Echo Massager Pro Review

Echo Massager Pro ReviewThe Pro version of the Echo Massager is sort of like the deluxe version of the older, less feature rich model. The main difference between the two different device was that the device was a dual channel device, where as the Echo Massager was a single channel device. You can hook up two different electrode cords to the device. The two cords connect to 2 different pairs of electrodes. Each pair of electrodes can be adjusted to give off a specific type of intensity level different than the other. We understood that the devices would be slightly unique in features but overall most of it was the same. This model also had 6 massage styles.

Product Specifications

  • Dual Channel (Connect up to 4 Pads)
  • 6 Massage Styles to Choose From
  • Control Massage Intensity Easily
  • Completely portable

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My Review

This model called the Echo Massager Pro is the better model of mini pulse massagers sold by a company or seller called Envision. The Echo Massager Pro looks exactly like its sister model the normal or average Echo Massager which we did a review on before. Click on the link above to read the review. So if the two models look exactly alike, and seem to have almost all of the same specifications, what is the main difference between the two? The main difference between model which is the Pro and the other one is that the echo massager has only a single channel or single output and this Massager Pro model is dual channel, which means that there is two outputs coming out of the electrotherapeutic device which connects to 4 electrode pads. Like other pulse masssagers, the dual channel is for setting different intensities to different channels. While one set of pads, which could be the bigger pair or the smaller pair, gets one type of intensity, the other pair gets a different intensity level.

Some people who are still satisfied with the models have expressed the desire that the pulse massager be able to set one mode or program to each channel. For example, if the smaller pair of pads are doing the acupuncture massager, the bigger one might be doing the kneading or scraping massager. Currently that is not possible with this model.

Besides the dual channel quality, everything else is same as the other model. You choose between 6 of the preprogrammed models to get. The LCD display shows which program you have set into, how much time is left in the program, how much battery life is left, and how high is the intensity level for each of the dual channel outputs.

The benefits of this mini pulse massager are the same as the other Echo Massager. You can use it to treat neck pain, back pain, and relieve sore muscles and joints.

When you buy the device, you get the connecting wires, the 2 set of electrode pads, a USB cable for charging the battery, an AC Adapter, an instruction manual on how to operate the electronic pulse massager, and a chart of where the major acupuncture points are so give you a sense of direction on where you would want to focus the electrode pads at to get the most reliable chance of pain relief. There is an acupuncture chart included with the purchase.

So what do other people who have bought the Echo Massager Pro think of it? 

There has been just a half a dozen reviews and most of them have been extremely positive. However like we said before we should be cautious about these reviews since many seller create fake accounts to write positive reviews to make their product seem much better and of a higher quality that they really are so that they can sell more of the device. Here is what other people have said about the device.

It seems that if you have any type of back pain then this device will definitely help. Any type of back pain that is due to muscles becoming too tight would probably benefit from this device which is used ot relax and loosen muscles that have become too tight from contraction. Even professional medical specialists and physiotherapists use this device on their patients which have back pain which is hard to treat using other methods.

The one big negative complaint against this model was that the the Echo Massager Pro that they thought they ordered online was not what they finally got. What they received was a badly made copy of the Massager Pro, which they said was a complete knockoff. It seems that after even just a few uses the device stopped working. The adhesives are again mentioned to have a problem in not being able to work well in sticking to the skin after a few uses. It is generally recommended to buy more than just the set of pads that comes with your device as a backup.

Something that is noticeable is just how long the battery storage power is. Other models similar to this had specifications saying that they can last even 75 hours, and from what the reviewers are saying, that may turn out to be true.

Personally, I would say that this is probably one of the better models of pulse massagers out in the market today. This device is very small like the size of a ipod nano so it fits in just about any pocket. It is very portable. I would recommend it. However is it not cheap. The Pro model is around $250 which is a lot more than most people would ever want to spend. If money is a factor, I would recommend either the PL009 Electronic Pulse Massager or the PL029, both of which are sold by Prospera.

If however you really wish to go with this model, just click on the link below.

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To see how the echo massager pro works on a person watch the video below for a better understanding of its function