Complete Listing Of Companies That Sell TENS Units and Electronic Pulse MassagersThis is going to be a complete, full listing of all of the companies that I have found from using Google to see which companies, sellers, resellers, distributors, designers, and manufacturers who sell pulse massagers and tens units. Since we started back in 2012, the list has been growing slowly over time.

What I am going to try to do is put them in alphabetical order.

From the website Neuro Tech Network

TENS, NMES, Interferential, and HPVS units

Algotech Ltd. – Providing a Neurostimulation PENS Therapy for chronic pain.

  • NeuroStimulator PENS therapy ®
  • NeuroStimulator PENS therapy ® Probes

Axelgaard – Their PALS Electrodes have become the world wide brand of neurostimulation electrode.

They sell electrodes and hydrogels like the Ultra-Stim Snap. There are no TENS Units that this company sells that I am aware of.

Axiobionics, LLC – Wearable therapies are custom build external electrical stimulation systems

This website is currently down or there  is nothing showing on the webpage. It just says Axiobionics, Center for NeuroProsthetics

BioMedical Life Sciences – These guys have been selling many of the older models, some which are analog based. They have TENS, IF, NMES, and HPVS models

  • Biomed 2000XL – Wrote a detailed review on this particular model
  • Biomed 2000XT – TENS unit with Timer
  • BioStim M7 – Digital TENS unit
  • BioStim SD – Digital TENS unit
  • BioStim Plus – Digital TENS unit
  • BioStim INF – Digital Inteferential Stimulator
  • Impulse TENS D5 – Digital TENS unit
  • Impulse 3000T – TENS unit with Timer
  • INF Plus – Interferential Stimulator
  • Micro Plus – Microcurent Stimulator
  • BioStim NMS2 – Digital Muscle Stimulator (E-Stim)
  • Impulse EMS D7 – Digital Muscle Stimulator (E-Stim)
  • EMS 2000 – Muscle Stimulator (E-Stim)
  • GV 350 – High Volt Pulsed Stimulator (HVPS)
  • QuadStar Elite – Multi-Modality Stimulator
  • QuadStar II – Multi-Modality Stimulator

Biowave – They designed 3 pain therapy devices all using percutaneous neuromodulation therapy delivering therapeutic electrical signal into deep tissue: Deepwave, Homewave and Sportswave.

  • BiowavePRO ® Neuromodulation Pain Therapy System
  • Homewave Neuromodulation Pain Therapy System
  • Biowave’s SMARTPAD TM technology

I am not sure what happened to the Sportswave pain relief device but it doesn’t seem to be offered anymore on the Biowave website.

Care Rehab – They offering TENS units for the treatment of pain.

  • Care TENS ™ – dual channel digital TENS device with nine preset programs and three adjustable program
  • Care Stim™ – dual channel digital muscle stimulation device (which I guess means is only a EMS device)  that comes with nine preset programs
  • Care Select Stim™ – dual channel digital muscle stimulation device that has 9 preset TENS and 6 preset NMES programs
  • Care IFC Sport™ – an interferential current device
  • Care IFC Plus™  – an interferential current device
  • Classic TENS ™ – has 14 different stimulation modes
  • Care Rehab Conductive Garment – similar to a TENS belt

DunDex – We think the company is a China based company. There is too little information on the products that they sell.

  • The Dundex Professional TENS Machine We have been trying to track down where the Dundex Dual Channel TENS Machine originated from. After extensive searching we figured out that the model was being sold under at least one different name. The model was already being sold under the name Professional Dual Channel Electronic Massager. It is very different in design to the other models that we have seen. We are sort of amazed to see just how large the screen is and how much information is provided. From a quick look on the model we see that is a dual channeled device, as advertised in its product description. That means that the central control unit can modulate 4 different electrode pads at the same time. On the screen it shows the intensity level and the timer for both of the channels. The great thing about having different channels is the ability to switch between the channels and adjust the frequency and intensity of each channel to be independent of each other. Almost not online stores carry this particular model anymore. We were lucky to figure out the other name it goes by because it is sold on Amazon. Unfortunately that particular model is no longer on Amazon. We suspect that the model is no longer being offered anywhere.

Dynatronics – Providing self administered TENS devices to manage post-traumatic or post-surgical pain.

  • Dynatron Solaris ® Plus
  • Dynatronics Solaris Plus Series 3 Channel Combo Unit
  • Dynatronics Solaris Plus Series 5 Channel Combo Unit
  • Dynatron D890 Laser Probe
  • Dynatron X5 Soft Tissue Oscillation Device
  • Dynatron X2 Decompression & Light Therapy Unit
  • DGDIGT Muscle Stimulator
  • Dynatronics Dual Channel T.E.N.S. Unit
  • Dynatron 525 Interferential 3 Channel
  • Dynatron 125 Ultrasound

Electronmedical Products International – Alpha-Stim device treats pain and stress related disorders with a proven, safe, effective non-drug approach

Empi, Inc. (by DJO Global) – Empi’s extensive line of rehabilitation products offer solutions for a variety of health care needs, including pain control options.

  • Select TENSTM  Pain Management System
  • Epix VT TENS device
  • ProMax™ TENS Device
  • IF 3WAVE ® – a digital, dual channel, interferential (IF) current device
  • Empi Infinity Plus
  • Hybresis System
  • 300PV™ – Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMES) device
  • VitalStim® Therapy

Laser Touch One – Sells what is known as an alternative pain relief device, which looks like a pen

LG Medical Supply, under the LG-Tec Brand name

  • LG-TEC Elite – We found from the LG Medical Supply website the model. While the brand name of the device is the “LG-TEC Elite” it is described as a DIGITAL Dual COMBO TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator
  • LG-TEC 8 Mode Combo –  The model called the LG-TEC 8 Mode Combo which we have listed is actually sort of misleading. What we probably should have called the particular model is the LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS/EMS Unit. – Read more
  • LG-Quad Combo –  This is the 2nd model which we found from the LG (LG Medical Supply) website. The reason it has been called the Quad Combo is that you get 4 different treatment modalities in one unit. While most people are already familiar with the Electrical Muscle Stimulations (EMS) and Transcutaneous Nerve Electrical Stimulation (TENS) Modality, this portable neuromuscular electrical stimulation device can also do more. It is also considered to an Interferential Uni as well as a Micro-Current device. The major difference between all 4 modalities is either the frequency of the type of electrical current being emitted or the intensity of the signal. The PDF for the Operating Manual is available here.
  • The LG VIBE TENS Unit (by Current Solutions)We were informed about this particular model of TENS Unit by another online store (Tens Unit Store Online) and they told us abut this model which has a total of 12 different massage programs which you can choose from. The actual name for this particular model is called the LG VIBE TENS Unit and it is actually sold at least on the Amazon website by the people at Current Solutions. We were very surprised at first to see this type of product because it just doesn’t look like the type of model that Current Solutions usually makes or sells. The LG part makes us believe that it is probably the other company LC Medical Supplies, selling under the LG-Tec name. This particular model can emit 4 different types of wave forms. Those 4 different types are continuous, pulsed, burst, and pulse moderation

Medical Science Products – Specializing in non-invastive electrotherapy devices.

  • MSP- TENS Pain Relief Device
  • MicroCurrent Device
  • EMS Device
  • Interferential Pain Relief Device

NeuroMetrix – Offering the SENSUS device focusing on treatment for painful diabetic neuropathy.

  • SENSUS Pain Management System – it is a type of tens device specifically made for people who are diabetics and suffering from chronic pain. It looks like a belt or knee brace and you slip it around your legs.

Neurotech – Wearable TENS units for the treatment of chronic pain including Baxolve XP, Aviva TENS XP and Recovery Back devices.

  • Kneehab XP
  • AvivaStim XP
  • AvivaTENS XP
  • NeuroTech Recovery Back

Pain Gone – Sells the TENS Unit Pen

  • PainGone Pain Relief Pen – Uses the basic TENS technology by sending short bursts or electrical pulsing signals

Pain Management Devices (Australia)

  • SUNMAS TENS Machine – Price: $189.00 – Amazon

Pepin Manufacturing Inc, or PMI.  – The following listing is from their E-Stim page.

  • TENS-2000
  • TENS-2500
  • TENS-6000
  • Ultimate Ortho TEMS
  • EMS 5.0
  • EMS 6500
  • IF-2206
  • PGS-123
  • Micro-II Analog Microcurrent

RS Medical – offering pain and function solution stimulators to treat painful muscle conditions and to treat persistent back and neck pain.

  • RS-4i Plus Sequential Stimulator
  • RS-4i Sequential Stimulator
  • RS-4m Muscle Stimulator
  • RS-TENS Plus Stimulator
  • AvivaStim XP 2-Channel Muscle Stimulator with TENS
  • RS-FBG Full Back Conductive Garment
  • RS-LB Low Back Conductive Garment

Scriphessco – These are a complete list of the TENS units that are offered on the website

  • MaxStim 1000 Analog TENS Unit
  • MaxStim 1000 Kit
  • MaxStim 2000 Digital TENS Unit
  • MaxStim 2000 Kit
  • Mettler 210 TENS Unit
  • Current Solutions InTENSity IF combo
  • TENS 2800
  • Quattro II (or the Quattro 2)
  • Micro II Micro Current (or Micro 2 TENS Unit)
  • Current Solutions InTENSity 5000 Hybrid
  • UltraTENS
  • Twim Stim Unit
  • ComforTENS Plus Analog Unit
  • InTENSity 10 TENS Unit
  • Digital TENS 7000
  • TENS 3000
  • Ultima 5 Digital TENS Unit
  • Current Solutions InTENSity Twin Stim III
  • Current Solutions InTENSity Select Combo
  • Intelect TENS Unit
  • Hollywog WiTouch Wireless TENS Unit
  • Hollywog WiTouch Professional Wireless TENS Unit
  • Current Solutions TENS AA
  • Hollywog® WiTouch™ Professional Wireless TENS Unit
  • Amrex Advanteq 2000 Tens Unit
  • BioStim M7 Tens Unit
  • Theratech Tens Unit
  • Impulse Tens D5 Digital Tens Unit
  • Current Solutions Bakwel TENS Unit with Low Back Belt
  • Quadstar II Digital NMS, INF and TENS Device
  • Biostim Plus Tens Unit
  • Mettler 212 Digital Tens Unit With Timer
  • Digital Intelect Tens
  • Ultima 11 TENS
  • LCD TENS Unit
  • Mettler Trio Stim Clinical Device
  • BioMed 2000XI Analog TENS Unit
  • BioStim Interferential Stimulator
  • Current Solutions Fuego Heat & TENS Unit
  • HollyWog TENS 2A
  • Quadstar Elite Digital NMS, INF, TENS Device
  • Amrex Spectrum Micro 1000 Microcurrent
  • WiTouch TENS Replaceable Remote

SPR Therapeutics – offering a peripheral nerve stimulation system for shoulder pain.

  •  SMARTPATCH Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) System


The TENS Units in its catalog

  • Ultima 1
  • Ultima 3
  • Ultima 3T
  • Ultima 5
  • Ultima 20
  • Medscope
  • First Choice TENS
  • First Choice Plus TENS
  • Libra TENS
  • Flexi TENS
  • Ultima 11
  • Smart TENS
  • Profile TENS
  • V-TENS Plus
  • BodyClock Duo

Electro-Acupuncture Devices

  • Pain Gone
  • Body Clock Stimplus
  • Stimplus Pro
  • V-TENS Plus

Electronic Muscle Stimulators

  • EMS 1000 Plus
  • Digital EMS Medtrim
  • UStim
  • 1st Choice EMS
  • Profile EMS
  • Body Clock Duo

Interferential Current Therapy

  • IF 4000
  • Digital Sine Third Generation

TENs Units

  • TENS AA Digital TENS Unit
  • TENS-1000 Analog TENS Unit
  • TENS-2000 Analog TENS Unit
  • TENS 2K Analog
  • TENS-6000 Digital TENS Unit
  • Micro 2 Analog TENS Microcurrent Unit
  • IF 4000 Analog TENS Interferential Unit
  • IF 4K Digital TENS Interferential Unit.
  • Bakwel TENS Back Belt
  • UltraTENS Ultrasound and TENS unit in one device
  • TENS Ultima 3 Analog TENS Unit
  • TENS Ultima 3t (with timer) Analog TENS Unit.
  • TENS Ultima Five Digital TENS Unit.
  • Ultima Tens Analog Single Mode TENS Unit
  • TENS Ultima Eleven Digital TENS Unit
  • TENS Ultima 20 Digital TENS Unit.
  • Ultima 22 Digital TENS and EMS in one device
  • Ultima Neo Adavanced Multi-Mode Stimulator
  • Ultima Combo Digital TENS and Ems in one device
  • Quadstar Elite Digital TENS and EMS in one device
  • LaserTENS 2000 VIS Digital TENS/Laser Therapy Unit
  • Quadstar II Digital TENS and EMS in one device
  • INF Plus Analog TENS Interferential Unit.
  • BioSTIM M7 Digital TENS Unit
  • BioSTIM INF Digital TENS Interferential Unit
  • ProM-503D Digital TENS Unit
  • PM-360 Digital TENS Unit.
  • ProM-355 Digital TENS Unit.
  • BioMed 2000XL Analog TENS Unit.
  • BioMed 2000XT Analog TENS Unit
  • BioSTIM Plus Digital TENS Unit
  • ProM-100 Analog TENS Unit
  • ProM-200 Analog TENS Unit
  • ProM-300 Analog TENS Unit
  • IF-400D Digital TENS Interferential Unit
  • Impulse TENS D5 Digital TENS Unit.
  • Dual Stim Digital TENS and EMS in one device
  • ProM IF-4000 Analog TENS Interferential Unit.
  • BLD IF 4250D Digital TENS Interferential and EMS in one device.
  • BLD Stim3 Digital TENS Interferential and EMS in one device
  • PMT Digital Ultrasound and EMS Combo Unit.
  • Quad Stim-Plus Digital TENS and EMS in one device.
  • Combo Stim-Plus Digital TENS and EMS in one device.
  • Combo Stim Digital TENS and EMS in one device.
  • TEN/EMS Combo Digital TENS and EMS in one device.
  • TENS 7500 Digital TENS Unit.
  • TENS 3500 Analog TENS Unit.
  • TENS Medscope 1211 Digital TENS Unit
  • InTENSity Twin Stim III Digital TENS and EMS Unit in one device
  • TENS-2500 Analog TENS Unit
  • Twin Stim II Digital TENS and EMS Unit in one device
  • TENS 3000 Analog TENS Unit.
  • TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit
  • ProM-710 Digital TENS and EMS in one device.

EMS Units

  • EMS-3000 Analog EMS Unit
  • EMS-6500 Digital EMS Unit
  • Mini Wireless Digital TENS and EMS unit in one device
  • Twin Stim Plus Digital TENS and EMS Unit in one device

InTENSity TENS Unit & EMS Units

  • InTENSity Select Combo Digital TENS,EMS, Interferential and Microcurrent Unit in one
  • InTENSity IF Combo Digital TENS and Interferential Unit in one device
  • InTENSity Micro Combo Digital TENS and Microcurrent Unit in one device
  • InTENSity 10 Digital TENS Unit.
  • InTENSity Hybrid 5000 Digital and Analog Tens Unit in one device

TENS Unit Shop

Implanted Drug Delivery Systems (IDDS)

  • Codman – Implantable drug delivery system for the treatment of pain and spasticity.
  • Medtronic – ITB Therapy for severe spasticity.

Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)

  • Boston Scientific Neuromodulation – a global leader in the development of implantable, high-technology neurostimulation devices. Our bionic technologies include new spinal cord stimulation treatments for chronic pain.
  • Medtronic, Inc. – Medtronic Pain Therapies™ offer proven, effective relief treatment alternatives of spinal cord stimulation.
  • St. Jude Medical Neuromodulation – has successful neurostimulation and drug pump technologies advancing treatment standards for chronic pain and neurological disorders

Alternative Therapies

  • Anodyne Therapy – Anodyne® Infrared Therapy Systems are medical devices that are indicated to increase circulation and reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle spasm.
  • Fisher Wallace Laboratories – The Fisher Wallace Stimulator™ is an external and portable stimulation for insomnia, anxiety, depression and pain therapy. It works by stimulating the brain’s production of serotonin, GABA and beta-endorphins.
  • Neuros Medical – Developing Nerve Block technology for chronic pain.