Best TENS Units For Sale

Picture 039This is a list of the most popular, best TENS units for sale in 2013. The way that I personally judge what is considered a good tens unit is to see how many people have given it good reviews on the sites that sell them, like and, how durable they are, and how effective they are in working to provide muscle tension relaxation and pain relief.

If a person was to actually search on the internet (using Google) to try to find out which models of TENS are the best, they are going to find a few big platforms or websites which sell the device. You have the Wikipedia article on Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which just explains the science and theory on why the devices you buy would even work. However, that doesn’t tell you which one is the best for treating pain.

Then there is the Amazon page for the types of TENS machines that are on the selection currently. The listing from this page states that the top 5 best pain relief devices are …

  1. PM3030 Electrotherapy Device by OmronRead my review here (or here)
  2. HandsToGo Pulse MassagerRead my review here
  3. XFT-320A Electrotherapy MassagerRead my first review or the 2nd review about the XFT-320A
  4. HealthMateForever Pulse MassagerRead my review here
  5. Digital Acupuncture Physiotherapy MachineRead my review here

What is most surprising to me is that apparently the top 6 did not include what I thought should have been on the list. It would not be until reaching #6 when the PL-006 Electronic Pulse Massager by Prospera is mentioned. At #8 is the PL-009 TENS Unit for truMedic which is basically the exact same model as the one by Prospera.

My personal opinion of the list that is created by Amazon is inaccurate, but reflect only social validation of what is already popular. Most shoppers looking for the best TENS units are not looking for the most popular model, but the best model of tens machine which will work for them, and solve their pain problems.

If we instead went to the next few websites that are listed on the 1st page on google, there is the Overstock website which has the TENS 7000 listed as the most reviewed product for its TENS machines listing. I did do a review on the TENS 7000 Unit here which I stated that it is probably one of the most impressive units currently around.

The other big resource that is listed is a forum posting on the website which I am actually personally on. I myself suffer from chronic lower back pain and have used massagers and pulse massagers before to treat my back. The posting called “Good TENS Unit?” has the poster vermithrax mention that their personal spinal doctor recommended to them to get a tens unit for their lower back pain which is the result of having at least one herniated disc. For most information about herniated discs and how they cause pain, refer to the wikipedia article on the condition here.

There is also the website Physio Works which seems to be a company or health product reseller based in Australia. They did a very informative post entitled “Which TENS Machine or EMS is Best for You?“. The company seems to be selling another type of electrotherapy device which I will need to review at some point.

The last of the websites was the TENS Units website itself. It seems to be the original seller or provider of these amazing medical devices. On their website, they sell dozens of models of the devices. The most popular products sold on that website have been the TENS 2500 Analog Device, the TENS 3000, TENS 6000, TENS 7000, the InTENSIty 10, the InTENsity Twin Stim, and the EMS 3000. I have reviewed only 3 of the top 8 sellers and I plan to get through the others soon.

Note: Although I am fully aware that if one did search for the term “Best TENS Unit” on google, one of the websites is the website, I personally didn’t want to talk about the website. In general websites like those only care about getting you to click through the Amazon Affiliate link to get their commission and only care about the money and use grey-hat seo tricks to get to number of the google rankings for certain keywords which start something like ‘best pain shovel reviews” where they add the prefix word “best” in the beginning or add the suffix word “reviews” at the end to try to get what are known as EMD (Exact Match Domain) benefits. I do use Amazon and hope to earn some extra money on the side through this website, but the website TENS Units Reviews is extremely unhelpful. I checked out their website and they list ONLY Amazon products, and nothing else. If they really wanted to help you, they would do more research and list the really good tens units, which don’t offer them any type of financial incentives. That’s my rant. It is okay in my opinion to try to make money on the internet but not through writing less than half a dozen real product reviews and only putting up a product specs comparison chart.

From my personal list, I would list the top 5 best tens units for this year 2013 to be…

1. The TENS 7000 – Price: $50

Reason: This product is sold on Overstock and has over 400 reviews from previous buyers all saying just how strong the pulsing signal is and how the analog knobs makes it easy for them to control the signal. – Read my review or Buy it here

2. The PL-009 by Prospera (or truMedic) – Price: $35 – Read my review

Reason: It is the most reviewed and probably the best selling pulse massager or TENS unit on the Amazon website with over 370 reviews. This product has done so well that truMedic, MapLeaf, Sunpentown, and other healthcare equipment resellers have also been selling the same model – Read my review or Buy it here!

3. The TENS 3000 – Price: $40

Reason: This seems to be a slightly older model then the TENS 7000 with some missing features that the TENS 7000 does have. It is $10 cheaper so it is really a decision of wanting to trade for price or quality. I would tell everyone to pay the extra $10 for the better quality pain relief device, the 7000. Read my reviewBuy it here!

4. The XFT-302A – Price: $25

Reason: I did a comparison post of the XFT-320A with the PM3030 as well as the XFT-502 and the from looking at the specifications of all three, the conclusion was the that XFT-320A was the clear winner because of the amount of features you get along with the device that the other two models were lacking – Read my review or Buy it here!

5. The Aurawave by Endurance Therapeutics – Price: $108 w/ Free Shipping

Reason: Before I found out about the really good models which are much cheaper (sometimes by as much just half) I had recommended the Aurawave because how high the quality is. It is not insanely overpriced like the IQ Massagers or the ones by HealthmateForever and has a lot of great features – Read my review or Buy it here!

A Personal Message: The creation of this website was actually to try to help other people become more informed about these unique massagers which somehow work to give pain relief and muscle relaxation by sending electrical signals. Along the way I learned about the Amazon Affiliates program and I joined that. If you buy anything on Amazon through the links which are around the website, I get a small commissions fee, which is great since I can use that money to keep seeing my physical therapist to get my lower back decompressed and relaxed. I want to find a way to relieve any type of pain in my own personal life and make it more comfortable.

I do want to inform and warn the people who do plan to start using these devices which have been labeled pain relieving devices are that they can be dangerous. Please watch the video below to become aware of the types of dangers and risks involved with using TENS units. The two physical therapists in the video do a really great job at explaining the major issues involved with using them.