Mapleaf Pulse Massager Review

Mapleaf Pulse Massager ReviewProduct Specifications

  • Relieve the pain in shoulders, back, waist and other parts of our body with electronic toning
  • Soothe anaesthetization and reduce fatigue with unique massage techniques
  • Beautify the skin and restore the flexibility of skin with effective electronic low frequency waves
  • The pulse massager is powered by 4 AAA batteries, which is not included
  • Dual channel individual intensity adjustable

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My Review

This pulse massagers sold by Mapleaf has the same model as the ones sold by Prospera and truMedic. The design of all of their products look extremely similar so it is possible that all of these companies are just resellers of a product made from China. This model from the front is slightly different but not that different. It is actually very average.

There is of course the 4 electrode pads that comes with it. The device is run on battery. The actual way this pulse massager managed to reduce pain is using the TENS theory, where the electrical signal reaches the nerves and stimulate them in a way to help relieve pain caused by nerve endings that are being overstimulated..

The type of waves it emits is low frequency, meaning that it is not very fast. The result is hopefully relief from muscle tension and cramps. The product has actually very few reviews, and the most informative one said that this device is really bad. Apparently the current that is sent is uneven for all pads, showing that there is some problem with the central device. It seems that half of the reviews, probably the real ones are bad because the device is bad quality. It breaks often and when you try to get the warranty to work, the people who actually sell this product at Prospera don’t seem to answer any of the contact services questions where the customer is asking for a refund or help to fix it.

I would personally tell the prospective buyer to stay away from this product.

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Now there is no youtube video currently that shows anyone which bought and used the Mapleaf Massager specifically but the video below is an explample of just how effective it is. There is indeed a strong electrical pulse signal being sent down the electrode. If you place the electrode pads in a place that is not supposed to, you will be electrically shocked. Don’t be stupid like the guys on the video below.