Complete Listing Of Companies That Sell TENS Units and Electronic Pulse Massagers

Complete Listing Of Companies That Sell TENS Units and Electronic Pulse MassagersThis is going to be a complete, full listing of all of the companies that I have found from using Google to see which companies, sellers, resellers, distributors, designers, and manufacturers who sell pulse massagers and tens units.

What I am going to try to do is put them in alphabetical order.

From the website Neuro Tech Network

TENS and PENS units

Algotech Ltd. - Providing a Neurostimulation PENS Therapy for chronic pain.

  • NeuroStimulator PENS therapy ®
  • NeuroStimulator PENS therapy ® Probes

Axelgaard - Their PALS Electrodes have become the world wide brand of neurostimulation electrode.

They sell electrodes and hydrogels like the Ultra-Stim Snap. There are no TENS Units that this company sells that I am aware of.

Axiobionics, LLC - Wearable therapies are custom build external electrical stimulation systems

This website is currently down or there  is nothing showing on the webpage. It just says Axiobionics, Center for NeuroProsthetics

Biowave - They designed 3 pain therapy devices all using percutaneous neuromodulation therapy delivering therapeutic electrical signal into deep tissue: Deepwave, Homewave and Sportswave.

  • BiowavePRO ® Neuromodulation Pain Therapy System
  • Homewave Neuromodulation Pain Therapy System
  • Biowave’s SMARTPAD TM technology

I am not sure what happened to the Sportswave pain relief device but it doesn’t seem to be offered anymore on the Biowave website.

Care Rehab - They offering TENS units for the treatment of pain.

  • Care TENS ™ – dual channel digital TENS device with nine preset programs and three adjustable program
  • Care Stim™ – dual channel digital muscle stimulation device (which I guess means is only a EMS device)  that comes with nine preset programs
  • Care Select Stim™ – dual channel digital muscle stimulation device that has 9 preset TENS and 6 preset NMES programs
  • Care IFC Sport™ – an interferential current device
  • Care IFC Plus™  - an interferential current device
  • Classic TENS ™ – has 14 different stimulation modes
  • Care Rehab Conductive Garment – similar to a TENS belt

Dynatronics - Providing self administered TENS devices to manage post-traumatic or post-surgical pain.

  • Dynatron Solaris ® Plus
  • Dynatronics Solaris Plus Series 3 Channel Combo Unit
  • Dynatronics Solaris Plus Series 5 Channel Combo Unit
  • Dynatron D890 Laser Probe
  • Dynatron X5 Soft Tissue Oscillation Device
  • Dynatron X2 Decompression & Light Therapy Unit
  • DGDIGT Muscle Stimulator
  • Dynatronics Dual Channel T.E.N.S. Unit
  • Dynatron 525 Interferential 3 Channel
  • Dynatron 125 Ultrasound

Electronmedical Products International - Alpha-Stim device treats pain and stress related disorders with a proven, safe, effective non-drug approach

Empi, Inc. (by DJO Global) – Empi’s extensive line of rehabilitation products offer solutions for a variety of health care needs, including pain control options.

  • Select TENSTM  Pain Management System
  • Epix VT TENS device
  • ProMax™ TENS Device
  • IF 3WAVE ® – a digital, dual channel, interferential (IF) current device
  • Empi Infinity Plus
  • Hybresis System
  • 300PV™ - Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMES) device
  • VitalStim® Therapy

Laser Touch One – Sells what is known as an alternative pain relief device, which looks like a pen

Medical Science Products - Specializing in non-invastive electrotherapy devices.

  • MSP- TENS Pain Relief Device
  • MicroCurrent Device
  • EMS Device
  • Interferential Pain Relief Device

NeuroMetrix - Offering the SENSUS device focusing on treatment for painful diabetic neuropathy.

  • SENSUS Pain Management System – it is a type of tens device specifically made for people who are diabetics and suffering from chronic pain. It looks like a belt or knee brace and you slip it around your legs.

Neurotech - Wearable TENS units for the treatment of chronic pain including Baxolve XP, Aviva TENS XP and Recovery Back devices.

  • Kneehab XP
  • AvivaStim XP
  • AvivaTENS XP
  • NeuroTech Recovery Back

Pain Gone – Sells the TENS Unit Pen

  • PainGone Pain Relief Pen – Uses the basic TENS technology by sending short bursts or electrical pulsing signals

Pain Management Devices (Australia)

  • SUNMAS TENS Machine - Price: $189.00 - Amazon

RS Medical - offering pain and function solution stimulators to treat painful muscle conditions and to treat persistent back and neck pain.

  • RS-4i Plus Sequential Stimulator
  • RS-4i Sequential Stimulator
  • RS-4m Muscle Stimulator
  • RS-TENS Plus Stimulator
  • AvivaStim XP 2-Channel Muscle Stimulator with TENS
  • RS-FBG Full Back Conductive Garment
  • RS-LB Low Back Conductive Garment

Scriphessco - These are a complete list of the TENS units that are offered on the website

  • MaxStim 1000 Analog TENS Unit
  • MaxStim 1000 Kit
  • MaxStim 2000 Digital TENS Unit
  • MaxStim 2000 Kit
  • Mettler 210 TENS Unit
  • Current Solutions InTENSity IF combo
  • TENS 2800
  • Quattro II (or the Quattro 2)
  • Micro II Micro Current (or Micro 2 TENS Unit)
  • Current Solutions InTENSity 5000 Hybrid
  • UltraTENS
  • Twim Stim Unit
  • ComforTENS Plus Analog Unit
  • InTENSity 10 TENS Unit
  • Digital TENS 7000
  • TENS 3000
  • Ultima 5 Digital TENS Unit
  • Current Solutions InTENSity Twin Stim III
  • Current Solutions InTENSity Select Combo
  • Intelect TENS Unit
  • Hollywog WiTouch Wireless TENS Unit
  • Hollywog WiTouch Professional Wireless TENS Unit
  • Current Solutions TENS AA
  • Hollywog® WiTouch™ Professional Wireless TENS Unit
  • Amrex Advanteq 2000 Tens Unit
  • BioStim M7 Tens Unit
  • Theratech Tens Unit
  • Impulse Tens D5 Digital Tens Unit
  • Current Solutions Bakwel TENS Unit with Low Back Belt
  • Quadstar II Digital NMS, INF and TENS Device
  • Biostim Plus Tens Unit
  • Mettler 212 Digital Tens Unit With Timer
  • Digital Intelect Tens
  • Ultima 11 TENS
  • LCD TENS Unit
  • Mettler Trio Stim Clinical Device
  • BioMed 2000XI Analog TENS Unit
  • BioStim Interferential Stimulator
  • Current Solutions Fuego Heat & TENS Unit
  • HollyWog TENS 2A
  • Quadstar Elite Digital NMS, INF, TENS Device
  • Amrex Spectrum Micro 1000 Microcurrent
  • WiTouch TENS Replaceable Remote

SPR Therapeutics - offering a peripheral nerve stimulation system for shoulder pain.

  •  SMARTPATCH Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) System


The TENS Units in its catalog

  • Ultima 1
  • Ultima 3
  • Ultima 3T
  • Ultima 5
  • Ultima 20
  • Medscope
  • First Choice TENS
  • First Choice Plus TENS
  • Libra TENS
  • Flexi TENS
  • Ultima 11
  • Smart TENS
  • Profile TENS
  • V-TENS Plus
  • BodyClock Duo

Electro-Acupuncture Devices

  • Pain Gone
  • Body Clock Stimplus
  • Stimplus Pro
  • V-TENS Plus

Electronic Muscle Stimulators

  • EMS 1000 Plus
  • Digital EMS Medtrim
  • UStim
  • 1st Choice EMS
  • Profile EMS
  • Body Clock Duo

Interferential Current Therapy

  • IF 4000
  • Digital Sine Third Generation

TENs Units

  • TENS AA Digital TENS Unit
  • TENS-1000 Analog TENS Unit
  • TENS-2000 Analog TENS Unit
  • TENS 2K Analog
  • TENS-6000 Digital TENS Unit
  • Micro 2 Analog TENS Microcurrent Unit
  • IF 4000 Analog TENS Interferential Unit
  • IF 4K Digital TENS Interferential Unit.
  • Bakwel TENS Back Belt
  • UltraTENS Ultrasound and TENS unit in one device
  • TENS Ultima 3 Analog TENS Unit
  • TENS Ultima 3t (with timer) Analog TENS Unit.
  • TENS Ultima Five Digital TENS Unit.
  • Ultima Tens Analog Single Mode TENS Unit
  • TENS Ultima Eleven Digital TENS Unit
  • TENS Ultima 20 Digital TENS Unit.
  • Ultima 22 Digital TENS and EMS in one device
  • Ultima Neo Adavanced Multi-Mode Stimulator
  • Ultima Combo Digital TENS and Ems in one device
  • Quadstar Elite Digital TENS and EMS in one device
  • LaserTENS 2000 VIS Digital TENS/Laser Therapy Unit
  • Quadstar II Digital TENS and EMS in one device
  • INF Plus Analog TENS Interferential Unit.
  • BioSTIM M7 Digital TENS Unit
  • BioSTIM INF Digital TENS Interferential Unit
  • ProM-503D Digital TENS Unit
  • PM-360 Digital TENS Unit.
  • ProM-355 Digital TENS Unit.
  • BioMed 2000XL Analog TENS Unit.
  • BioMed 2000XT Analog TENS Unit
  • BioSTIM Plus Digital TENS Unit
  • ProM-100 Analog TENS Unit
  • ProM-200 Analog TENS Unit
  • ProM-300 Analog TENS Unit
  • IF-400D Digital TENS Interferential Unit
  • Impulse TENS D5 Digital TENS Unit.
  • Dual Stim Digital TENS and EMS in one device
  • ProM IF-4000 Analog TENS Interferential Unit.
  • BLD IF 4250D Digital TENS Interferential and EMS in one device.
  • BLD Stim3 Digital TENS Interferential and EMS in one device
  • PMT Digital Ultrasound and EMS Combo Unit.
  • Quad Stim-Plus Digital TENS and EMS in one device.
  • Combo Stim-Plus Digital TENS and EMS in one device.
  • Combo Stim Digital TENS and EMS in one device.
  • TEN/EMS Combo Digital TENS and EMS in one device.
  • TENS 7500 Digital TENS Unit.
  • TENS 3500 Analog TENS Unit.
  • TENS Medscope 1211 Digital TENS Unit
  • InTENSity Twin Stim III Digital TENS and EMS Unit in one device
  • TENS-2500 Analog TENS Unit
  • Twin Stim II Digital TENS and EMS Unit in one device
  • TENS 3000 Analog TENS Unit.
  • TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit
  • ProM-710 Digital TENS and EMS in one device.

EMS Units

  • EMS-3000 Analog EMS Unit
  • EMS-6500 Digital EMS Unit
  • Mini Wireless Digital TENS and EMS unit in one device
  • Twin Stim Plus Digital TENS and EMS Unit in one device

InTENSity TENS Unit & EMS Units

  • InTENSity Select Combo Digital TENS,EMS, Interferential and Microcurrent Unit in one
  • InTENSity IF Combo Digital TENS and Interferential Unit in one device
  • InTENSity Micro Combo Digital TENS and Microcurrent Unit in one device
  • InTENSity 10 Digital TENS Unit.
  • InTENSity Hybrid 5000 Digital and Analog Tens Unit in one device

TENS Unit Shop

Implanted Drug Delivery Systems (IDDS)

  • Codman - Implantable drug delivery system for the treatment of pain and spasticity.
  • Medtronic - ITB Therapy for severe spasticity.

Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)

  • Boston Scientific Neuromodulation - a global leader in the development of implantable, high-technology neurostimulation devices. Our bionic technologies include new spinal cord stimulation treatments for chronic pain.
  • Medtronic, Inc. - Medtronic Pain Therapies™ offer proven, effective relief treatment alternatives of spinal cord stimulation.
  • St. Jude Medical Neuromodulation - has successful neurostimulation and drug pump technologies advancing treatment standards for chronic pain and neurological disorders

Alternative Therapies

  • Anodyne Therapy - Anodyne® Infrared Therapy Systems are medical devices that are indicated to increase circulation and reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle spasm.
  • Fisher Wallace Laboratories - The Fisher Wallace Stimulator™ is an external and portable stimulation for insomnia, anxiety, depression and pain therapy. It works by stimulating the brain’s production of serotonin, GABA and beta-endorphins.
  • Neuros Medical - Developing Nerve Block technology for chronic pain.