Best Pain Relief DevicesThese are the best pain relief devices that I personally have found from the Amazon website which seems to have had some really good, consistent reviews. Why do people start searching for some type of device that can relief pain? Obviously because they are in pain. Something I have personally learned from reading Behavioral Psychology texts like the work by B.F. Skinner has been that humans can be reduced down to living creatures which behave to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Something that is well established is that humans are much more likely to take action to avoid pain than is to seek pleasure. Pain has been a very effective tool to motivate people to take action. That is why we are looking for the best pain relief device.

I know personally that when I am in pain, I try to start to search for any type of quick, simple, cheap solution that is also convenient. The way that most people try to find a way to avoid pain is not to be in that type of situation again where they are being hurt. However, what happens when a person is feeling pain because of something that is wrong with their own body? Maybe from a recent skiing accident they twisted their knee. The pain may be checked out by a GP or a medical specialist very familiar with muscular-skeletal disorders but the first type of solution would be to take some type of pain medication. The use of NSIADs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug) has increased dramatically over the last few decades.

The use of certain types of prescription based pain killers like Oxycodone (aka Oxycotin), Morphine, Condeine, Vicodin, or Perc0cet can lead to the side effect of the person who was originally given the drugs to stop pain to eventually being addicted to them. This is why people want to look for an alternative.

LaserTouchOneTrying to find some type of pain relief device or pain relief machine is the obvious choice. Currently if you typed in the phrase “Best Pain Relief Devices” into Google, you will see some interesting results, all pointing at some type of TENS Unit, Pulse Massager, or Unique Device using either light, lasers, ultrasound, electricity, magnetic waves, infrared, etc. to cure pain. They all seem to have some type of basis on at least a little bit of evidence. Whether these devices which are claimed by many people to treat pain really work is really something which probably can’t be proved in the laboratory in any type of double-blind study.

You have the following results from Google (in Ascending order)….

1. Laser Touch One Price: $489 – Description: This is a type of pain relief device based on laser technology. Like the TENS units and pulse massagers we have seen before it also uses the gel to act as a type of conductor between the skin area of contact and the device.  – If you are interesting, Click Here!

2. Omron PM3030 Electrotherapy Pain Relief DevicePrice: $38 w/ Free Shipping – Description: This is a TENS Unit which I had reviewed before Here and Here. I had stated that it is one of the best TENS Units that is currently being sold, although the amount of electrical signal variation you can get is limited. You only have 5 intensity levels and 3 types of massage programs designed for a specific area of the body (arm, lower back, and leg & feet). I suggested in the post where I compared the PM3030 Vs. XFT-320A Vs. XFT-502 that out of the three devices the XFT-320a was probably the best choice due to ability for that pulse massager model. The other suggestion I had given was the PL-009 Electronic Pulse Massager which I had reviewed Here and Here. This is the other TENS Unit for sale which is highly recommended – If you are interested in the Omron PM3030, Click Here!

3. Light Relief Infrared Pain Relief Device (90LR15LR01) – Price: $71 w/ Free Shipping – Description: This Infrared Pain Relief Device is something which I have seen before which I reviewed in a previous post Here. I had… If you are interested in the Infrared Pain Relief Device by Light Relief, Click Here!

4. The Customer Reviews Page for the Omron PM3030 – It seems that when it comes to finding some type of electrical or mechanical device that can actually treat pain, there are really not a lot of options. You have the TENS Units, Electronic Pulse Massagers, Acupuncture Massagers, Infrared Devices, Decompression Devices, Ultrasound Devices, but a lot of them have mixed reviews.

The Best Pain Relief Devices

The SunBeam Renue Tension Relieving Heat Therapy – Price: $35

Sunbeam Renue Tension Relieving Heat TherapyDescription: Read more




LaserTouch One Low Level Laser Therapy – Price: $490 w/ Free Shipping

LaserTouchOne Pain Relief DeviceMy Review (Rating is 9/10): I wanted to say first that I have never used the LaserTouchOne so any type of opinion expressed is just from a person who has only casually looked over the website and read up on the reports, and webpages. Ever since I started this website pulse massagers I noticed that many people really gravitated towards it and would buy things through… Read more


Infratonic 9 Therapeutic Massager – Price: $725 w/ Free Shipping

Infratonic 9My Review (Rating is 10/10): his is one of the most interesting pain relief devices I have seen yet, and that is because of the type of technology that is claimed to work for pain reduction. So far we have seen the use of Phototherapy, Low Level Laser Therapy, LED Light TherapyInfrared Therapy, and almost every other form of noninvasive method imaginable. It was sort of bound to happen that there would be some type of ultrasonic or sound wave device… Read more

Mobile Medic for Sports Recovery – Price: $325

Mobile Medic for Sports RecoveryMy Review (Rating is 10/10): The Mobile Medic is a portable First Aid kit that is supposed to be used for more than just pain treatment. It is supposed to be just for sports injuries like getting one’s ankles swollen from a sprain but there is more to it. It somehow manages to improve the circulation in the area where the injury so that the blood can be faster at delivering the right proteins and  clotting agents to heal the area. We are not going to promote this product if the science behind why it works – Read more 

Breo iPalm520 Acupressure Hand Massager – Price: $127

Breo iPalm520 Acupressure Hand MassagerMy Review (Rating is 7/10): This is the review for the model of hand massager called the Breo iPalm520 Hand Massager or iPalm 520. When we first started out this website Pulse Massagers we were just focused on selling these bioelectrical devices that are supposed to emit electrical signals to treat pain and relieve muscle tension. Now we have branched out to other types of massagers, from feet massagers sold by Homedics, Lower back pain devices like Cushions and large sized vibrating massagers, and physiotherapy device. This is the first type of massager which is designed specifically to help treat ailments and pain that are from the hand. The company that sells these models is Breo – Read more

Red, Yellow, and Infrared Light Therapy – Price: $179 w/ Free Shipping

New Red Yellow Healing Anti Aging Infrared Light TherapyMy Review (Rating is 8/10): This device which we decided to call theRed Infrared Light Therapy Device is another one of those light emitting machines which the seller claims can help treat various ailments like pain in the knees and sore muscles. The sellers of the device also put in other beneficial medical effects of using phototherapy. There is the claim that this device is supposed to give also anti-aging effects. We looked at the research and there is evidence that phototherapy does have some types of medical benefit but only for skin conditions – Read more

Biobeam 940 Pain Relief Infrared Light Therapy – Price: $120

Biobeam 940 Pain Relief Infrared Light TherapyMy Review (Rating is 8/10): This is another Infrared Light Therapy Device which is used for pain relief. It is called the BioBeam 940 and it is sold under the brand name BioBeam. The company that sells this specific model of pain treatment for various types of disorders is SyroLight. When we looked on the Syrolight website we saw that they claim to be the first company starting from the year 1985 to start to promote and sell these devices which use light as a form of treatment. They claim that this model has been medically tested and FDA Approved. Of course we note that when any company claims that the medical device that they are selling is FDA Approved, that doesn’t mean that the device actually works – Read more