Electronic Pulse MassagersI wanted to break up the selection of pulse massagers into two parts, one named pulse massagers and the other named electronic pulse massagers. The pictures which are very small on the left of each product description just causes the dozens of massager options to be very long. It makes it very hard for a person navigating this website to make the right decision on choosing the right type of pulse massager or TENS unit themselves.

Technical electronic pulse massagers are pulse massagers since the way that these specific types of massagers work is by sending a pulsed electronic signal. Some types work on stimulating the muscles to contract while others work by stimulating nerve endings to stop becoming inflammed or irritated, causing the onset of pain in certain areas of the body.

For more information about the use of bioelectric therapy for pain relief click on the Wikipedia article on Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Many sports therapists claim that the use of electricity to stimulate muscle actions helps increase the fast twitch muscles as well as help in the recovery of injuries for people who might become immobilized. The way that the impulse of electrical signal works is that it simulates what happens naturally in the central nervous system by electrical signals and the action potential of those signals. The results it the contraction of muscles.

Electronic Pulse Massager by Mini Massager – Price: $42

Electronic Mini MassagerDescription: This is another type of electronic pulse massager sold by the distributor or company called Mini Massager. This pulse massager has a different design that most of the other types because of the strange shape it is and the way the buttons are organized. It reminds me of the older models of iPods… Read more

Fitness LA040 Two Pulse Massager by Liteaid – Price: $22

LA040 Pulse MassagerDescription: The product page claims that there is only 2 electrode pads that comes with the device, and that the device only can signal two pads, not the usual four that we see from other massagers. This means that there is less area that the pads can cover. The other major thing to notice … Read more

HandsToGo Portable Electric Massager – Price: $89 w/ Free Shipping

HandsToGo potable pulse massagerDescription: The first thing that we realize is that this device is very small and light, making it so portable that that there is a belt clip that comes with the device that allows you to clip it to the belt. You can change the frequency of the pulsed electrical signal as well as how strong it is, which is the signal intensity… Read more

Intensity 5000 Hybrid Electronic Pulse Massager – Price: $40

Intensity 5000 Hybrid Pulse MassagerDescription: This one of the only electronic pulse massagers which is being sold which does not have a review from Amazon, which could be a bad sign to either mean that it is a bad quality or that there have not been a lot of people who have decided to buy this model. The model is called… Read more

Digital Electronic Pulse Massager – Price: $30

Digital Electronic Pulse MassagerDescription: This new digital infrared physical therapy electronic pulse massager is one of the only pulse massagers sold that is also not reviewed at all on Amazon. The device seems to be completely written in Chinese which would not make any sense for an American who can’t read Chinese to use without major difficulty in translating whatever is written on the device buttons. The overall device is different from most other types of pulse massagers, since it is very wide with a big LCD screen… Read more

Zewa SpaBuddy Relax Back Pain Relief System – Price: $53 w/ Free Shipping

Zewa SpaBuddy Relax Back Pain Relief SystemDescription: This product which is called the Zewa Spabuddy is used as a way to relax the muscles in the back to provide pain relieve for the lower back areas. As a device it can be called a pulse massager because it sends electrical pulse signals to the area underneath the skin to stimulate the muscles to contract… Read more

Beautyko Relaxor TENS Electronic Pulse Massager – Price: $30 w/ Free Shipping

Beautyko Relaxor Pulse MassagerDescription: This high frequency electronic pulse massager sold by a company called BeautyKo has a very elegant, sleek design for the product. It looks very impressive and it has multiple variations, programs, and intensities you can try out to get relieve. When the advertiser is referring to the fact that this pulse massager is high frequency it states that the electrical pulse signals being emitted is around 4300 to 5300 vibrations per minute, which is a high level of frequency… Read more, or Here (or the Complete Detailed Review Here!)

Bia Electric Pulse Mini Massager – Price: $ N/A

Bia Mini Pulse MassagerDescription: This model of pulse massager which is called Bia Electric Pulse Mini Massager is more compact than most of the other types of pulse massagers we have reviewed on here. The LCD screen is quite big relative to the overall device and helps the person using the massager tell which mode and type of massage program they are using. The device is actually very small with the dimensions of just 4 x 0.3 x 2 inches with a weight of 6.4 ounces, which means that… Read more

ReliaMed Powered Muscle Stimulator – Price: $55

ReliaMed Muscle Stimulator ReviewDescription): The Reliamed Muscle Stimulator is another one of those stand alone models which seems to be actually one of the most advanced pulse massagers I have seen. The specifications on what are the type of pulsing electrical signal and what types of adjustments you can do on it makes it really attractive. Technically it is supposed to be a EMS device, as opposed to… Read more

Atelier Therapulse Digital Massager – Price: $70

Atelier Therapulse MassagerDescription: The Atelier Therapulse Massager is a type of pulse massager that we have reviewed before. The original review for the Therapulse Massager, which was then named the SIVAN Stimupulse Massager and similar names is located in the page Therapulse Portable Electrotherapy Device. It could be that Atelier is the actual company that sells these… Read more



The Atelier Muscle Self Care Therapy Massager w/ Accu Massager Pads – Price: $45 w/ Free Shipping

Description: Read more

Therapulse Electric Massager – Price: $80

SIVAN StimuPulse Therapulse MassagerDescription: The therapulse portable electrotherapy device is another type of electronic pulse massager but I am currently unsure what exactly is its real name or what it labeled as. The product page says it could be Therapulse, Thera Pulse, SIVAN, or Stimupulse. The main point is that this pulse massager is one of the larger models of pulse massagers that we have seen. There is actually no reviews done for this model which can… Read more

Sunpentown UC-570 Electronic Pulse Massager – Price: $37

Sunpentown UC-570 Electronic Pulse MassagerDescription: Other people have tried using this for their lower backs where a muscle was pulled and this seemed to really help. Like the other designs by SPT (Sunpentown) this device uses AAA batteries, and it seems to be only powered by batteries. After even 5 minutes of use the device seems to run out of juice so it would be important to really charge the battery or have more batteries around…. Read more

HealthmateForever Massager – Price: $90

HealthmateForever massagerDescription: The device uses both the EMS and the TENS technology, which suggest that this device can be used in more than just muscle tension relief applications. It might also help with increase circulation, reduced inflammation, and joint pain relief. This product like the newer model would be FDA approved and if that is the case for both, then both would have the same amount of current going through the electrode leads… Read more

Slendertone Revive Muscle Conditioner – Price: $75 w Free Shipping

Slendertone Revive Muscle ConditionerDescription: This is another type of pulse massager which seems to be rather good with very high consistent ratings. The pads that comes with the pulsing electronic device turns out to be the bigger type which can be used in multiple areas of the body. From the product specifications it is supposed to be able to be used in 10 parts…. Read more

HealthmateForever Pro-8AB Pulse Massager and Back Pain Relief Belt System – Price: $200

Back Pain Relief Belt SystemDescription: The back pain relief system sold by the company HealthmateForever consisted of two products sold by HealthmateForever. There is the actual pulse massager, which is the model Pro-8AB, which we reviewed in another post. The other is the back pain relief belt. First let’s see the… Read more

IQ Massager Belt – Price: $25

IQ Massager BeltDescription: Thie IQ massager belt is technically a type of electronic pulse massager. Unlike the standard type which has the electrodes of the pad connected by wires to the main controller, the electrode pads are placed in a a belt which is wrapped around the waist area. The controller is still by itself, connected to the pads by the wires… Read more

Electronic Mini Massager by IQ Massager – Price: $26

Electronic Mini Massager by IQ MassagerDescription: In terms of appearance it looks a lot like the HealthmateForever Plus-6IS mini pulse massager, except in a different color. So is it the Plus-6IS just renamed with a different label and sold by a company with a different name? It is possible, since many of the models of mini electrotherapy pulse massagers that we have seen look so similar to each other… Read more

Sunpentown Electronic Pulse Massager – Price: $35

Sunpentown Electronic Pulse MassagerDescription: This electronic pulse massager that is sold by Sunpentown has only a few reviews but most of them have been positive. In terms of how well it can relieve pain, it might do a better job than certain other types of pulse massagers. It does have a applied voltage range of 0-80 Volts. It also has a nice pulse rate range of between 0 and 120 Hz, which can be adjusted. Compared to other pulse massagers, this is a huge improvement… Read more

Prospera TENS Electronic Pulse Massager – Price: $99

Prospera TENS Electronic Pulse MassagerDescription: So it seems that truMedic, Mapleaf, and Prospera all sell the exact same device. Only Prospera have been getting most of the good reviews. This design looks like the PL-009 but the buttons seem to be arranged in different places. I checked the product description and the voltage, amps, and items included are all the same. If there is no way to … Read more

Beautyko Accusonic Mini Digital EMS Massager – Price: $50

Beautyko Accusonic MassagerDescription: When we look at the features of this EMS Massager, there is a few things which really stand out about this model. The first thing that we see is that from the WayFair website, it would cost around $140 to buy this model, which on Amazon it would be just $35. The product is marked up by 400% from the speciality website. So in terms of cost, Amazon is so much better on a the prospective… Read more

Milex Mini Digital Accusonic Massager – Price: $39 w/ Free Shipping

Mini Digital Accusonic MassagerDescription: The Mini Digital Accusonic Massager that is sold is actually the same device as the other pulse massager model known as the Accusonic EMS Massager. We have previously reviewed the Accusonic Pulse Massager before here. In that post we had stated that the device looks almost exactly like the older models of the ipod nano and compared the pictures of this massager and the ipod nano. The interesting… Read more

HealthmateForever Acupuncture Physiotherapy Machine – Price: $30

HealthmateForever Digital Acupuncture Physiotherapy MachineDescription: I think that if anyone took the time to read over all of the product description and the specifications in the HealthmateForever Acupuncture Machine they would get a very good idea what this physiotherapy machine can do. Compared to the other types of models we have seen, it is probably slightly above average in terms of quality and features. It has a total of 8 different massage modes. The 8 massage… Read more

Dr Ho Massage Therapy System – Price: $103

Dr-ho's Double Massage Therapy SystemDescription: It is really interesting what new types of pulse massagers I do find but it seems that there are at least a few dozen more designs and types of pulse massagers or electrotherapy devices than I had previously thought. A new design for massager therapy has been something called the Dr Ho Double Massager Therapy System. If I was to just guess at what it is supposed to do, based on the person Dr Ho, this form of pulse massager… Read more or Read the original review

Palm Massager 2 – Price: $140

Palm Massager 2Description: The Palm Massager 2 is one of those models which we have definitely seen before. It is a very common type with the exact same design and shape as the ones that we have already seen before. It actually is sold in many different names, but the most well known name (or rename) is the HealthmateForever Impulse Massager Pro. If we actually went the actual Palm Massager website (at PalmMassagers.com) then we see that this product… Read more

Pinook Mini Massager – Price: $135

Pinook Mini MassagerDescription: The Pinnok Mini Massager was one of those models of pulse massager or mini-massagers that did not come into our awareness until very recently. It seems that a lot of people have been comparing the Pinook Mini Massager to both the TCM iMassager and the PCH Mini Massager. We recently looked over the PCH Mini Massager since it seems that the model has been getting a lot more coverage and searches than these two… Read more

TCM iMassager – Price: $150

TCM iMassagerDescription: It has taken months but we finally managed to do acomplete TCM iMassager Review. This has been one of the most interesting models that we have seen and it has been talked about a lot by people. When we looked for it, we were not able to find out what the TCM iMassager looked like for the longest time. Finally we did find it from the TCM iMassager website. It turns out that the model is one that we have already seen before. The other name for this model is the Healthmate Forever Plus-6IS… Read more

TCM iMassager 2 – Price: $120

TCM iMassager 2Description: When we were doing research for the TCM iMassager review, we found out that there is actually two different models. There is the model TCM iMassager and the TCM iMassager 2. Based on comparisons to other pulse massagers and physiotherapy devices it turns out that we have already reviewed and analyzed the TCM iMassager 2 before. It was going by another name, and that was the model calledHealthmateForever Plus-6AB… Read more

OSIM uPixie USB Pulse Massager – Price: N/A – Description: This model has been discontinued. It is no longer sold on any of the usual online stores or locations

For a demonstration of what happens when you get the device and how to work it, watch the Youtube video below.

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