Blood Pressure Lowering Devices For Sale

Blood Pressure Lowering DevicesThese are a group of medical devices which we had found when we were doing research on pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, and biofeedback machines. These blood pressure lowering devices are something extremely new. Currently there seems to be only a few  companies which only recently have come out to sell these devices. One of them is RESPeRATE, which have so far have come out with these very unique medical devices.

There are other types like the ones sold by Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Kinetik Medical, and Zona Plus. Those other devices seems to work very well as well. This small area of medical devices are very new. There are less than just a dozen models currently being sold in the market. We suspect that since there are millions of people who suffer from high blood pressure, this field will only grow much bigger in the coming years.

In the USA, one out of every 4 adults suffer from Hypertension aka High Blood Pressure. In the UK one of out every 3 people suffer from HBP. In Australia and New Zealand the numbers are around the same thing. As the number of people who are getting older, overweight, and even obsese increases in the developing countries besides just the developed countries, high blood pressure is just going to become a bigger and bigger problem.

This is why we feel that these devices that are able to treat high blood pressure are just going to become much bigger over time.

The Blood Pressure Lowering Models Sold Today

1. RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device – Price: $299 w/ Free Shipping

RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering DeviceReview (Rating is 7/10): This is the review for the RESPeRate Blood Pressure Lowering Device. When we first started to look at the types of biofeedback devices, we found a lot of devices which would read the pulse rate of the beating of the heart. You would either clip the sensor to your ears like the HeartMath Inner Balance or clip it to your hands like the emWave2. These devices were used to lower one’s stress level by helping the user learn to breath in a deeper, slower rate. There is actually 7 different clinical studies done which validate the claim of this unit. The results showed that after using the device after a 3-4 weeks, the average decrease in systolic blood pressure was 14 points. – Read more

2. RESPeRATE Ultra Blood Pressure Lowering Device – Price: $292 w/ Free Shipping

RESPeRATE Ultra Blood Pressure Lowering DeviceReview (Rating is 8/10): This is the review for the model called the RESPeRATE Ultra Blood Pressure Lowering Device. We wanted to save this post for last when comparing the three different models of Blood Pressure Lowering Devices sold under the RESPeRate brand name. It is mainly because of all the models, we personally like this model the most of all of them. It is from a combination of a few factors. The first thing is the overall size of the device, which has shrunk to just half. However, that doesn’t mean that the features of the Ultra has been decreased in any way – Read more

3. RESPeRATE Ultra Duo – Price: $350

RESPeRATE Ultra Duo Blood Pressure Lowering DeviceReview (Rating is 10/10): We realized that the RESPeRATE Ultra model is actually different from the original model. There has been a major design of the model. After the original model came out, it was used and tested by thousand of people hoping to lower their blood pressure. Over time they wrote back to the people of Intercure. They gave positive feedback and constructive criticism on what they did like and didn’t like about the original designed model. That was how the Ultra was created. It was an improvement from the older stuff. As for this one, which is called the RESPeRATE Ultra Duo, it doesn’t really have any different between – Read more

4. Zona Plus – Price: $379

Zona PlusMy Review (Rating is 6/10): We have already seen a few models of blood pressure lowering devices like the ones by RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device, the RESPeRATE Ultra,  and the RESPeRATE Duo. This is probably the other bid name in the medical device niche known as blood pressure lowering devices. The Zona Plus is the standard model by the company. You also have the Zona Plus Series 3 and Zona Plus Series 2. What the device does is act as a type of biofeedback machine to track your pulse rate. All you have to do is just grip the handle and it will tell you how your heart is beating – Read more

5. Zona Plus Series 2 – Price: $379

Zona Plus Series 2My Review (Rating is N/A): This model is the 2nd model in the Zona Plus series. All of these devices are made by the company Zona Health. We looked at the references of the various PubMed articles that the company referenced and read over the abstracts. Based on what we read, the results and conclusions were very inconclusive. One of the studies which used a small randomized controlled group showed that both the systolic and diatolic pressures were lowered to a level which was not just due to random. We did NOT write a full review for this model called the Zona Plus Series 2 Blood Pressure Lowering Device because we felt that we explained ourselves very clearly in the review for the original model which is above. Click Here to read what we had said about the original model.

6. Zona Plus Series 3 – Price: $579

Zona Plus Series 3My Review (Rating is N/A): This is the 3rd model from the series of Zona Plus Blood Pressure Lowering Device sold by the company Zona Health. The way that you are supposed to use it is that you just hold onto the handle and squeeze the device. This is known as isometric exercise or isometric training. The exact term for what is being done is called Isometric Hand Exercises. There was a recent article entitled Lower your blood pressure with simple exerciseswhich showed that these isometric hand-grip exercises do seem to work. This is how those stress relief balls work. You squeeze those stress balls and somehow both your systolic and diastolic BP readings seem to drop by around 10%. However this method would not work for people suffering from esevere types of hypertension.

7. Tiens Qi Balancer Blood Pressure Reduction Unit– Price: $120

TIENS Qi Balancer Blood Pressure ReductionReview: We have already seen multiple devices sold on the internet which all claim that they can lower a person’s BP points. Some of them (like the RESPeRATE Ultra) uses a biofeedback approach where sensors are attached to measure either the pulse rate or the breathing rate in the chest. Other types like the Zona Plus models claim that isometric hand training will lower blood pressure. The isometric therapy is similar to how those stress balls you see in so many stationary stores work. You are supposed to feel feel a decrease in stress levels and blood pressure – Read more

8. Lloydspharmacy Advanced Blood Pressure Lowering System – Price: $50

Lloydspharmacy Blood Pressure Lowering SystemReview (Rating is 4/10): This is one of the only other models that we have seen which seems to come from a UK based company. The device is not well known in the USA, Canada, or other western countries. We actually were not sure whether we even wanted to do this review because there have been so few reviews which gave it any type of positive feedback. The majority of people kept on saying that the device did not work. However, let’s just suspect our judgement for a few minutes and check to see whether this other model for a blood pressure lowering device is really that bad. – Read more

9. Kinetik Medical Blood Pressure Lowering Device – Price: $50

Kinetik Medical Blood Pressure Lowering SystemReview (Rating is 6/10): The Kinetik Medical Blood Pressure Lowering System is one of the only fewblood pressure biofeedback units/devices sold in the UK which we can’t find in either the USA or Canada. The company or the seller that sells this device is Kinetik Medical is that is where it gets its name. Some people say that the device is actually called theKinetik Blood Pressure Lowering System but we just all it by its full name. When we looked closer at how this model works, and how it is supposed to help lower your blood pressure, we realized that the biofeedback mechanism being used is – Read more

10. CVRX Barostim Neo – Price: Call the company to inquire about a quote

SONY DSCReview (Rating is 10/10): It is true that a lot of products sold at least by the biotech community is not going to be something you would find on any of the giant retail stores like Amazon just yet. However we still wanted to do a complete review on the device since the makers of the Barostim Neo, CVRx seems to work so well. Not only is the devices used just for high blood pressure aka hypertension but it is also used for heart failure. It is one of those implantable neuro-stimulator devices which is similar to a pacemaker but seems to have some additional features. The device has already gone through a multiple clinical testing and trials and the results showed that – Read more

11. Vessix Renal Denervation Therapy by Boston Scientific Corp (aka Vessix V2– Price: Call To Inquire about Quote

Vessix Renal Denervation TherapyReview: For High Blood Pressure or Hypertension treatment using any type of medical method or device, the area is still very small but we feel that the field is only going to get much, MUCH bigger in the coming decades. A sizable portion of the general public (supposedly 1 out of 3 adults based on the numbers from the National Institute of Health) suffers from High Blood Pressure and we feel that the market for these treatments is going to only get bigger. As Boston Scientific already said, the renal denervation is expected to become a multi-billion dollar market by the end of this decade. This is our view on the Vessix Renal Denervation Therapy for Hypertension Treatment….Only very recently did we even find out about Boston Scientific’s Acquisition – Read more

12. Symplicity Renal Symplicity Cathether & Generator System by Medtronic & Ardian – Price: Call to ask for a quote

Review: Read more

13. OneShot Renal Denervation System by Maya Medical and Covidien – Price: Call to ask for a quote

Review: The way the device works to control and manage hypertension is described as follows”….an irrigated, radiofrequency balloon catheter that ablates the renal sympathetic nerves in the outer wall of the renal arteries”. We do note that the medical term to ablate, ablation means to destroy the function & structure of the targeted specific tissue through heating or erosion techniques. On the free dictionary website the term used in medicine context means “To excise, amputate, or otherwise destroy the biological function of a body tissue.” – Read more

14. EnligHTN Renal Denervation System by St. Jude Medical Inc – Price: Call to ask for a quote

Review: Read more

15. PARADISE Percutaneous Renal Denervation System by ReCor Medical (aka Non Focused Ultrasound Renal Denervation System) – Price: Cal to ask for a quote

Review: Read more

There are currently only about 10-12 models sold in the market even worth talking about. The market for these devices which claim to be able to lower a person’s BP is still very small. However, we suspect that the market for these devices are just going to get much bigger over time. More and more people are going to want something that can be used to treat their blood pressure issues, especially for the people who have found that traditional medication doesn’t work.

News & Information On The Products

From the RESPeRATE website they state the following…

“RESPeRATE is the only FDA cleared non-drug medical device clinically proven tolower high blood pressure with zero unwanted side effects.”

There is also Lloyds Pharmacy which sells their own brand of these stress relief biofeedback devices. The device is called the “Lloydspharmacy Advanced Blood Pressure Lowering System”  costly around 35 Quid (UK currency). There are also other models like the Kinetik Blood Pressure Lowering Device priced at 35 quid.

Of course this new type of commercial medical device has had a quite a few sceptics. The New York Times recently (back in June of 2013) did a Op-Ed piece questioning the efficacy of these devices. The article was entitled Really? The Claim: Biofeedback Devices Can Lower Blood Pressure written by Anahad O’Connor. However those sceptics can be put to rest from a recent WebMD article entitled “RESPeRATE Device May Lower Blood Pressure“. The tag line of the article was “Using Device 15 Minutes Daily Slows Breathing, Lowers Blood Pressure”. The article was found in the Hypertension & High Blood Pressure Health Center. Obviously we are not medical doctors so we would put more faith in the opinions of articles written on the WebMD website

Update Dec 10, 2013: We recently found evidence that emitted electrical signals would actually help with lowering systolic blood pressure and diatolic blood pressure. From a New Zealand news website (The New Zealand Hearld) source, we found the article “Pioneering study a bid to prove implants a safe and effective remedy for hypertension that medicine can’t ease” by Martin JohnstonThe device is a type of implantable neuro-electrical device. We have already seen that these neuro-electrical biomedical devices work in helping treat both pain relief and neuropathy, but this is surprising to us as well. It seems that intermittent pulses of electrical current might be able to lower blood pressure too. It seems that the device are electrical discs which is implanted into their arms. This device is used to treat the most stubborn of blood pressure cases, where not even medication would work. The device is a battery powered disc the size of a hald dollar coin. The device is implanted just underneath the skin and right over the median nerve. The median nerve is the one of the major nerves that goes through the arm.

Background On the Science of the Devices Sold

There are two types of these devices so far. There are the 1) Biofeedback Devices and the 2) Hand Isometric Exercise Devices.

The Biofeedback devices which claim to lower BP are the ones by RESPeRATE like the original model, the Ultra, and the Ultra Duo, which is for two people. The other types which use the same way which is through biofeedback are the Kinetik Medical model and the Lloyd’s Pharmacy.

The way that the biofeedback models works is a kit using three parts. You have the sensor, the headphones or tone emitting device, and the actual central unit which has the display monitor. The sensor measures either your pulse rate or your breathing rate. If it is measuring your breathing rate then it will be something you attach to your chest, above the abdominal area. If it is going to measure your pulse rate then it will be attached to your wrist or finger, which measures the pulses from the blood vessels in your finger. The headphones are used to emit two sounds. One sound which is at a specific tone is an indicator that you should begin to inhale. The other one is an indicator to exhale. The two tones or sounds combined together turns into what some sellers of those devices to be called a melody. The melody is a way to guide your breathing to become slower and more relaxed.

Your goal using those devices using biofeedback is to follow the rhythm of the melody. As your breathing starts to sync up with the rate of the tones that is when you start to get the medical benefits. The benefits includes both the reduction of stress levels and the lowering of blood pressure levels. What happens is that blood pressure is actually an indicator of the pressure of the blood flowing through the vessels (arteries, veins, & capillaries) exerted on the wall of the vessel. The walls of the vessels are actually made of both collagenous fibers, proteins, extracellular matrix, and muscular tissue. The walls are feeling the pressure of the blood flowing agains them.

As a person gets older, the walls become less elastic and don’t stretch out as well as they used to. If the blood flow is increase in that region for a short time due to exercise or something, the walls should expand and and the width of the inner wall should increase. If the walls don’t expand then the pressure pushed against the walls would increase. That is where high blood pressure comes from.

The entire goal of any type of medication or device which claims to be able to lower BP aka Hypertension is that they have to decrease the non-elastic nature of the walls. That is often accomplished through maybe an increase in the Nitric Oxide in the area that is supposed to be stimulated. Nitric Oxide is often shortened to NO, and it is what helps a certain area of the body become swollen with blood and have the blood vessels dilate with increased blood flow. Read the article Nitric Oxide Works When BP Drugs Fail” to understand why NO might even work when the usual blood pressure medication don’t work. The article shows that researchers used a type of inorganic nitric oxide supplement which had sodium nitrite which did indeed lower the systolic blood pressure in the test subject.

The 2nd way that the devices we have listed are supposed to lower blood pressure is probably less substantiated by the science. The idea is for you to grasp upon an ergonomic designed handle. The models that use this technology are the Zona Plus, the Zona Series 2, and Zona Series 3. As you are squeezing on the device, somehow your vitals for your coronary health increase in measurement, but after you let go of squeezing those vitals seems to reverse and become lowered.

This is known as isometric therapy or hand isometric training. There was three studies published which we found from PubMed which did show that doing these hand exercises do seem to lower blood pressure. However, it seems that while you are doing the exercises, the blood pressure would actually increase. However there are articles like “4 weeks of isometric hand grip exercise reduces your blood pressure” which shows that it does work, to some extent. We also found evidence from the article on the study “Isometric handgrip training reduces arterial pressure at rest without changes in sympathetic nerve activity

Update Dec 11, 2013: We have been expanding our reviews on the various blood pressure lowering devices that are have not been available for mass consumption yet. A lot of the devices are still being tested in multiple clinical trials and the companies are often going through a Series A, B, or C round of outside funding to get enough capital to go through the testing procedures that are in the biotech industry. These new devices are based on completely different types of technology. Our most recent review on the Barostim Neo designed by the company CVRx have shown us that there are many different biomedical companies that are working to create new alternatives of devices to help people treat their coronary issues. The Barostim neo is an implant device which emits eletrical current to stimulate a type of neuron called the Baroreceptor which is found in the carotid artery. The device uses the baroreflex negative biofeedback loop to control the tension of the muscles in the walls of blood vessels. It also regulates the amount of fluid that the kidneys are remove from the blood that is flowing through the system as well as control the heart beat rate to lower the stress exerted on the heart from over-work.

Over time we plan to do complete reviews on all of the various devices that are supposed to help treat and lower blood pressure.

To see a model of a type of Blood Pressure Lowering Device that is already in the market, we refer to the Tiens Qi Balancer, which is based on ancient oriental medical philosophy.