It has come to our recent attention that there seems to be a new wave of physical therapy that is being spread around the professional athlete world. It is called Cryotherapy. Based on just the name itself, we would realize that it is some type of device that causes a type of fluid to be cooled to a low temperature and then used to treat sports related injuries or just the normal wear and tear of the overuse of muscles in the human body.

It seems that some of the biggest names of the sports world have started to jump on the band wagon. It is just another trend that will blow over or is this cryotherapy idea have some real scientific validation? We believe that there is a huge potential for this type of rehabilitation or therapeutic treatment.

As we can tell, there are two different categories of therapeutic devices which operates on the idea of using a type of cooling fluid.

  • Using Nitrogen Gas
  • Using Ice Cold Water

What the professional athletes and extremely wealthy people get to buy are the nitrogen gas based type devices. They get into the cylindrical can type machine, and the nitrogen gas just engulfs their body. The units cost around $30,000-$50,000 each.

The extremely low temperature, many degrees lower than the temperature point at which water freezes, is not going to cause the body to go into a sort of spasm unlike ice cold water. There is a difference in the mode of heat transfer.

The benefits of using cryotherapy is claimed to be very effective towards arthritis, and inflammation. In our research, we have found that the used of old temperature has been shown to be able to reduce swelling and inflammation.