IQ Massager Pro 2 Review

IQ Massager Pro 2 ReviewThis model of an electronic pulse massager is called both the IQ Massager Pro II and the IQ Massager Pro 2. It is the sister model of the IQ Massager Pro, which looks almost exactly like this one. The most obvious from just a quick first glance is that the colors of the models are different. This model is mostly black and dark while the other is silverish in light colors. However, we looked over the features of both models and realized that they are exactly the same product. IQ Massager is also very similar to a recent model which we saw, which is the EQ Massager. What we will show at the end of this review, of the IQ Massager Pro 2, is that this model is the same as the other model which uses the same name.

Product Specifications

  • The power source is a rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • There is 6 main modes of massages, including the following:
  • Pushing
  • Acupuncture
  • Tapping
  • Scraping
  • Cupping
  • Random
  • Also known as an Electric Therapeutic Massager

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My Review

The IQ Massager Pro 2 or Pro II is the other model of mini pulse massagers sold by the company that seems to be getting quite a few reviews. In terms of the design and the specifications, they seem to be very similar as the other model, which is just called Pro. We could assume that because of the name this model is the newer one or it could be that this model was just another selection of micro pulse massagers that came out as the same time as the model Pro. They look exactly the same except for the color. The Pro is colored silver while this one is colored black. If we compare this model to the HealthmateForever Pro which we had reviewed before.

HealthmateForever-Electrotherapy-Massager-Pro-Review-185x300If we look at the bottom controller buttons area they are exactly the same thing.  This might mean that beside the color, everything else about the models sold by the distributors, middle men, or real companies like IQ Massager and HealthmateForever is exactly the same. They might not be the people who actually make the device but some factory in China. They just take a very raw device and paint it to their own color and relabel it in different ways. Or it could be that multiple product pages from the online Amazon website have the same product given multiple names to sell the device at a higher number.

If we look at the product specifications, there is 6 main modes that you can choose from, which includes some types of massager programs we have seen multiple times before in other pulse massager models. They are acupuncture, tapping, scraping, and cupping. There is two other modes which are called pushing and random. What the random mode would do is move from one type of massage to the next like switching from scraping to cupping and then move on the acupuncture. The display is also a LCD screen display and it seems to only indicate and display 3 main things, which mode you set the mini massager to, how much time is left for the massager program you chose, and how much battery power is left. What is not stated but should be implied is that you should at least be able to adjust the signal intensity to the level you want. Most of these massagers have a intensity level which ranges from 0 to 20. The battery is a lithium rechargeable type. What is also included should be the USB cable for charging the device using a computer and the AC Adapter for plugging into any wall outlet. In terms of size, the device is even smaller than an ipod, which might make some people who first see the device think that it is of low quality, because it looks so light weight and fragile. Immediately people are given a bas first impression, thinking that it is a worthless acupuncture massaging device made and sold from China and given bad instructions.

However, is this impression of bad quality, made from China, acupuncture mini pulse massager of the IQ Massager Pro 2 justified? Is it really bad quality?

It is sort of hard to tell. Unlike the PL009 which has over 350 reviews and many people who have been able to list all of the pros and cons of that device, it seems that there has been very few reviews for this model. The Massager Pro 2 is just not that popular.

However the few reviewers who did take the time and effort to write a review were very informative about just how effective this device really is. On the box, it says that the lithium battery is supposed to last 75 hours but that seems a little extreme. Something that people do like about the device is that it does have very good battery life.

In terms of the signal, the signal is very strong and seems to work well. What one buyer has said is that if you buy the device from an unauthorized seller of the device on Amazon, there is no warranty. If that device breaks, you can’t get it replaced or refunded.

Currently you can get this mini electronic pulse massager as new for around $60, which makes it cheaper than the other models out there, even its sister model the IQ Massager Pro which is currently sold at a little above $90. In terms of cost, it is much cheaper.

I would recommend this model but ask that the prospective buyer be careful with this model. This one is just not as trusted, popular, and well known as the other models out there, like the PL009 by Prospera. If you really wanted to see the model and what other people have thought about it, click on the link below.

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To see what the IQ Massager Pro 2 is like, watch the video below. The video is actually for the Pro which is an older model but the overall design of both the Massager Pro 2 and Massager Pro is exactly the same and they provide almost the exact same benefits.