Best Pulse Massager For Back Pain

Best Pulse Massager For Back PainSo what is the best pulse massager for back pain? We have already answered the question on what is the best TENS unit for back pain as well as which tens unit is the best pain relief device but the answer for looking for the best pulse massager for back pain might be slightly different.

Many people who sell TENS units, electrotherapy devices, acupuncture machines, E-Stim devices, or electronic pulse massagers can use those names interchangeably, and I have used them as well, but there is a slight bit of a different in the terms or we would just call these devices the same thing.

We should try to define at least the terms for TENS units and Pulse massagers to understand where they are the same and where they are different.

TENS Units – Tens units are used for pain relief. The way that the pain is reduced is by the pulsing electrical stimulus. The Electrical current that is sent by the device through the electrode goes to the nerve ends underneath the skin where the pads are attached blocking the nerves from working properly. Before the nervese would send pain signals to the brain telling the brain that the specific area in the body is in pain. When the pain signals are blocked, the person using the TENS unit feels no pain, or at least a severe reduction in pain.

Some people call TENS Units E-Stim Units but that might be not exactly accurate. The term E-Stim or Estim devices are actually the same type of device which are sending out pulsing electrical signals but the purpose is to increase sexual pleasure. We do have a few Estim devices which we are looking through currently but that is not the real focus of this website.

Pulse Massagers – Pulse Massagers is the more general terms used which encompasses much more than just TENS units. TENS units are a subgroup of pulse massagers but pulse massager are Not a type of TENS unit. Beyond the devices which use the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation technology, there are other electrotherapy devices also known as therapeutic massagers which work by sending electrical current signals in a pulsing pattern. These are known as EMS Massagers which operate on getting the muscle tissue to contract or release the tension that the muscles are already in. EMS Massagers are to relieve tension, not remove pain, although they can reduce pain if the tension of the muscle has resulted in pain.

Beyond the standard electrical pulsing massagers, we have other types of massagers also used for back pain like the Infrared Therapy Massagers which use the Infrared Radiation for pain relief and pain treatment.

I personally define pulse massagers in a much more broad term, to included the infrared pain relieving devices, the Red LED Light therapy device, the ultrasound devices used for pain relief, and much more. As long as the massager is using some type of emitted electromagnetic wave (Red Light, Infrared, Ultrasound, Electrical Current, etc) which is pulsing intermittently for the function of pain management, then I call the device a ‘pulse massager’.

There are two pulse massagers which I highly recommend for back pain currently. They have both been rated to be the best in helping treat and manage chronic pain in the back, but especially the lower back.

They are…

1. Prospera PL-009 Electronic Pulse Massager – Price: $35 w/ Free Shipping

Prospera Electronic Pulse MassagerQuick Summary: The PL-009 TENS unit has 6 pre-progammed massage modes which focus on each specific muscle area of the body. There is 3 massage types that it is programed to do which are to knead, beat, and massager. You can change either the pulsing electrial signal’s frequency or the intensity level. The device is light and has been consistently reviewed and rate to be among the best in marekt for many years. The LCD screen shows you the timer for the massage session and the massage mode… Read my review on it hereor Buy the Pl-009 by Prospera


2. TENS 7000 Pain Management Device – Price: $50

TENS 7000Quick Summary:  The TENS 7000 which is sold on the Overstock website has been one of the most versatile TENS units I’ve seen so far, if not among the top 3 best TENS units. The number of features it has and what it allows you to do is unlike any other models of TENS units I’ve seen. There is 5 main modes you can choose from. You can adjust the pulse width, the pulse amplitude, and the pulse frequency as well as change between the two channels to adjust either the signal amplitude… Read my review on it here or Buy the TENS 7000

Overall Conclusion

Both of the devices are extremely powerful. While most other pulse massagers claim to be really effective in helping people with back problems, there two models of electronic pulse massagers allows  you a lot of choice and options so that you can adjust the signals and speed to get the pulsing current exactly right for one’s personal back pain issues. I can’t really choose from either of the two because they are both really good. While the PL-009 is slightly cheaper aby $15, the TENS 7000 has been used by tens of thousands of people who first were introduced to the devices by a physical therapist of chiropractor. It is best to go see the product page for both of the pulse massager devices and choose the one which they think is the best for themselves. So click on the links below to check out the two best pulse massager for back pain…

Check out the Prospera PL-009 or Check out the TENS 7000

To see what the TENS 7000 looks like and a nice review on how effective the TENS 7000 is in treating back pain, watch the video below.