E-Stim Devices

E-Stim DevicesWhen we are using the term “E-Stim” we can be referring to one of two things. We can be talking about any type of electrical stimulatory devices in general. From this webpage from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, the term E-Stim Device or E-Stim Unit is any type of electrical device that sends electrical signals through electrode pads which are in complete direct contact with skin. It is supposed to work on muscle tissue.

E-Stim devices in general have multiple types of uses, including medical, rehabilitation, physical therapy, but also sexual stimulation. They cause the muscles which are underneath the area of electrode contact to contract because the motor nerve of the muscles are stimulated by the electrical current sent through the electrode connector.

If you typed in the term “E-Stim” or “Estim” into google, what you would get are pages that are talking about erotic electrostimulation. These E-Stim devices can be TENS units, EMS units, as well as Violet Wands. Violet wands are a type of sexual or sensual personal toy. The device sends a low current and high voltage, high frequency electrical signal to the genitalia of the body for sexual arousal and sexual pleasure.

Probably the best resource right now on E-Stim (aka Erotic Electrostimulation devices) products and how they work is from the website E-Stim.

There are three types of electrical stimulation devices

  • Pulse Based Stimulation
  • Electrostatic Stimulation
  • AC/DC Stimulation

Note: I personally have never used a E-Stim device for sexual stimulation purposes  but I am very familiar with electrical devices used for medical and therapeutic reasons. I write about pulse massagers, TENS units, and Pain Relief devices.

These are the few E-Stim Devices that I did find from Amazon which uses electrical stimulation for sexual gratification.

E-Stim Devices or Estim Devices

Zeus Electrosex Beginner Estim Box – Price: $73 w/ Free Shipping

Zeus Electrosex Beginner Estim BoxMy Review (Rating is 6/10): The complete name for this product is supposed to be the Beginner Estim Box. It is sold by Zeus Electrosex, which we are not sure is either a company or a brand name of a series of related products. We do know that there is another model in the line of Estim Boxes, which is the Deluxe Power Box model. In terms of effectiveness we can say that as long as the device can deliver a high enough current, it will stimulate any muscular tissue nearby. What a person is trying to get their muscles to do is get them to start to contract automatically. This is the same effect as what – Read more

Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Digital Power Box – Price: $64 w/ Free Shipping

Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Digital Power BoxMy Review (Rating is 6/10): Previously we had looked at the model called the Zeus Electrosex Beginners Estim Box which we reviewed Here. We had said that based on our medical research on the effects on electricity to stimulate muscular tissue, The Electrosex Estim Box would work. Now this is for the other, deluxe model which has been most appropriately labeled theZeus Electrosex Deluxe Estim Box. In terms of the look over the actual main controller or modulator the device is found to be very different from its predescessor which had a completely different look. This model looks more like some type of handheld video game controller due to the way the LCD Display screen is positioned relative – Read more

Zeus Electrosex 6 Channel Deluxe Electrosex Power Box – Price: $168 w/ Free Shipping

Zeus Electrosex 6 Channel Deluxe Electrosex Power BoxMy Review (Rating is 6/10): Let’s just do a really quick outline of the device we are looking at. This model is very different from the other power boxes sold by Zeus Electrosex. The main difference is in the number of channels it has. It has a total of 6 different channels that the metal connectors can be connected to. Along with each channel, there is an output female port to attach the metal connectors. In addition, there is a monitor to track the intensity of the current being emitted and the knob which allow you to adjust the signal coming out. You can also set the timer for all the channels at once. This is a safety precaution to not continue – Read more

Zeus Electrosex Handheld Power Electrastim Box – Price: $38 w/ Free Shipping

Zeus Electrosex Handheld Power Electrastim BoxMy Review (Rating is 6/10): This model is called the Handheld 8 Mode Power Box sold by the companyZeus Electrosex. It has been listed as one of the models of Power Boxes sold on the company website. After taking a very close look at the model of Estim device, we came to the conclusion that this model is actually a type of cheap electrical current emitting device which we have already reviewed before. It was labeled as a type of acupuncture body massager – Read more

Zeus Palm Power Box – Price: $15

Zeus Palm PowerboxMy Review (Rating is 8/10): The Zeus Palm Power Box (or Powerbox) is one of those Estim devices which we were not aware of until we did more research on the company and brand Zeus Electrosex. On their website they have this Powerbox featured and branded as a adult toy product used for stimulating pleasure sensations from the body due to the electricity. We see from the picture of the packaging the device is in that it is a very simple design of a TENS unit which has been rebranded for something else. The device has the electrodes – Read more 

Violet Wands

Zeus Violet Wand Kit – Price: $90

Zeus Violet Wand KitMy Review (Rating is 9/10): The term Estim or E-Stim is short for Electrical Stimulation. When you put these devices on your body, they have a specific physiological reaction to which ever tissue that they touch. If the electrical current is passed through skin cells, they will get either destroyed by the electrical current or get slightly mutated as the electricity will re-arrange the structure of the chromosomes and the DNA structure in the cell nucleus. In addition, whatever proteins are in the cell will become denatured to a completely different shape and structure from before. If however the electrical current is passed through neural tissue – Read more

Zeus Twilight Wand – Price: $103

Zeus Twilight Wand ReviewMy Review (Rating is 10/10): This model has been referred by two different names and we are not sure which one is correct anymore. Some sellers of the Estim wand calls it the Zeus Twilight Wand and other people call it the Zeus Violet Wand. What we think is going on is that maybe the brand or the name of the series of Estim products is the Violet Wand but for that specific model, the name is called the Twilight Wand. These days, whenever someone uses the word Twilight, I just refer back to the preteen vampire book and the 5 movie series derived from the book. Personally I was not a big fan of the movies and it definitely doesn’t help me get in the mood. So what makes this model so popular? From what we have seen of the – Read more

You can see a perfect demonstration of the Violet Wand from the video below.