older model was different. However if you go to the website, it has the name PM3030 on it. This product has the model number PM3031, which fittingly suggest that it is the newer model type. Let’s see what makes this model better than the older one – Read more

The Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Therapy Unit (for Back Pain) – Price: $28

Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS TherapyDescription: There isn’t that many massagers, much less TENS Units, which get out into the general public and sold in the regular store down the street. Almost always you have to go to some speciality store to get these unique electronic devices. However, there has been a few models which have finally started to get sold in the local Walgreens and Rite Aids. I started to notice that the local drugstore would carry these massagers maybe just 6 months ago. One of the most common models that I saw was the older Omron PM3030 model, which was listed at around $40-$45, which is only just slightly more expensive than what it would be sold at online. This was the only other major electrotherapy type device that – Read more

The MagicFly TENS Pulse Massager or Electrotherapy Muscle Stimulator – Price: $30

MagicFly TENSDescription: Out of all the models of TENS Units and Pulse Massagers that we have gone through in the years that we have been talking about massagers, this product type has been the mode popular of all the other models. No other models comes even close to this actual TENS Unit. Now a new middle man or reseller has started to sell this model too. When you check the product page of the seller calling themselves MagicFly, you can see that they focus on selling Health and Personal Care product on the Amazon website. I highly doubt that they are the people who ever designed and manufactured the model. So far, there is already at least half a dozen other similar resellers selling this exact model. The only thing that this seller has an edge on is the price, which it has been able to knock down – Read more

The PurePulse TENS Electronic Pulse Massager (by Pure Enrichment) – Price: $38/ w  Free Shipping

Pure Pulse TENSDescription: Yes, this model seems to be exactly the same pulse massager that we just talked about, also being sold by MagicFly, as well as a half dozen other resellers. Since I have already said so much about this particular model, you can just refer to my reviews already written about this particular model. I wrote a review on this particular product when it was sold by Prospera under the label “PL-009 Electronic Pulse Massager“, when it was sold by TruMedic as their “PL-009 TENS Unit“, and under many other different names. The only difference at least at first glance that you can see in the various products is that the brand name or logo is slightly different. That is known in the International Business as relabeling a product to go under your own company’s or business’s name. These guys which have chosen the brand name Pure Enrichment (or it might be their business name) – Read more

The VitaPulse Rx Air TENS Unit Mini Massager – Price: $50 w/ Free Shipping

VitaPulse Rx Air Mini MassagerDescription: I remember last year during the Christmas and Holiday season going to the large mall close to where I live and just walking around trying to buy a gift for my girlfriend. I came upon a booth and the lady at the booth were selling these electrical muscle stimulator devices that looked just like this one. Now, I have seem very similar models already to the VitaPulse Rx Air TENS Unit. It reminds me of the Echo Massager Pro sold by Envision as well as the IQ Massager Pro. Just by looking a picture for the muscle stimulator massager we can see that it has only 6 different massage styles.That was also the same number of massage styles as the Echo Massager models (the original and the Pro model) as well as the IQ Massager Pro and the Pro 2. Based on the other models that we have seen before, there would be indicators in the bottom which show you that the intensity levels are 10 – Read more

The New 2014 HealthMateForever Touch Screen 12 Mode Pulse Massager – Price: $300 w/ Free Shipping

HealthMateForever Touch Screen 12 Mode MassagerDescription: It has been over a year since we last checked up on the industry standard businesses and companies which sell pulse massagers and TENS Units. The last time we did any real analysis and reviews on the models that have come out, we had just seen the new 2012 model of pulse massager that HealthMateForever had come out. That model was also a 12 mode pulse massager but that was not touch screen. This model is the completely new, and almost completely redesigned Touch Screen Model. When you look at it, it reminds you of one of those smart phones, like the new iphone 6 or the iphone 5s, with the long sleek look. We are not sure whether it is even legal to use the touch screen technology for these electronic pulse massagers, but since they are made in some factory in China, most of the rules on what is allowed goes out the window. – Read more

The New 2014 HealthMateForever 10 Mode Pulse Massager – Model Pro-8AB10M – Price: $200 w/ Free Shipping

HealthMateForever Pro-8AB MassagerDescription: It seems that the people at HealthMateForever is constantly updating the software and hardware on the pulse massagers that they sell. This model may look like the older 2012 Pro-8AB model but it is newer, with at least 3 additional features that have been added. Obviously the first things is that the Pro-8AB indicated that there was 8 different massage styles and modes. This newer model, the 2014 version, has two extra massage modes that are now included. Those two are the “Reflexology Foot Massage” and the “Leg Massage” mode. Beyond that, this newer model has all the features that its older 2012 one has. The other new feature is now you can adjust the type of massage mode and intensity for each of the channels and set them to be independent – Read more

The Staodyn Max 2 Elite TENS Unit (aka Maxima TENS Unit) – Price: $65

staodyn-max-2-elite-tens-unitDescription: Sometimes we find out about other models of TENS Units sold from people who talk about our website. That is how I found out about this model, which is called the Staodyn Max 2 Elite TENS Unit. When I searched to find more information on the company name (or brand name) Staodyn, very little came up execept for this one TENS Unit. Usually when you find at least one model being sold by a business, they have at least a few other models in selection. This one seems to be the only thing that the Staodyn name sells. It is not covered or sold in any of the much larger online stores like Amazon or Overstock. It is sold on two websites,, and After looking at the other places which might carry the model, it seems that the website Soy Medical may be the only place where you can even put in any type of payment and get the device.  – Read more

The New 2014 Smart Relief Ultimate Pulse Massager Model – Price:  $50 w/ Free Shipping (Note: The price of this model is actually $350 on the Smart Relief website)

Smart Relief Ultimate Pulse MassagerDescription: It seems that there are certain models which many people start to look into getting around the Winter Holiday season and our website picks up a lot of that traffic. We get a lot of messages from people asking about two particular models over and over again. They are the PCH Mini-Massager and this model, which is called the Smart Relief Ultimate Pulse Massager (aka TENS Unit). We have already written at least one very long and detailed review about the model (Available Here) as well as the Ultimate Starter Kit. These models back in 2012 and 2013 was sold during the Christmas time at a huge discount, at around 80-90% off, using certain Promo codes that people found on the website That was priced around $30-$50, while the usual price you would find on the Smart Relief website would be usually $400-$600. Yes, this Starter kit for the Smart Relief Ultimate was that expensive. – Read more

The EMPI 300PV Muscle Stimulators – Price: $340 w/ Free Shipping

EMPI PV300Description: I did not know about this particular EMS model sold by EMPI until I was doing research on the EMPI Select. It seems that this Australian based medical website had this particular brand and model of EMS Unit available and I realized that this model was not covered yet. It seems tha the EMPI 300PV was probably the very first EMS Unit that EMPI made and sold at a large scale. I am not sure when they started to sell these neuromuscular electrical stimulation devices, but so far I have found at least three different models already sold by EMPI. There is the Select, the Elite, and this model, the 300 PV. All of these models are on the high end of price and have not been intended to be used by non-medical professionals – Read more

The EMPI Select TENS Pain Control Electrotherapy Unit (Model #199584-001) – Price: $375

EMPI Select TENSDescription: This model of TENS Unit is sold under the EMPI Brand name, which is part of the company DJO Global. This model is one of the older models and so it has been listed on many of the online speciality stores which focuses on selling pain relief products and physical therapy related products. This is not sold on places like Overstock or Ebay. It is a multi-functional unit which doesn’t get the amount of attention that it deserves. It is actually one of the best models of TENS Units that we have seen in a long time. Why? It is due to its simple, easy to understand design and its dual channel nature, as well as having 5 different massage modes that are very well defined in their parameters. Compared to certain massagers that we have seen before (we will not be naming names), this model is a refreshing look at units which are often over -marketed and over-sold and over-priced. – Read more

The EMPI Elite Neuromuscular Stimulator – Price: Ask your personal doctor for a quote

EMPI EliteDescription: When we were doing research on the original model called the EMPI Select, we found out about this newer model called the EMPI Elite that was sold on the website. When we checked to see where we would be able to get it, it seems that this particular model, which is much stronger than what you regular find, is only found from the DJO Global website. Like the website says, this unit is not a TENS Unit. It may work for neurological tissue, but its primary function is to stimulate the muscular tissue. It is not something that you can just buy off of any normal store or even online. It requires a note provided by a professional medical provider. There is a total of 4 different channels that it will work on, which means that you can have 8 different electrode pads all being controlled by this one EMS unit – Read more

The Quattro 2.5 Professional Electrotherapy Device (based on TENS, EMS, IF, & Russian Stimulation)- Price: $500

Quattro 2.5 Professional Electrotherapy TENS EMS UnitDescription: These Quattro 2.5 Physical Therapy Device is something which we have seen multiple times being used in Physical Therapy and Chiropractor offices but we had felt before that they were too expensive and big, as well as complicated, for the average person to get to try on themselves. These devices usually costs hundreds of dollars, if not even over a thousand for some of the newer high quality versions. The main thing that separates these fat Multi-TENS unit type devices is that they have almost every form of physical therapy treatment all combined into one device. There is the traditional TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), the IF (Interferential), and something known as the Russian. We are not familiar with the Russian but it seems that the term stands for “Russian Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy”. – Read more

The Biomed 2000 XL Analog Tens Unit – Price: $90

BioMed 2000 XLDescription: The company Biomedical Life System is a new company which I didn’t know about who are selling their own brand and models of TENS Units. This is called the Biomed 2000 XL Analog TENS Unit. Based on jsut the name, we realize that it is a much older model than almost anything else that we have seen so far. This particular product when we saw it on Amazon was being sold by Amazon’s very own Prime Medical Store. The product itself may be of the older variety, with the analog knobs to adjust the intensity of the emitted current signal, as well as the signal frequency rate and pulse width, but it is still very reliable. Based on just the few ratings that is given on this model, it is of high quality – Read more

The CareTec II (Combo TENS and EMS Unit) – Price: $35

Caretec IIDescription: The CareTec II is just like the CareTec 4 model. It is a Combo device, which means that you are going to get more than just a TENS Unit with the kit. There is the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) mode, which helps re-train and tone the muscle groups you apply the electrode on. This is both a physical therapy type of product and a rehabilitation type of product, when the patient who has lost much of the function of their muscles need to retrain themselves again to get their own muscles to work properly. This particular model is a Combo for only TENS and EMS, but the CareTec 4 has also the modes of Interferential (IF) Therapy, and the Russian Muscle Stimulator mode, which has a much higher frequency for the signals used – Read more

The CareTec IV 4 Combo Unit (TENS, EMS, IF, Russian) – Price: $176

CareTec IVDescription:
 Before we had wrote a short review on the Care Tec II. This is the review for the similar model the CareTec IV (or CareTec 4). When we did a google search to find more information about this particular model we had found that it was almost exactly the same as the CareTec II. They look the same, with the same size and screen, and button controls. This particular model is described as a combination model. It combines 4 different forms of pain relief treatment ideas. Besides the usual transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and electrical muscle stimulation pain therapies, it also adds in the russian stim therapy and something known as interferential therapyRead more

The InTENSity Elite Twin Stim III Unit (TENS/EMS Combo) – Price: $60

InTENSity Twin Stim III ReviewDescription: We have already done a full review on the Twin Stim, the Twin Stim 2nd Edition, and the Twin Stim Plus. Now it is time to take a look at the Twin Stim 3, which is a type of Digital TENS Unit and EMS Unit combination. This particular model sold by Current Solutions is extremely popular. That means that multiple large online stores carry the particular model. We looked at all the stores, like but we eventually settled on the website. In general, the specialty medical supplies stores will have the device priced higher than the bigger websites. Places like Ebay, Walmart, Amazon, and Overstock have these particular devices at least around $10 cheaper than the smaller websitesThe InTENSity Twin Stim III is another one of those TENS Units which has been very effective but not as popular as some other types. Currently you can buy the Twin Stim III from but you can also find something very similar on Amazon which is – Read more

Omron E2 Elite Electronic Nerve Stimulator HV-F127-E – Price: $249

Omron E2 Elite Tens Electronic Nerve Stimulator Machine Hvf127 Hv-f127-eDescription: For a long time we were only aware of another model of electrotherapy pulse massager by Omron. We had been calling it the PM3030 model. Then we found out that the model was being sold on the Omron Heathcare website under a different name, the Soft Touch HV-F158-E. Then there was the model Electronic Nerve Stimulator HV-128. This model is the Electronic Nerve Stimulator HV-F127 or HV-F127-E. It is probably one of the three real models currently sold on the Omron Healthcare website. Based on what we have seen so far, it doesn’t seem to be popular in the USA. When we found this model being sold on the Amazon website, we did not see any type of reviews or ratings for it. That made us believe that it was not a good quality one. So it it just another replicated copy of some other model? When you look at the handle and the shape of it, it does look like the PL-009 sold by TruMedic and Prospera – Read more

The 3D Elepalse Pro Low Frequency Electrotherapy Unit (by Omron) – Price: $134

Omron 3D Elepalse Pro Low frequency Electric Therapy DeviceDescription: This model is called the Omron 3D Elepalse Pro, which is a type of electrotherapy device. This is one of those models that the Japanese based company Omron hss been coming out with which doesn’t seem to have reached the European or American market yet. We don’t believe that this particular model is going to be very big in the USA or in any of the regular, large online stores. The model that is currently listed is only in either Japanese or Chinese words. There doesn’t seem to be any models that were purposely translated to make it sell in the Western markets. We found it and thought that it was just really interesting that the Asian markets sell their own brand and types of TENS and EMS devices. It is a type of electrical stimulation device, like all of the other models we know. It operates on something called low frequency – Read more

The NeuroTrac TENS Machine NT3 – Price: $65

Neurotrac TENS MachineDescription: We were not aware of the NeuroTrac TENS Machine (NT3) because this particular model seems to be sold primarily in the UK as well as in Australia. This model was found on the TENS Pain Relief website. From what is said in the reviews we are fairly impressed by the model. We really like this particular model for two main reasons. One of the reasons is because of how large the readings are on the LCD display screen and the other is that you seem to have the option to not just set the intensity level of the two channels, but also the pulse width. Pulse width is measured in microseconds and you can see from the screen display that the value of the pulse width is displayed. That is something you are not going to find in most models – Read more

The Twin Stim Plus Digital TENS 4 Channel unit– Price: $144

Twin Stim Plus Digital TENS unitDescription: The Twin Stim Plus TENS Unit is one of the models sold by Roscoe Medical and it may be the most advanced digital TENS Unit we have ever seen. We have already seen what the model TENS 7000 unit is capable of, with its ability to change even the pulse width but this model has so many features that it probably gets very confusing in figuring out how to use this device properly using the owner’s operating manual provided. When you open up the front hinge to see what the controller and buttons are like, you realize that it is a lot more complex and feature rich than almost any other model that we have seen. There are a total of 4 channels that you can individually set on the pulse frequency and the pulse width – Read more

The TensCare itouch Sure Pelvic Floor Exerciser – Price: $70

TensCare itouch Sure Pelvic Floor ExerciserDescription: This is another EMS unit sold in other countries that uses the same phenomena of pulsed electrical currents to get the muscles in that specific area of the body to become more stimulated. These devices are used to treat bladder control disorders like incontinence, specifically urinary incontinence.  This particular model is called the TensCare itouch Sure Pelvic Floor Exercise unit. It exercise and tones the pelvic floor muscle. It works in a similar way that Kegel exercises work. During Kegel exercises the muscle region known as the Pubococcygeus Muscles aka PC Muscles are squeezed to – Read more

The NeuroTrac Pelvic Tone Tens Machine – Price: $95

NeuroTrac Pelvic Tone Tens MachineDescription: We have known about the NeuroTrac models of TENS units ever since we found the NeuroTract TENS Machine aka NT3. This line of pain relief devices sold in the UK or Australia seems to be very popular outside the USA. We are not sure if these types are available in Canada though. As for the device itself, this particular model might be called  TENS Machine but the purpose of it makes it work more as a EMS Unit or Electrical Muscle Stimulator. The purpose of it is NOT to relief pain but to give the muscles close to the genitalia area a good workout. We found this particular model being sold on a UK online store selling Pelvic Toning Devices called From the testimonials found on the product page, this model is used by women who just went through – Read more

The EMS 7500 2nd Edition Unit – Price: $100

EMS 7500 Second EditionDescription: When we first saw this model, we thought that the product listing was wrong. It just looked like the Twim Stim 2nd Edition or the Twin Stim 3rd edition that is also sold by the people at Current Solutions LLC. After looking for proof that this model is just the Twin Stim 2nd Edition renamed, we found out that the EMS 7500 2nd Edition is a different product on its own. It has the same type of button configuration that we see in almost all of the other models in the Twin Stim series. The main different between this particular model and the ones in the Twin Stim is that this model was always intended for Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) purposes, never work on the nervous tissue, like TENS Units or the Combo units. That was what made the Twin Stim Series do popular, because they did more than just one thing, and had more than just one single purpose. This model does just one thing, and that is to work on the muscle tissue. – Read more

The Twin Stim 2nd Edition (TENS and EMS Combo Unit) – Price: N/A

Twin Stim 2nd Edition

Description: The Twin Stim TENS unit that we are looking right here is apparently more than just another TENS unit. It is in fact what is known as a TENS unit and EMS Unit combo. We have already seen what a EMS unit is like in the Electrical Muscle Stimulator unit before for the EMS5. We also wrote about it in the EMS 5000 model recently. This model is the 2nd version of the Twin Stim models that has been sold by Current Solutions, which is a company with Roscoe Medical. Obviously most of us are already fully aware on the function and effectiveness of tens units. This model is also being sold by the people at Current Solutions. It seems that as for this specific type of medical device – Read more –

The Koalaty Twin Stim 2nd Edition – Price: $60

Koalaty Twin StimDescription: It was hard to track down the Koalaty Twin Stim 2nd Ed TENS Unit. We were not sure if this device was actually just the Twin Stim model which has been sold by Current Solutions of the Roscoe Medical Company. We have already reviewed the Twin Stim 2nd Ed. device already. When we found the website and it redirected us to the Current Solutions aka Roscoe Medical website, we realized that the device was indeed the same one. Technically the model is an Combo Device, which is used both as a TENS Unit and EMS Stimualor. The three main websites that you can get the device is OTC Wholsale, Allegro Medical, and Med Plus Medical Supply. We suggest buying the device from – Read more

The EMS 5.0 Unit – Price: $48

EMS 5 Electrical Muscle Stimulator UnitDescription: This model is actually known as a EMS Unit, which is short for Electrical Muscle Stimulator Unit. After looking at the model, we say that it looks a lot like the TENS 3000 model. At least in terms of the outer deisgn, and the carrying case, the look of the two are the same. I am not sure if the Roscoe Medical company is selling this model. It is branded as a EMS Unit (aka Electrical Muscle Stimulation unit) because it is intended to only be used for muscle tissue toning purposes. It is not supposed to be for stimulating nerve tissue. Remember that a TENS Unit and a EMS unit are two different things. They operate on having an effect on different types of tissue in the body… Read more

The InTENSity 5000 Hybrid Digital LED TENS Unit – Price: $47

InTENSity 5000 Hybrid Digital LED TENS UnitDescription: This model called the InTENSity 5000 Hybrid TENS Unit is one of the more popular models sold by the company Current Solutions. We have already seen something very similar to this model in the Twin Stim III and the InTENSity 10 models. The way that these models are designed is for the more futuristic, sleek design, combining the colors of black, white, and blue together. So is this model, the InTENSity 5000 Hybrid, any better than… Read more

The IF 4K Digital Interferential Unit – Price: $179

IF 4K DigitalDescription: There just isn’t that many devices that were made specifically using the Interferential Frequency technology of therapy. This is one of the only ones which we have found whish is selling really well. We found the IF 4K model being sold in many of the same medical speciality online stores like www.TENSUnit,,,, and which already sell some of the harder to get Class Type II Medical Devices. It is noted that because this exact model is a Class II Type Medical product, it is not intended for sale to non-medical professionals. We found the operating manul PDF for the IF 4K (Available Here) from the Current Solutions website to find the exact product specifications for this model. It seems that this particular model is a dual channeled digital device which has a total of 6 different modes that you can set it to work at – Read more

The AccuMed’s Interferential IF-4000 – Price: $80

AccuMed Interferential IF-4000Description: This model is called the AccuMed Interferential IF-4000. It is not the same as the usual types of TENS Units that we are so used to seeing. The TENS Units we find sold in our local drugstores usually operate on a targeted frequency, being around $125 Herts. These types of devices work on a completely different frequency range. The 4000 shows that the frequency is at 4000 time per second. The idea that is when you increase the frequency of the emitted electromagnetic waves the skin will develop less of a resistance against the signal. TENS Units with their electrode pads when applied to the skin layer usually have a much more effect on the superficial skin layer than being able to get down deep enough to have a real effect on the underlying part of the body one wants to treat for pain. That is where the Interferential Therapy is supposed to be different. This particular model has been extremely popular. We have been similar devices just like this one sold under the Chattanooga brand name –  Read more

The AccuRelief Dual Channel TENS Unit (Electrotherapy Pain Relief System) – Price: $39 w/ Free Shipping

AccuRelief Dual Channel TENS UnitDescription: This seems to be a completely new model of TENS Units which we were not aware of until a few days ago. Based on just first impressions, it has a completely different design compared to what we usually see. Half of the models that are sold in this industry are just the exact same look and model as the others, only with a different brand name on it, from private labeling and middle men playing price arbitrage from the low cost of bulk sales from the factories in China to the online stores of EBay and Amazon in the USA. At least this particular model has a different, newer looking design than many others. However, does the functionality of this model go with the look of the unit too? – Read more

Note: In addition to this particular model, we have also found three other models all sold under the AccuRelief Brand name, including the Single Channel model, the Wireless model, and the Mini model, all of which are below. We will be doing a product comparison of all 4 at some point to see which of the 4 models is the best, and gives you the most value for your money’s worth.

  • The AccuRelief Single Channel TENS Unit – Price: $40 –  Buy it Here! – This  model is just the single channel version of the double channel model. You will only need 2 electrode pads
  • The AccuRelief Wireless TENS Unit – Price: $72 w/ Free Shipping – Buy it Here! – This is the wireless model. Since it is wireless, that means that you can use the device with your hands free without any worry over wires. It is slightly more expensive than the other models which are under the AccuRelief brand name.
  • The AccuRelief Mini TENS Unit – Price: $26 – Buy it Here! – It is the smallest of all the models sold, being also the cheapest among the 4 models.

The Analog TENS 500 Model from Bilt-Rite Mastex Health – Price: $33

Analog TENS 500Description: The Bilt-Rite Mastex Health model looks like another one of those older analog models where you adjust the parameters like pulse width, frequency, and amplitude by adjusting some knob. There is nothing really particularly special or high quality about this model. It is a dual channel dvice like many others. The pulse width is adjustable from 60 to 250 microseconds, which is a smaller range than many other models, which lets you adjust from 10-50 microseconds to upwards of 300 microseconds. However, that detail is not that significant. The Pulse amplitude is a maximum of 80 Amps and the frequency ranges from 2-150 Hertz, which are the standard settings for TENS Units. We do make the point that this model is ONLY a TENS unit, and nothing more. It is not supposed to be used as a type of EMS device, since you can set a ramp rate, contraction rate, and relaxation rate on those types of models – Read more

Other models under the Bilt-Rite Mastex Health name – The Analog TENS 3000 Model from Bilt-Rite Mastex Health – This model sold by Bilt-Rite Mastex health is just the model 3000 which we have talked about before.

The Balego Digital Electrotherapy Dual Channel OTC TENS Unit Stimulator – Price: $30 w/ Free Shipping

Balego Dual Channel 7000 3000 TENS UnitDescription: This particular model which I found on Amazon goes by a multitude of names They include “The Balego OTC Digital Dual Channel TENS AA Unit” and the “The Balego Electrotherapy Dual Channel Stimulator”. All of them are basically listing the exact same type of electrotherapy device. It is almost always a dual channel model, and it is a FDA Approved Medical Class II type device. It is not prescription based but can be obtained OTC (Over-The-Counter). The picture we have on the left is only one of them, specifically the TENS 7000 model. There is also the 3000 model that Balego carries. Since the product is exactly the same one as sold by other resellers what we should be focused on instead to make the right choice for a TENS unit is based on price and customer service support – Read more

The iReliev Pain Management System (based on TENS Technology) – Price: $50 w/ Free Shipping

iReliev Pain Management SystemDescription: I am always a little bit suprised at just how many new models of massagers seem to come out. It seems like something new comes out each week, and we always have to keep up with all the new developments in the industry. This model is completely new to us, but it fits as another type of TENS Units that is being sold in the market right now. It is called the iReliev Pain Relief System, based on the TENS (Transcuteneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. We found the website that sells this model and saw that it is one of the more average models, based on its specifications. However, it does look nice though, with a nice and pretty box and cover – Read more

The Acuknee Knee Pain Treatment System – Price: $265 w/ Free Shipping

Acuknee Knee Pain Treatment SystemDescription: Rarely do we see an electrotherapy type of unit or device that is sold specifically to treat joint pain. Usually what we find is that the EMS or TENS Unit product is sold first to treat neuromuscular related pains, specifically the type that is really close to the surface of the skin. It turns out that based on the TENS Units standard of around 150 Hertz, they don’t go very deep under the skin and have any effect. That is why Interferential Therapy has been so effective. IF Therapy uses waves which have a carrier frequency of usually around 4000 Hertz. This model appears to a type of TENS Unit device that has the electrode pads press together to form a type of knee guard. It is supposed to be used to treat osteoarthritis and cartilage degeneration. How that is done, we will explain – Read more

The Slendertone ReVive Professional Muscle Conditioner – Price: $71 w/ Free Shipping

Slendertone ReVive Muscle ConditionerDescription: What we have noticed with many of the products that are sold no the giant online store Amazon is that very often the very best products in a category is not the one that most people buy. It seems that more people like to buy the less complicated, less featured models which don’t really give the user more functionality. That was what we saw with the popular models like the PM3030, the XFT-502, and the XFT-302A models. Those EMS devices, which apparently sometimes were sold and marketed as a type of TENS Unit, did not have the option to let the user change the pulse width, pulse frequency, the ramp rate, the contraction time, or the relaxation time. Compared to say the really high quality older analog TENS 7000 model, these slightly newer models were just better marketed so they sold better, even though the quality of the product was not as high as they could be – Read more

The TruMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe TENS Unit – Price: On Sale for $140 from the website

TruMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe TENS UnitDescription: We like to keep up to date with the latest, newest models of TENS Units and Massagers that come out into the market. That is why our website is proud to inform the reader the the popular brand TruMedic has recently just come out with the newer Deluxe model, which is called the TM-1000Pro Deluxe TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager. The name is a little bit long, but we prefer to call the model the TruMedic Pro Deluxe Model, or the TM-1000Pro (or is it the TM-1000?). It sounds cooler, similar to how the older Terminators that first came out were the T-800 model, and then the improved T-1000 model later on came out.  From only first impressions I am personally very impressed with it. For a long time now I had said that while the Pl-009 model from truMedic was the most popular, it was not the most feature rich. The models sold by the older looking models by Roscoe Medical/Current Solutions like the TENS-7000 (and all of the other cousin models) – Read more

The HealthmateForever YK15 2014 15 Mode TENS Unit and Electronic Pulse Massager – Price: $40 w/ Free Shipping

HealthmateForever 2014 15 Mode TENS UnitDescription: It seems that the company HealthmateForever is also starting to get the picture and are releasing more advanced models of TENS Units too. First, they came out the with the 12 mode Touch Screen, which we thought was absolutely beautiful, but was way too expensive ($600 from the HealthmateForever website and $400 from Amazon). Now they have the 2014 15 Mode TENS Unit massager model. When we first looked at it, we thought that maybe it was just the same product as the new 2014 TruMedic TM-1000 Pro Deluxe, but after closer inspection we realized that the center area for teh button configuration was different. However, there are some obvious, striking similarities. For one thing, both of the new models that have been released to the American general public came out in late 2014, with 4 channels. This is just like the Twin Stim 3 model, which we had given the highest of ratings – Read more

The Homedics Rapid Relief Electronic Pain Relief Pad (for Back Pain) – Price: $27

Homedics Rapid Relief Mini-TENS PadDescription: Out of all the companies in the personal massagers industry, the name Homedics is really big. Everywhere I look these days, even at my local drugstore, I see massagers being sold under the Homedics brand. It is obvious that the company is doing really well for themselves. They have now moved into selling electrotherapy based massagers, which operate on the exact same principle as the TENS Units that you see some many people selling these days. This model is one of those Mini-TENS models, which have just a battery in the center (Lithium Ion based) and the battery gives a continuous series of electrical current pulses, which is directed to the pads that arae on the sides, which are sort of like wings. If you look at the design, it definitely has a huge resemblance to the IcyHot Smart Relief TENs and the Veridian Tiny TENS model. There is no cords or electrodes to worry about. However, since it is so small, it does have some obvious disadvantages  – Read more

The AuraWave Perfect TENS Pain Relief (by Tony Little) – Price: $15

Aurawave Perfect TENSDescription: This model is called the Aurawave Perfect TENS and it is sold on the website for the informmercial guru Tony Little. On that website, it is listed at $100. Previously, when we first started doing the website, we had found another type of pulse massager with the same name, the “Aurawave”. We wrote about that model (Available Here) and we had said that it was one of our favorite models, and we highly recommended it. Now 2 years later, we have found even more, better models, and newer models. This model was among the best maybe a few years ago but it is now just average. The price that it is listed at seems to be too high for just a product that is not one of the best models in the category – Read more

The Irest Massager Mini and Irest Pro Models – Price: $100 (and $110 for the Pro model)

Irest Massager MiniDescription: When we looked on the website for, we found that there was at least a dozen new models which we have never seen before. Some of them only had a little bit of difference between each other. Two models that sort of stuck were te Irest Massager Mini and the Irest Pro Model. The difference between was very little, and the difference in price showed that as well. When you first look at the models, they look in appearance like the first generation ipods and the current generation of ipod nanos. It is very small, and has onyl a few features. We don’t believe that it will allow a person to be able to adjust the pulse frequency or pulse width. However, you can change the pulse intensity and switch from the various modes that you are interested in – Read more

The MILEX Mini Therapy Massager – Price:

Description: Read more

Other Electrotherapy Unit Models

We also seem to have a new category of devices and products sold using the same type of EMS technology to apparently make the buttocks area of people become more toned.

  • The Active Bottom Lift Toner by BMR – Price: $124 (Costco price: $76) w/ Free Shipping
  • The Bio-Medical Research Activator for Lift (For the Tummy, Arm or Bottom) by BMR Beauty – Price: $74 w/ Free Shipping
  • The Flex Belt Women’s Flex Mini Thigh and Butt Toning Belt (in Black color) – Price: $200 w/ Free Shipping
  • The Slendertone Unisex System Abs Toning Belt – Price: $107 w/ Free Shipping
  • The ChoiceMMed TENS Pulse Massager – Price:
  • The Irest Massager Pro – Price: $110
  • The Palm Massager 2 – Price: $140
  • The Pinook Mini Massagers – Price: $600
  • The Hollywog WiTouch – Price: $139
  • The Mini S Silver Model from TechCare Massager – Price: $150
  • The Angel Electronic Pulse Massager (by KS Choi Corp) – Price: $30 w/ Free Shipping
  • The Tiny TENS Pain Management Electric Massager Model 22-030 (by Veridian Healthcare) – Price: $25
  • The Beautyko Relaxor Pro TENS – Description: We already wrote a review on this 2013 model sold by the company BeautyKo, Available Here. So far, it hasn’t been selling very well, at least on the USA online retail giant Amazon’s website. Sure, Beautyko is not just focused on selling one thing, since they sell lotions, creams, and muscle toning belts, but it definitely shows that this model which looks very much like the TruMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe did not get much popularity. It has been listed on the Amazon website for over  a year now. – Price: $24