Comparing The XFT-320A Vs Omron PM3030 Vs XFT-502

XFT-502For this post I wanted to compare the three most common and well known TENS unit or pulse massagers which are not sold by Prospera. For anyone who has ever had  a TENS unit, more than likely if they did not get a PL009 then they probably used either the PM3030 by Omron, the XFT-320A, or the XFT-502. These are among the best TENS units that are around, and they are especially good for muscle tension relief and lower back pain that is caused by muscle spasms or muscle knots. Note that the picture to the right is the XFT-502 sold by Gold Hand. We are going to see which of these three pulse massagers or TENS units is the best.

First, let’s start with the XFT-502…

XFT-502 TENS Unit

From just looking at the picture we can see that in terms of what we can adjust and control, it is really not a lot. The specs say that it can do pushing, tapping, kneading and rhythmical vibration which are the massage types that it can go into.

There are buttons to change the type of mode you are using and the intensity of the electrical pulse signal.

  • Power – The button is to turn the device on and off
  • Tap – You press this button to set the massage type to be tapping, which is similar to real hands that are rapidly hitting your muscle area for tension relief.
  • Vibrating – This is the other massage type that helps muscles which are tense to loosen up.
  • Massage – This is the last massage type you can set to which stimulates the electrical signal to make it seem like your muscles are being kneaded slowly from side to side.
  • Auto – If you push this button, the massager will start to go into one of its pre-programmed massaging modes.
  • Speed – It seems that this model of pulse massager does allow you to change the pulsing speed
  • Strength – this is the button that allows you to switch from one intensity mode to the next.

This device will be very useful for improving the circulation of blood flow. When I wrote the original review for the XFT-502 by Gold Hand I had said that it is a veyr cheap model of pulse massagers being only around $18. It is cheap, but most people think it is of a low quality because the electrode pads often don’t stick well, but the issue is with the electrodes, which you can get new ones. To see more information about this model, Click Here

XFT-320A TENS Unit

XFT-320APrevious I had done a review on the XFT-320a Electrical Stimulator Massager and I had stated that this device turns out to be very small, even though the product specs say that it is supposed to be around 10 inches wide. Rethinking over the numbers, i realized that the units which are in inches are supposed to be in cms. The actual device is much smaller than previous believed. It is actually around 4 inches wide, 3 inches tall, and a little less than 1 inch thick. (Given product specifications were originally at 10.2 x 2.4 x 8.8 inches with a weight of 1.4 pounds)

The XFT-320A has the same type of design and shape as the XFT-502, which is in contrast to most other pulse massager models, like the mini pulse massagers which are shaped more like ipods, or the

The specifications about this device are limited. What is given for this electrical muscle stimulation device is that is has two channels, which is good enough to at least work on two areas of the body independently at the same time. There are 4 pads that are provided.

XFT-320A Electrotherapy DeviceIn addition, you get a nice acupuncture pen, which I had stated in the 2nd review XFT-320A Massager was something that most buyers of pulse massagers or TENS units don’t know how to operate. Most people become aware of TENS units and how to use the electrical pulses to relieve sore muscles and pain through going to their physical therapist, physiotherapist, or the chiropractor. They are not aware that acupuncturists have also been using these TENS units are a complement to the  traditional method they have been using with the needle. I even have a section of the website dedicated to reviewing the various types of Acupuncture Pens. You might want to take a look.

If you look at the picture to the right you can see that there are three massage styles, which are…

  1. Rubbing
  2. Tapping
  3. Kneading

There are 4 areas of the body which we understand to be pre-programmed massage programs. They are…

  1. Shoulder
  2. Joints
  3. Hands & Feet
  4. Waist & Back

You also have another special massager style which the other two models which we are talking about don’t have which is the option to try the acupuncture massager style by the electrotherapy device.

From the button that is available called speed, we can see that we also have the option of changing the speed. I would guess that the massager programs all run on a cycle, probably either 15 minutes or 30 minute durations. That is why you have the repeat button on the right. Based on the types of electrode pads that we have with it, this model is also known as a “low frequency therapeutic device”. 

Along with everything you get the operating manual and the batteries need to operate the device. To see more information about this model, Click Here

Omron PM3030 TENS Unit

Omron PM3030This Omron PM3030 TENS unit is also known as the Omron Electrotherapy Device. It has been one of the most reviewed and talked about pulse massager models around.

First, let’s see what the specifications for this device are…

  • It uses the TENS technology for pain relief by stimulating the nerve endings.
  • It has 3 main pre-programs ­which are 1. the arm, 2. lower back and 3. the leg or foot ­ area
  • There is 5 intensity levels
  • Small and portable
  • The self-adhesive Long Life Pads that are included at  reusable up to 150 times
  • FDA cleared

This model called the PM3030 was something I review before HERE and I had not specifically stated that it was one of the better TENS Units out there, although it is. You can just look at the picture to see what types of adjustments you can do. The massager programs are specifying areas of the body to massager. The adjustments don’t let you change the pulsing signal speed aka frequency. This takes away from its effectiveness. You only get three places to use the device, when other models like the PL009 can work on 6 areas and the PL029 can work on 5 areas.

It really is a very simple design for any TENS unit but it is quite perplexing why it has become so well reviewed. Behind just the PL009 model it is the most reviewed electrotherapy pain relief device that is around. Not only that, the majority of the reviews of the device has been very good. It could be from its relatively cheap price which is currently around $35 w/ Free Shipping. Over and over again people have said that the device is horrible looking and looks very cheap but after they used it give it high marks for its effectiveness. For more information about the PM3030 Pain Relief Device, Click Here.

Overall Conclusion

Here are the current prices for the Electrotherapy Pulse Massagers…

What is obvious from only comparing the prices is that the XFT-502 TENS Unit is the cheapest one of the bunch. However, does the fact that it is the cheapest of the three make it the best choice for choosing the right type of electronic pulse massager or TENS unit?

When it comes to the number of massager types that we can use, we know that the PM3030 focuses on three areas of the body, the XFT-502 focuses on three massage types, and the XFT-320A has massage programs and massager styles.

When it comes to the option of adjusting the signal intensity level all of the models have it. The PM3030 however only has 5 levels. For the other types of pulse massager sold by XFT the intensity levels are much more.

When we compare the two models of XFT TENS Units, we clearly a difference between the two models

  • XFT-502 Specs – You can adjust both the electrical signal intensity level and the speed, but you only have 3 massage styles to choose from..
  • XFT-302A Specs – You can adjust the intensity level and the speed, which is limited, but you have 4 massager types including the option for acupuncture, and you have 4 pre-programs for work specific areas of the body.

This means that you can get at least 4 additional options on how you want your massage to be.

If we combine both the factor of price and available massage choices, I conclude that the best TENS Unit or Electrotherapy Device you can get out of comparing the three models of pulse massagers above would be the XFT-302A.

The XFT-302 Electrotherapy device just has so many more options you can choose from, and at a price of just $25 it is a very cheap choice. However, you want to always be aware that when people are complaining about the adhesive electrodes, you can always buy new replacements or try the type which have better carbon materials for better suction to the skin.

My Recommendation: Go with the XFT-320A Electrotherapy Device!

To see what the XFT-320A device looks like watch the video below. Note that the guys in the video are speaking Russian and they bought the device from China