Iontophoresis Devices For Sale

Iontophoresis Devices For SaleWhile most people have never heard of iontophoresis devices, they are still used extensively by some people to help deal with their sweating problems. Sweating is considered by many cultures to be a sign of hygiene problems, and many people might feel self conscious of their appearance if they started to sweat too excessively. The sweating might lead to clothes, particularly in the underarms area, being stained, which can lead to embarrassing situations. This is basically a Sweating Prevention & Treatment Device.

From the article on Iontophoresis by MedLine Plus by the National Institute of Health, we find out that the entire process is just an electrochemical way to get specific types of ions to diffuse through a medium driven by an electrical field. The process is also known as electromotive drug administration (EMDA). For our specific application of sweat reduction, the induced electrical field is supposed to get ions to diffuse through the skin layer into the tissue underneath. There is no injections so it doesn’t technically break the epidermal layer intravenously. That is why most people who promote this way says that it is non-invasive.

The following models below are the best (and often the only) Iontophoresis Devices & Machines that we have found to be sold currently in the market. For more information on the application of this process, refer to the International Hyperhidrosis Socety website.

The Best Iontophoresis Devices For Sale

ActivaDose II Iontophoresis Delivery Unit – Price: $280

ActivaDose II Iontophoresis Delivery UnitSummary: Read more





ID3 Iontophoretic Drug Delivery Device – Price: $475

ID3 Iontophoretic Drug Delivery DeviceSummary: Read more





Chattanooga Ionto Dual Channel Drug Delivery Phoresor Device – Price: $309

Chattanooga Ionto Dual Channel Drug Delivery Phoresor DeviceSummary: Read more





IOMED Iontophoresis Dual Channel Dose Controller Unit – Price: $430

IOMED Iontophoresis Dual Channel Dose Controller UnitSummary: Read more





Ionto Plus Iontophoresis Electrode Treatment Kit – Price: $60

Iontophoresis Electrode Treatment KitSummary: Read more





Companion 80 Iomed Iontophoresis Electrodes – Price: $42 w/ Free Shipping

Companion 80 Iomed Iontophoresis ElectrodesSummary: Read more





ActivaPatch Iontophoresis System Distribute Medication – Price: $52

ActivaPatch Iontophoresis System Distribute MedicationSummary: Read more





Iontopatch Iontophoresis Delivery System – Price: $41

Iontopatch Iontophoresis Delivery SystemSummary: Read more





The following machine models were all found from the website…

  1. HIDREX GS 400 Direct Current Iontophoresis Device – Price: $700
  2. Idromed 5 GS Direct Current DC Iontophoresis Device – Price: $800
  3. HIDREX PSP 1000 Pulsed and Direct Current Iontophoresis Device – Price: $900
  4. Idromed 5 PS Pulsed Current PC Iontophoresis Device – Price: $800
  5. Underarm Pads w/ Electrodes – Price: $70

Summary: I am sure that the devices work very well in treating some medical conditions associated with sweating like Hyperhidrosis.In terms of price, they are slightly on the pricey side, being set in the hundreds of dollars range. The Company is based in the municipal district of Teningen, Germany. All the prices you will find on the website are in the current European currency of the Euro, which has the symbol €. The conversion rate of the Euro to the USD today is about 1 Euro= 1.34 USD. You want to multiple the 2nd value to all the euro numerical values to see how much you would pay for these iontophoeresis machines if you were to buy them to the USA for use, as well as factor in the costs of shipping the devices, which would have international rates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Iontophoresis

Q1: Who makes these devices?

In the USA there seems to be just one manufacturer of these specific type of medical devices, R.A. Fisher. There has been two primary models that has come from RA Fisher. There is the older analog model MD-1a, and the newer digital model the MD-2. The MD-1A costs usually around $700 while the MD-2 usually is around $1000.

Outside of the USA, there are a few places in Europe who manufacture them. What are probably the most well known models are the Hidrex and the Intromed models. The Hidrex seems to be consistently rated to be among the best from reviews of people who have tried the models and is based in Germany. Check out their website by Clicking Here. The Intromed models are manufactured by i2M in France, and distributed by STD Pharmaceutical. STD Pharmaceutical is based in the in the UK, and the devices are sold mainly in the UK and France.

Q2: How do you use these bioelectronic devices?

Each model is slightly different in its use but there is a standard, general procedure on how these devices work. You are to put either your hands or your feet, one of both pairs, into a pan filled with tap water. the device has two metal connections coming out of it connected to the water. The device is turned on to send a slight electrical current signal through it. The emitted current is to last around 20-40 minutes. You do this step about tens times, in 2-3 day time intervals. Once the skin start to get the desired effect of decreased sweating and shows dryness, you just need to use the machine in longer time intervals. These would be like once every week or once every other week.

Q3: How successful is this form of sweat reduction treatment?

The clinical studies show that there is on average a 80% reduction in the rate of sweat from using iontophoresis devices.

Q4: What kinds of health concerns and issues should I be aware of before using the machines?

It is generally recommend that you want to avoid using the devices on your arm pits aka underarms, although there seems to be plenty of people who have been suffering from armpit hyperhydrosis who have used the devices and the machines were effective in treating their issues.

Q5: How does the electrical chemical process actually work in stopped sweating from happening?

The basic idea of putting your feet or hands in the water of a pan (preferrably a metal one) is to get the water to be the medium that will conduct the slight electrical current to all the surfaces of the skin of a body extremity. For our case, we are talking about the sweating from the hands and feet so the surface of the feet and the hands are what goes into the water. The current theory on why this method even works is that the emitted electrical current and the mineral particles from the tap water act together to microscopically thicken the outer layer of the skin. As the outer layer gets thicker, or has the pores clogged up with the minerals, the same pores are blocked from allowing sweat to be released to the outer surface of the skin.

Of course, the currently understanding of why iontophoresis even works is not completely understood.

You can watch the video below which shows you how to use this electrochemical technique to treat sweating for people suffering from Hyperhydrosis. The video below shows a review on the Hidrex and the Idromed Machines models.