Biofeedback Machines For Sale

Biofeedback MachinesWe were first introduced to the concept of biofeedback machines when we had trouble sleeping. We found from our research that there are people who use these types of biomedical device to help them control their body functions which are associated with the sympathetic nervous system. The devices are used to measure things like pulse rates and breathing rates so that each of the body’s natural physiological process can be in sync with each other. This is believed to help bring the body away from extreme conditions and into equilibirum where the body will be in homeostasis.

The Best Biofeedback Machines For Sale

StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device – Price: $142 w/ Free Shipping

StressEraser Portable Biofeedback DeviceMy Review (Rating is 7/10): When we first started to do research on the types of biofeedback devices sold in the market, we found the StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device. It is not intended to relieve pain in the physiological or neurological sense, but for stress reduction. Stress is one of the greatest factors that leads to poor health, reduced live expectancy, and mental pain in our daily lives. In some ways stress can be just as bad, if not worse, then pain. Stress is one of those things that we must learn how to deal with and control – Read more

MindPlace Proteus USB Meditation Mind Machine – Price: $189 w/ Free Shipping

MindPlace Proteus USB Meditation Mind MachineMy Review (Rating is 8/10): So how are all these beneficial processes supposed to be achieve? It seems to be from a combination of both the LED Glasses and the Headphones. When you want to get into a session, you put both the headphones and led glasses back on. The Proteus Mind Machine was the first BiColor mind machine. There is supposed to be two different channels for color. The result is a total of 4,096 different perceived colors which are possible. The glasses is supposed to have something known as Ruby/Emerald Ganzframes – Read more

Mindplace Thoughtstream USB Personal Biofeedback – Price: $99 w/ Free Shipping

Mindplace Thoughtstream USB Performance Biofeedback SystemMy Review (Rating is 7/10): This is the biofeedback system that is manufactured and sold by the company MindPlace. The way that it works is that when you connect the device to your skin, it will be able to measure your relative stress level. How does it measure your stress level? Since the device has metal connectors touching your skin, it will be measuring your skin’s electrical resistance. This resistance is known as the Galvanic Skin Response. Another name for it is the Skin Conductance. It seems that based on theory, the device makes a lot of sense. It seems that when a person goes into a state of high arousal or stress, the conductivity of their skin increases from the release of sweat – Read more

Mindplace Procyon AVS Light and Sound Mind Machine – Price: $269

Mindplace Procyon AVS System Meditation Mind MachineMy Review (Rating is 9/10): This is the mind machine sold by Mindplace called the Procyon AVS System Mind and Sound Meditation Mind Machine. We shorten the name to be jseu the Procyon AVS Mind Machine. The AVS stands for the term Audio Visual Synthesizer. Like the previous system which we had reviewed called the Proteus Meditation Mind Machine this device has three components, 1. The main controller which is the actual Procyon AVS Device, 2. The glasses, and 3. The headphones. The way that these types of mind enhancement devices work is through the combined used of the glasses and the headphones to create – Read more

MindWave – Price: $80 w/ Free Shipping

MindWave NeuroSkyMy Review (Rating is 5/10): While we usually don’t review cognitive enhancement products, we do look over products sold that claim to help improve one’s overall wellness. We also look at products which are supposed to decrease stress. Our focus has been on how to treat pain but sometimes we look into pushing out of our small niche of expertise to see what other biomedical products are currently in the market. This device is called the Mindwave. It is sold by the company NeuroSky. We call it the NeuroSky Mindwave Mental Exercise Program. The entire kit is actually a program which is supposed to help kids improve their minds – Read more

Basic GSR2 Biofeedback Relaxation System – Price: $71 w/ Free Shipping

Basic GSR2 Biofeedback Relaxation SystemMy Review (Rating is 7/10): This model of biofeedback system is called the GSR2 Biofeedback Relaxation System. The product consists of two parts, the software and the sensor device which measures theconductance of the skin. We have seen many different types of biofeedback devices before. We would guess that the way to do this is to put both your index and middle finger on the device that is shaped like a mouse. The metal surface will measure the galvanic skin resistance. The feedback you will get is not going to be shown on a graph on a computer. What the CD does is take the measurements of the device – Read more

Emwave2 by HeartMath – Price: $169 w/ Free Shipping

Emwave2 HeartMathMy Review (Rating is 8/10): This device which is simply known as the emWave2 is a newer version of the older model called the emWave oremWave1. It is a type of Biofeedback Training Device sold by the company or reseller HeartMath. That is why we call it the HeartMath emWave2 Biofeedback Training Device. We have seen this model being used from our personal experience. The way that this type of biofeedback device works is not through the measurement of the properties of the skin like so many others. This device measures the pulse rate. Since the rate of the pulse is directly the result of the rate of the heart beating – Read more

Medical iRelax Stress Relief Device – Price: $120 w/ Free Shipping

Devon Medical iRelax Stress Relief Personal Stress Management DeviceMy Review (Rating is N/A): The name for this model of biofeedback machine is the iRelax Personal Stress Management Device. It is one of the products sold by the company Devon Medical. It is a type of biofeedback device to help people deal better with stress. It is also a type of medical diagnostic tool. The way that it measures the body is from measuring the pulse rate of the individual. When the person realizes how fast their heart is beating, the feedback information slowly guide them to learn how to breath better. In some ways this device is almost exactly the same as one of those fingertip pulse oximeters. The device is very small. It is – Read more

Chattanooga Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback – Price: $59 w/ Free Shipping

Stabilizer Pressure BiofeedbackMy Review (Rating is 9/10): This device is is a type of biofeedback unit which is called the Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback unit. The company that manufactures this product is Chattanooga. We are very familiar with the product that Chattanooga makes since we have seen NMES Units and TENS Units that have come from Chattanooga. The focus by the company is towards making products that help people in rehabilitation and who – Read more

Stress Thermometer – Price: $22 w/ Free Shipping

Stress ThermometerMy Review (Rating is 6/10): Even though this type of device has the name “Stress Thermometer” it is probably more appropriated renamed to being a just a Thermometer. It can technically be renamed to being a type of medical diagnostic tool, or a type of temperature biofeedback unit. All that this device does is measure the temperature of a very small area of the body, the front side of the finger. The overall concept on why this device would work is based on sort of common sense. It is generally believed that when a person is lying or in great stress their hands and fingers would get colder. So a lower temperature reading would be a sign that a person is in stress. If the temperature is higher, it means the body is in greater equilibrium – Read more

Heartmath 6400 Inner Balance Sensor – Price: $99 w / Free Shipping

Heartmath 6400 Inner Balance SensorMy Review (Rating is 8/10): This biofeedback device is not really a full electronic unit like the others that we have seen. All it really is is a sensor that is connected to some type of portable Apple device, like an iPad or iPhone. The real product is the software that you are going to buy and download from the HeartMath website. We’ve already seen a few other biofeedback devices from the HearthMath company like the emWave2 and emWave. We have said that those models were very good and recommended them. This one is slightly different since the product is a type of software. – Read more

Photosonix Nova Pro Light & Sound Machine – Price: $447 w/ Free Shipping

Photosonix Nova Pro Light Sound MachineMy Review (Rating is 9/10): The Photosonix Nova Pro Light & Sound Machine is the next in a long line of Light Sound Machines which we have already seen before. There was the Proteus Light & Sound Mind Machine by MindPlace. Mindplace had also created the Procyon Mind Machine which we had reviewed. You might have seen the acronym AVS on the title of these biofeedback mind enhancement devices. That stands for the term “Audio Video Synthesizer“. Just like the name suggests the device is going to try to combine stimulation of your vision and your hearing together to – Read more

Photosonix InnerPulse Light & Sound Machine – Price: $180

Photosonix InnerPulse Light Therapy Sound MachineMy Review (Rating is 8/10): The Photosonix InnerPulse Light & Sound Therapy Machine was one of the early, older models of Light Sound Therapy devices that came out. It is definitely the earlier model to the Nova Pro 100 which we had reviewed before. The Inner Pulse has a total of 64 different session types. Those sessions are organized under 8 different categories, which include sleep, meditation, learning, visualization, and 4 others. We did find the product page for the Inner Pulse Device from the Photosonix website. It seems that there are a lot more features to this device – Read more

emWave PC Stress Relief System – Price: $229

emWave PC Stress Relief SystemMy Review (Rating is 8/10): We have already looked at the newer model of stress management by HeartMath, called the emWave2. This is the older model the emWave without the suffix 2 attached to it. Both of the models are not really devices but are actually 1. a type of sensors that you place on your finger to measure pulse rate, and 2. a software that you use to record the recorded data in real time and chart. While the overall goal is to get a the user to learn how to consciously control their stress level and heart rate variability for a better cardiovascular health, the path towards it is to get a person’s internal processes like respiration – Read more

GSR2X Biofeedback Relaxation System – Price: $159

GSR2X Biofeedback Relaxation SystemDescription: This biofeedback machine is called the GSRX2X Biofeedback Relaxation System. We have previously reviewed the original model, the GSR2. The original model is actually called the Basic GSR2 Biofeedback Relaxation System. So how is this model and the original “Basic” model different from each other? The short answer is that this deluxe model just has more things that comes with the kit. Looking at the picture to the right we find that the the original device which has the two finger metal –  Read more

GSR Temp 2X Device – Price: $160

GSR Temp 2XDescription: When we first saw the Temp 2X or the GSR Temp 2X we were tempted to say that the device was the same as the previous model the GSR2. We had already reviewed theGSR2 Biofeedback Relaxation System. However the two biofeedback relaxation systems are slightly different. We found a store that sold both of the systems and figured out where the GSR Temp 2X was different from the original model. While the GSR2 was a small handheld device which had two metal strips on the top which are used to sense the fingers, the GSR Temp2x has that unit – Read more

emWave Personal Stress Reliever – Price: $149

emWave Personal Stress RelieverDescription: The truth is that we have already reviewed before both the emWave and the emWave2. We wrote the previous model for this device which is called both the HeartMath emWave Stress Relief System as well as the emWave Personal Stress Reliever entitledReview of HeartMath emWave Stress Relief System. This is the 2nd, more comprehensive review on the emWave to give a different persepective on the device which we did not get an opportunity to do the first time around. What we already know is that this device measures your pulse rate and the heart rate variability – Read more

PEAR Pro Training Intelligence System – Price: $176 w/ Free Shipping

PEAR Pro Training Intelligence SystemDescription: For those who are not familiar with exercising optimization units, the Pear Training Intelligence System is one of those devices. The training system is probably more well known for being called the PEAR Mobile Training Intelligence System from the PEAR website. While it might be called biofeedback device since it does indeed send your physiological information when you are working out, what we would like to call it is a device that just tracks your workouts. Something that is critical to understand is that you will need to use this training device with the Apple iPod Shuffle. This means that when you are looking at the device, you want to imagine the product without the Apple controller with the sleek buttons. – Read more

Pear Mobile Training Intelligence System – Price: $65 w/ Free Shipping

Pear Mobile Training Intelligence SystemDescription: When we were doing research on the model of training program called thePear Pro Training Intelligence System, we realized that there is actually two different devices or systems being sold by the company Pear. You have the Pear Pro and the Pear Mobile Training Intelligence System, which we just shortened to Pear Mobile. The name of the device might be slightly misleading and confusing but the product has nothing to do with intelligence training. It focuses on how to train your body in an intelligent fashion. Your goal is to become self aware – Read more

Healthsmart Biofeedback Trainer – Price: $25 w/ Free Shipping

Healthsmart Biofeedback TrainerDescription: When we were looking for other types of biofeedback devices that are being sold, we found the Healthsmart Biofeedback Trainer. This is the review for theHealthsmart Trainer. From only a first impression, we felt that the device is too simple in design. All we saw was a screen with a number value for the device which obviously is measuring time. It says that it is supposed to give a person feedback on some measured property of the person. In this case it is the temperature of the user’s skin. We reviewed this product and ended up wondering whether this product might be just a glorified thermometer. –  Read more

PTS StressEraser Biofeedback Device – Price: $149

PTS StressEraser Biofeedback DeviceDescription: Previously we has reviewed this exact same product. Back then we were calling the biofeedback device the Stress Eraser Personal Biofeedback Device. So why do a 2nd review? It seems that out of all the models and types of biofeedback sold on Amazon, this model is the first thing that appears and has the most reviews of them all. The StressEraser also gets reasonably high reviews. Out of a total 10 points, the average is around 8 points. That means that in terms of the quality of the product, it does what it is supposed to do and won’t break the first few times you touch the machine. In addition, this device – Read more

The Journey to Wild Divine Biofeedback Software – Price: $299 w/ Free Shipping

The Journey to Wild Divine Biofeedback SoftwareDescription: The best way to describe “The Journey to Wild Divine The Passage“ is to say that it is a stress reliever product biofeedback device that is sold as a computer game. When we looked the graphics of this software program and see just how complicated it is, we decided that it is probably much better to call this CD a PC game than some type of medical device with health benefits. There is no doubt that when you are playing the games it is sort of fun so you sort of forget that the ultimate foal of this CD program is to make a person lower their stress level and achieve a greater sense – Read more

Antense Biofeedback Head Set – Price: $275

Antense Biofeedback Head SetDescription: Read more





Wild Divine Relaxing Rhythms Biofeedback Software – Price: $281 w/ Free Shipping

Wild Divine Relaxing Rhythms Biofeedback SoftwareDescription: The Wild Divine Relaxing Rhythms was one of those products which we did not know what to think of when we first saw it. It is not really a device but more of a software, even though there is a unit component to it. The software combines the elements of meditation with biofeedback to help a person achieve health in every facet of their lives ranging from the physical to the spiritual. The device is sold by the people fromWild Divine Project and uses a type of technology called Iom Technology. Something that is stated at the very bottom of the product description is that the device that comes with the CD – Read more

SmartMind Researcher Deluxe Kit – Price: $498

Description: Read more

Neurotrac Simplex Biofeedback Device (EMG) – Price: $150

Neurotrac Simplex Biofeedback DeviceDescription: Read more






BrainMaster Neurofeedback EEG Biofeedback Atlantis II 2X2 Channel – Price: $3200

DiaDens-PC Biofeedback device – Price: $1060


Mindfield eSense Temperature Sensor – Price: $99

Mindfield eSense Skin Response GSR Sensor – Price: $99