Comparing The PL009 Vs PL029 Electronic Pulse Massager By Prospera

PL009 Vs PL029 Electronic Pulse MassagerIn a very similar post entitled Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager we did a very similar idea of reviewing the two main models of pulse massager sold by Prospera, which are the PL009 and the PL029. Both of them operate on what are known as TENS Theory and EMS theory. Electronic Muscle Stimulator theory and the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Theory are very similar based on the actual type of external stimuli but the actual type of tissue that they are supposed to be applied on is different. EMS is supposed to stimulate the muscle tissues to contract, while the TENS unit is applied on neural tissue to effect how the electrical signals from the nerve endings reach the brain, which processes the signals. Both of the PLoo9 and the PL029 can be classified as both pulse massagers and TENS unit. First we looked at the product specifications and then looked at what are the differences between the newer model and the older model. The PL029 is the newer model and costs slightly more by just $15 so it might be worth it to get the newer model.

  • Cost of PL009 from Currently – $35 w/ Free Shipping
  • Cost of PL029 from Currently – $50 w/ Free Shipping

In terms of price, the newer model is slightly more expensive, but we should never let just the price of something determine its real value. For these two models, price is even less of a consideration when we consider that there are just so many more reviews and buyer of the PL009 model. PL029What is different between the two are the type of modes and massages that they can do. The PL029 can do the following

  • 5 automatic modes or stimulation programs that you can use
  • 8 selectable massage pulse styles
  • High Frequency H Stimulation

The 8 massage pulse styles may be slightly confusing with also the 5 automatic stimulation programs but let’s explain what everything means. The 8 massager styles you can choose from refer to actual styles of massage that you might have seen before. They include…

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Cupping
  3. Knead
  4. Scraping
  5. Beat
  6. Massager
  7. Slim
  8. Immune

Each of these massage style refer to the way that the signal is going to be released and how it will be distributed to the area of the electrode. Where the knead massager style will feel like the region of your body is being rolled in a rhythmic fashion, the beat will feel like the area is slowly being hammered in a nice pulsation feeling. That will work great for people who have the condition of cold knees.

When the specifications are talking about the 5 automatic modes, they are talking about the modes which specify for different areas of the body. The modes are for the muscle groups in the arms, back, leg, joints, and neck.

There are control buttons to adjust for the speed of the pulsing electrical signals, the strength of the signal (you choose for it to be weaker or stronger), and for you to switch between the models The LCD Display screen shows you 3 main things

  1. Which massager program you are in
  2. How much time is left for the program. Each of the programs go by 15 minute cycles.
  3. The intensity of strength for the signal outputs. There are two channels for this device, so there will be intensity readings for both of the channels.

Now let’s see what the specifications for the Prospera PL009 Electronic Pulse Massager are…

Compare these modes it can go into with what the PL009 can do, which are the following…

  • There is 6 preprogrammed massage modes that you can choose from
  • Three selectable massages.

With both devices, and with most other pulse massager types, you can adjust at least 3 main things, which is that

  1. You can set what type of massage you want to get
  2. You can set what type of pulse intensity you want to get
  3. You can set how fast you want the pulsing massager frequency to become

What is becoming a problem is figuring out what is the difference between a massage and a preprogrammed massage mode. Shouldn’t they be the same thing? Massage mode typesI have used the PL009 myself before and the thing about that one is that at least for these models from Prospera, the massage modes are used to specify certain areas of the body. The types of massages, which come in only 3 choices for the older model is how the electrical signal is going to come. If we look at the screen of the PL009 model from the picture to the right, we can see what the 6 preprogrammed massage modes are referring to. You can see that there 6 modes. They are for the…

  • Waist
  • Shoulder
  • Joint
  • Hand & Foot
  • Sole
  • Repeat – Technically this is not a real mode and that is why in many product pages for this model, they claim that there are only 5 main massage modes.

When the sellers are talking about the massage style, the three styles are…

  • Massage – This means that the signal is going to work in a circular fashion on the muscle area. It is important to remember that the general way that massages are done is that the hands or fingers are pressing down on an area of the body and moving in a circular motion to stimulate  increased blood flow, reduce inflammation, and promote healing of tissues that have been injured.
  • Beat – The signal is one which focus on giving short, impulses of signals to massage a certain area. This is similar to being lightly tapped by a massaging hammer.
  • Knead – The signal is one which will move the muscles through certain direction. Just like how you use your hands to knead a dough, the signal is simluation the effect of your muscles being pushed down in a rhythmic fashion is long, directions.

On the LCD Display screen there are three things that are shown

  1. The massager mode that you chose
  2. The intensity that you have manually set or that was automatically set by you choosing a specific type of massage mode
  3. The amount of time remaining in the cycle – It is important to note that for these Prospera Pulse Massagers the cycle can only go in intervals of 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes, you have to reset the mode and ask the device to start the massager program over again.

It is supposed to be able to do high frequency stimulation to relive pain quickly. You have a 90 day Warranty on the PL009. The last big difference between the two models is that the amount of power you need to use the device.

  • For the PL009 – 4 AAA batteries for a combined total voltage of 6 Volts
  • For the PL029 – 2 AAA batteries for a combined total voltage of 3 Volts

The PL029 is more energy efficient. It uses half of the batteries that the older model uses. If you are going to be using the older model, make sure you have rechargeable batteries and the charger for the rechargeable batteries with you. Batteries these days are actually really expensive, with a 4 AAA pack being around $10 each. You also have to factor in the fact that the electrodes are going to be used up after maybe a dozen or more times. The cost of having one of these electronic pulse massagers is not cheap. They might be cheaper than going to see a physical therapist or chiropractor every week but they are still not cheap. You have to be constantly doing some type of maintenance work to keep the device working. As for the product size & dimensions

  • PL009 Dimensions: 8″ x 2″ x 1″
  • PL029 Dimensions: 9.5″ x 1.5″ x 0.7”

These number are taken directly form the Prospera Corp website. When we compare the two devices by their dimensions, we that the newer model is the longer, sleeker one. It does look better in terms of appearance. Both of the models have been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hands but I would say that in terms of the size of the two, the newer PL029 model is going to come out on top. It just feels much more comfortable in the hands. However, what about the weight?

The weight of the PL009 is around 0.5 lbs while the PL029 is around 1 lbs. The difference is not a lot but it might be a big difference between the two if a person is having trouble with their arms due to being immobilized or injured. When it comes to the weight, the PL009 is lighter so it might be better.


Let’s try to summarize on all of the factors that we have looked about, from price, to massager types, to effectiveness, and everything else in between.

If we only considered the price of the massager, the obvious choice would be towards the PL009. It is the older model, it is slightly cheaper.

If instead we consider how ergonomically comfortable for use to use the device over and over again, that would be the PL029 because of its thin, sleek design.

When it comes to the controllers and figuring out whether to set it to the massager style or to go with the automatic pre-programed massage, it really depends on what a person is looking for. There are technically more modes and styles that are in the PL029. You have the feature of the acupuncture, cupping, and scraping which might be something that people would be interested in.

The last thing is over the use of battery. The newer model only uses 2 batteries where the older one uses 4 of the same type of batteries. However it is still heavier when functioning than the older one by twice as much. The weight of them are half a pound and a pound.

When it comes to which one more people seem to gravitate to and trust, the older model the PL009 is the one that people seem to always choose. There are very few who go with the newer one, although it has more massager styles and features included. It might be that with so many massage options, people have become overwhelmed and wanted something which was simpler.

As for my money, I would go with the older PL009 model. It seems to be able to do the job just fine, and the majority of people who have bought the device with it are very happy. So it is really up to you. What electronic pulse massager is the right one for you?

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To see what  the PL009 model looks like and how well it functions watch the video below!