A Complete Review Of the PCH Mini Massager

PCH Mini MassagerI am not sure what is going on these days but in the last 2 weeks or so it seems that there has been a huge interest over people looking to find and get the PCH Mini Massager. I personally would rather call this model of pulse massager one of the weaker models but it seems that people have been going really crazy for this model and I have noticed that the orders have increased multiple times. So is this model special or unique in some way? Am I somehow unaware of maybe some type of recent exposure to the model like a commercial or infomercial?

So what I wanted to do was go back and do a much more comprehensive, overall review on the PCH Mini Massager because it is absolutely critical that the prospective buyer of this type of pain relief device that they understand what they are looking at. Nobody wants to make an uninformed purchase decision. I am here to help people make the best decision possible on getting a great value for their money.

Product Specifications For the PCH Pulse Massager

  • Has 6 main massage modes
  • LCD Screen Display
  • Sleek, light design
  • Comes with 2 pairs of massager electrode pads
  • You can use either the USB charger or the Wall Charger as the power supply

Buy the PCH Mini Massager from Amazon here

My Review

So this model is definitely one of those models which I never really thought much about the first time I looked it over. I actually have a very similar model of Mini-Pulse Massager, which is made by HealthmateForever. Everything I saw about this model just seems to scream “low quality product” and “way over-priced”. In terms of product specs and what it is capable of, there is nothing unique about its features.

If you actually checked the internet to learn more about this model, there is actually very little on this massager type. It doesn’t seem to be sold anywhere except off of Amazon and this website, Pulse Massagers. In fact, the only reason we ever did the original review on this model of mini-massager was because we were trying to do a full review on every single TENS Unit and Electronic Pulse Massager sold on every single Health Devices Speciality Store on the internet. Based on what we found, Overstock, Ebay, and Amazon carried a good selection of the most popular types of these specific massager. Of course, there were some specialty stores like TENS Unit (.com) which has nearly 100 units of TENS Units for sale, but we have found that having more options does not make the job of choosing the right one easier.


PCH MassagerOlder Ipod ModelIn terms of the design of it, it is not special. The design of the model looks very much like the older ipod models, specifically the Ipod Nano version. The size of the LCD Screen Display, the way the on/off switch is on the top or bottom, the circular control board for setting the modes and features makes it seem like it is just another way for some Chinese manufacturer in a factory in China to create a Apple-like product. They product may not be rebranded and labeled as s type of Apple-like MP3 Player but we see a striking resemblance even though it is just an electrotherapy device.

Not only that, there are at least 4 other models which we have already seen which have the EXACT SAME LOOK as the PCH Mini Massager. Those would be the Echo Massager, the IQ Massager Pro (and Pro 2), and the HealthmateForever Model Pro. It also looks similar to the Accusonic EMS Massager sold by BeautyKo.

My main point about the design of this product is that it has already been done, and done multiple times.

The Features

The main feature that this model has is that there is 6 massage modes. Nowhere on the website does it tell you what exactly are the 6 modes but I will tell you right here. They are…

  1. Pushing
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Tapping
  4. Scraping
  5. Cupping
  6. Random

These are the types of massage styles which we have seen in many other models.

PCH ScreenAs for the display screen it shows 4 main things. Refer to the picture to the right to see what we are talking about. You have the following…

  1. The Massage Mode (or Style) – You choose one of the 6 styles
  2. The Timer – Most of the mini pulse massagers allow you to set the timer in intervals of 15 minutes, up to 1 hour or 60 minutes.
  3. The Battery Life – This will be at the top corner. It will start to flash as an indicator that the battery is getting low
  4. The Intensity Level – This is displayed on the bottom. These models are slightly on the higher end so they are dual channeled. When you connect them up, it can control 4 electrode pads as once all emitting the same intensity level of pulsing current.


In terms of price, this model is one of the cheapest models that we have seen. We base the price from the Amazon product webpage, not the Ebay or Overstock. All 3 have great low prices but Overstock usually has slightly higher pricing points. Ebay on the other hand often runs out of the model. We did check Alibaba to see if there was anything that you could possibly buy in bulk high numbers for a discount but there was nothing on that website.

The problem with Amazon pricing is that they change in a consistent basis. In fact, based on just Oct. 2013, the price for this model ranged from as low as $25 to as high as $40. That is a 60% price differential. It is nearly impossible for us to pinpoint at what time the price would be at the lowest. To see how much it is currently priced at, Click Here.

There is actually two (or maybe even more) Amazon product pages selling the exact same product. At any given time the pricing of the two is slightly different. So if you are really interested in getting the massager model for the cheapest price, check out both of the pages to see which one has the best deal. Product Page #1 and Product Page #2. Click on both of them to see which one has the lower price at the current time.

What do other people really think of this model?

The issue over whether some of the positive reviews written by people for Amazon are real or faked for higher sales has become a big problem. We suspect that a lot of the reviews that are written are faked. For at least the niche which we are in, which is to provide the best information on TENS units, pain relief devices, and massager, it is very common for people to exaggerate the benefits while hiding the multiple technical problems that the model has. The PCH is no exception. From its Product Page #1, it has currently about 10 reviews and the average rating it was given was 7/10. The Product Page #2 has over 20 reviews and the average rating is 9/10. We could just leave it like that and say that it is a great product and tell you to go ahead and buy this model but that would be a lie.

Instead we should rather focus on the less positive things the people have said about it. That is often more revealing than the positive things. Here are issues that were raised…

  • It seems to loss power
  • The charing feature shows that it doesn’t charge well
  • Parts of the unit started to break apart
  • There was no customer service

Now, that is just 2 out of the over 20 reviews so far. It does have an overall average rating of 9/10. It should be good. However, if we looked closer at which reviews were the most helpful, the 2 reviews that are currently up criticizing the model were given the most stars and the most helpful. This shows that as for consensus agreement and where someone else advice was helpful, it was the negative reviews which 3rd party individuals felt were being the most honest. That is something which I felt is very revealing.

Would I personally recommend it for the shopper? 

The truth is that this product is already being sold in the market and multiple online retail stores in a different name. When we first got started in the Pulse Massagers and TENS unit business even we got confused as seeing similar product over and over again but sold by third party people and middle men with different company or business names. It goes by the name Mini Massager or Electronic Pulse Massager which we had reviewed.

Personally I would NOT recommend this model, and that is because of the lack of features it has, and the fact that you can get a different, MUCH better, higher quality massager for your money. One of the biggest problems with mini-pulse massages has always been their inability to deliver a constant intensity electrical pulse which has enough current to actually give some type of pain relief. Other people who have bought similar models complained that either the device would stop working after a few tries, or it would shock them. The shocking I suspect is more due to the fact that they did not put a good enough conduction between the electrode pad, the gel, and the skin surface than anything else. When you do not apply the electrode pads securely to the skin the current going through the pad becomes concentrated to one area and zaps you than emit the electrical current in a steady current for muscle and nerve stimulation.

I would rather recommend the PL-009 Electronic Pulse Massager sold by truMedic. It is currently priced around $53. You can read our complete review on it here. This model of pulse massager has sold tens of thousands and the hundreds of people who have come back to review it on the Amazon shows that it consistently does it job in providing muscle tension relief and pain relief. So check out either of the suggested two model by clicking any of the links below.

(Side Note: Although we personally did not recommend the model, our opinions and assessment have been known to be wrong from past experiences. If one is still very insistent on looking at the PCH Mini Massager model, you can get to its product page by Clicking Here)

What we had said before was that this model the PCH is the same product as two other models sold, called the IQ Massager Pro and the Echo Massager. We did a review on both of the models before Here and Here, respectively. To see what you would get if you did buy the PCH mini massager, you can just watch the video where the seller of the IQ Massager (Currently priced at $65) goes into description in describing it. So this video below would show you what you are going to get if you did buy the semi-famous PCH massager model. All of the three models are the same thing.